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									    Save Rain in Gardens or Barrels
                                                      Rain Gardens are more than
                                                           just pretty places!
                                                        Rain gardens are an effective
                                                    way to reduce runoff pollution
                                                    and control local flooding and
                                                    erosion by keeping rainwater in
                                                    your yard and out of the storm
                                                        These gardens recreate a
                                                    forest meadow or prairie and can
                                                    collect about 40% more water
                                                    than conventional lawn.
                    Image courtesy           Location: rain gardens can be
                                                    placed in a naturally low-lying
                                                    area of the lawn, or along a road
   Rain Barrels are an old-fashioned                or driveway to catch runoff from
idea that are finding new life in                   paved areas.
today’s gardens. Did you know that                      Use native flowering plants in
one inch of rainfall on 1000 square                 your rain garden; once they are
feet of roof amounts to 623 gallons of              established, your garden will need
water? At that rate, a 55 gallon rain               minimal care.
barrel will fill up pretty fast!                         For information on how to
Rain barrels are an easy way to take                create your own rain garden, visit
advantage of all that free water                    the Indiana Division of Soil and
falling from the sky; it makes sense to             Water Conservation Districts at
save it and use it later for watering
the lawn and garden, or even washing
the car (on the grass, of course).
Some gardeners connect soaker hoses
to their barrels to make watering
effortless! To learn more about
making your own rain barrel visit
                                                                        Image courtesy

  Brought to you by the MS4 Municipal Stormwater Community Partnership and
  Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission 6100 Southport Road Portage IN 46368
   For more information contact Mary Beth Wiseman, Environmental Planner

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