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                23RD April
  The World’s Biggest Lesson!

  The Big Book 2009 is dedicated to the living memory of Steve Sinnott and
                           Jacqueline (Jackie) Kirk.

  Steve Sinnott (1951 - 2008) General Secretary of the UK National Union of
 Teachers was a fantastic leader for teachers rights and passionate believer in
           education for all, he was everything an activist should be.

Jackie Kirk (1968 - 2008) Professor of Education at McGill University in Canada,
  was an extremely active member of INEE and a strong advocate for quality
                          education in emergencies.
                   Global Campaign for Education
       PO Box 521733, Saxonwold, Johannesburg 2132, South Africa
Welcome from Kailash Satyarthi    5   Campaigning Across the World:
Global Campaign for Education     6    Africa                         15
Global Action Week                7    Americas                       27
The World’s Biggest Lesson        8    Asia & Pacific                 35
2008 Global Campaign Demands      9    Europe                         43
Year Round Campaigning           10    Middle East & N Africa         51
Positive Developments            12   Who Took Part                   54
                                      Who Else Makes up GCE           58
Welcome to the Big Book 2008!
          Dear Big Book Reader,
          Year after year Global Action Weeks are creating ripple effects in engaging millions more as
          education campaigners, to put an end to the menace of illiteracy and ignorance. There is no
          doubt, that campaigners this year outdid themselves. Close to nine million people took part in the
          World’s Biggest Lesson on the 23rd April. Not only did we make campaigning history, breaking
          the number of the most people to ever have one lesson at one time, but we also had a huge
          impact – with many governments announcing policy changes towards Education for All during
          and after the World’s Biggest Lesson.
          Since the Global Campaign for Education started in 1999, we have gone from strength to strength
          – and it’s clear that our continual growth is a factor of our heartfelt belief that it is fundamentally
          wrong that in 2008 close to a billion people are missing out on an education, and millions more in
          school are not receiving the quality education that would give them a great start in life.
          But we have shown that this can be changed. Since the Global Campaign for Education started 40
          million more children have entered the school gates, taking the numbers of out of school children
          down to 75 million. Yet we will not tire from campaigning, until every child and adult receives a
          quality education.
          That’s why millions came together for the World’s Biggest Lesson. And throughout the Big Book
          you can read amazing stories of how the lesson took shape across the world. Shakira served as
          Honorary Chair of Action Week and appeared in Washington D.C. with students and members
          of Congress to raise awareness for the bi-partisan Education for All Act of 2007. Meanwhile I
          took the lesson with former child labourers in India. Their stories are humbling. A former child
          slave 10-year-old girl Nagma said “Sitting in classroom gives me dignity as a human being, and
          knowing more about the world is like flying in the sky, and seeing so many things with small eyes”
          As we congratulate ourselves on the efforts made this year – we must build on our strengths
          in the on-going campaign. I hope that you will continue to be involved in the campaign and
          through to 2009 when our efforts will turn to making real gains for adult and youth literacy.
          Enjoy the read,

          Kailash Satyarthi
          Kailash Satyarthi (President of Global Campaign for Education)

                                                                                         The World’s Biggest Lesson   5
  Global Campaign for Education
  What is the Global Campaign for                               What is the international community                        How does GCE work?
  Education?                                                    doing about education?                                     The Global Campaign for Education is made up of
  The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a                  Education has been enshrined in the UN Declaration         International Organizations (NGOs, Child Rights
  movement that promotes education as a right and               of Human Rights since 1948. World Leaders have made        Movements and Teacher Union Bodies), and National
  pressurises governments and the international                 many promises to make the right a reality, most recently   Education Coalitions. The full list of member
  community to act now to deliver on their promises             in 2000 when they signed up to the Education for All       organizations is at the end of this book.
  of quality, free, compulsory education for all. GCE           targets and Millennium Development Goals. It is these
                                                                                                                           GCE’s members meet once every three years at the
  mobilized millions of campaigners since its formation in      targets that underpin the on-going demands of the
                                                                                                                           world assembly to determine its future mandate.
  1999. Every year thousands of organizations take part in      Global Campaign for Education.
  over 100 countries. This year close to 9 million took part.                                                              The Board which is made up of education experts and
                                                                Education for All (EFA) goals:
                                                                                                                           rights campaigners from across the world and meets                                  As agreed by over 164 countries at the World Education     regularly to determine the campaign’s agenda.
                                                                Forums in 1990 and 2000 in Jometian and Dakar. These
                                                                goals are set for 2015.                                    National organizations, local NGOs, teachers unions,
  What’s the problem?                                                                                                      CBOs, schools and PTAs are all crucial to the success
                                                                  • Expand early childhood care and education
                                                                                                                           of the campaign and participate through the national
  Education is a fundamental human right, yet 75 million          • Provide free and compulsory primary Education for      education coalition.
  children are still out of school - the majority of them are       All
  girls. About 774 million adults are unable to read and                                                                   The Global Campaign for Education works throughout
                                                                  • Promote learning and life skills for young people
  write - the majority of them are women. Not only is                                                                      the year to ensure that the Education for All agenda is
                                                                    and adults
  education a right and entitlement, but it is also crucial                                                                met. Action Week which takes place every April is GCE’s
  to tackling global poverty, improving health, halting the       • Increase adult literacy by 50%                         highlight event.
  spread of HIV and AIDS and enabling people to play a            • Achieve gender parity by 2005, and gender equality
  full, active role in their communities.                           by 2015
                                                                  • Improve the quality of education
                                                                Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - the two
                                                                of the eight that focus on education:
                                                                As agreed by 191 Heads of State at the UN Millennium
                                                                Summit in 2000.
                                                                  • Ensure that all boys and girls complete primary
                                                                    schooling by 2015
                                                                  • Eliminate gender disparities in primary education by
                                                                    2005, and at all levels by 2015

