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					Dear Parent/ Guardian,                                                                 4th July 2012
Year 7 Induction: Durham Team Building Day Tuesday 18th September 2012
As part of our Year 7 Induction programme each House will go on a Team Building Day to help them to
get to know one another and work together. This day is organised and run for us by Adventure and
Computer Holidays Ltd, Holmbury St. Mary, Surrey. Activities are based at Belmont Preparatory School
and the area around Holmbury St. Mary village hall. Adventure & Computer Holidays staff will run all
activities. Holy Trinity staff will supervise and encourage pupils during and between activities. Activities:-
    1. Low Ropes Challenge Course (at the Belmont Preparatory School)
    2. Brain Teaser Treasure Trail
    3. Group Dynamics
    4. Building Survival Shelters
Please note pupils will be outside all day! We will be in the Surrey countryside with steep slopes and
uneven ground. Activities will only be cancelled if weather conditions were deemed to be dangerous.
As this is a very physical day pupils will need to be appropriately dressed and fit to take part. Any
medical considerations must be included on the Medical Questionnaire (attached with Consent Form.)
Pupils meet at the front tennis courts by 8.15 a.m. on Tuesday 18th September
 I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you but it has been necessary to start at this time for
a number of reasons. We will travel by coach and Holy Trinity minibus to and from Holmbury St. Mary.
Minibuses driven by qualified Holy Trinity and/or Adventure & Computer Holidays staff will ferry pupils
between venues when there. Pupils will return to school by 3.40 p.m.
Pupils need to bring the following with them on the Team-Building day:-
    o Packed lunch.
    o Medication if usually taken during the day, e.g. asthma inhaler which must be with the child in
        a secure pocket at all times
    o Waterproof coat with a hood (& Waterproof trousers if possible)
    o Please wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy! Avoid wearing jeans as this
        material is heavy and uncomfortable if wet.
    o Suitable footwear, i.e. walking boots or strong trainers, giving ankle support where possible –
        no canvas shoes!
    o A complete change of clothes, spare trainers and a plastic bag to put wet or muddy clothes in.
    o Gloves to prevent cuts or splinters during Shelter Building.
    o Sun hat and sun cream.
    o No mobile phones, jewellery or other valuables.
If you have not yet returned payment (£40.00), please would you do so by the first day of term,
Wednesday 5th September. If you encounter difficulties with paying for this I would encourage you to
contact the school Business Manager, Mr Iain Mitchell if you have not already done so.
Following receipt of this letter, if you have any concerns or queries about the Team Building Day,
please contact me srichards2@wsgfl.org.uk

Yours sincerely,

                                      Mrs S Richards, Group Leader for Team Building Days
Check List:
    Send in Medical Form and Consent Form to Mrs J O’Mant in the Finance Office ASAP and no
      later than the first day of term, Wednesday 5.9.12

      Send in any outstanding payment to Mrs J O’Mant in the Finance Office by 5.9.12


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