6 Global Campaign for Education
Global Action Week 2008
GCE’s Action Week                                                          Growth of GCE’s Action Week:                  2008 Theme: Quality Education to End
GCE’s Action Week event, has over the years become a
                                                                           2003 Two million people took part in Girls
true rallying event for education campaigners all over                                                                   In 2000, more than 100 million primary school age
the world. The urgency in our campaigning is growing                            Education: the World’s Biggest Lesson.   children were not in school and over 800 million
as we draw closer to the cut off point for the realisation                                                               adults had not had an education. The same year,
of Education For All goals that were set at the World                      2004 Two and a half million people took       164 governments agreed to six goals to ensure that
Education Forum in Dakar about eight years ago.                                                                          education is made available to all by the year 2015.
                                                                                part in the World’s Biggest Lobby.
These goals must be realised by 2015, according to the                                                                   Vital progress over the years has been achieved and
commitment of over 164 governments.                                                                                      campaigners have played a critical role towards this
                                                                           2005 Five million people asked for
                                                                                                                         progress. Since then 40 million more children are now
For the sixth time education campaigners around the
                                                                                Education to End Poverty by posting      in school, but there are still 75 million children and 774
globe came out in record numbers to commemorate
                                                                                                                         million adults without an education.
Global Action Week. Since starting in 2003 the week                             paper cut-out ‘friends’ to leaders,
has grown from two million people to a record                                                                            It has been universally accepted that education is a
                                                                                demanding Send My Friend to School.
8.8 million people in 2008. During the week civil                                                                        human right. Its quality should not be a privilege but a
society, intergovernmental organizations and some                                                                        right as well and that is why the theme for 2008, Quality
                                                                           2006 Five and a half million held Big
governments unite at a national level in over 100                                                                        Education to End Exclusion reinforces the need for
countries making one clarion call: education must be                            Hearings and demanded Every Child        governments to increase funding to ensure that quality
made available for all and that access must be matched                                                                   is a reality. Quality requires money. Quality should not
                                                                                Needs a Teacher.
with quality.                                                                                                            only be a preserve of privately funded schools but
                                                                                                                         the state/public school system which holds the bulk
                                                                           2007 Close to six million Joined-Up and
             EDUCACIÓN                                                          formed the world’s longest chain
                                                                                                                         of learners. Quality education is in line with goal six
                                                                                                                         of the Education for All goals. In many countries, the
             PARA TODOS Y TODAS
                                                                                                                         call for Education for All has increased the number
             SEMANA DE ACCIÓN MUNDIAL                                           demanding Education Rights Now!
             ABRIL DE 2008                                                                                               of students in class, but the teacher to student ratio
                                                                           2008 8.8 million campaigners went Back        is very unhealthy and it is impossible for teachers to
                                                                                                                         manage such huge numbers of students in one class.
                                                                                to School and participated in the

                                            Campaña Mundial por la

                                                                                                                         There is still a lack of materials and many schools are
                                                                                World’s Biggest Lesson.                  in deplorable conditions not conducive for effective
                                                                                                                         With this in mind, it cannot be said that everyone needs
                                                                                                                         a good education; not just an education.

                                                                                                                                                       The World’s Biggest Lesson     7
  The World’s Biggest Lesson 2008
  News of the World’s Biggest Lesson reverberated             of urgency put measures in place to ensure that no
  throughout the 23rd of April with lessons happening         one is left behind so that as many people as possible
  in various parts of the world. The lesson received          are empowered to meet the evolving challenges of
  unprecedented worldwide media coverage, and                 our time.
  more than any other Action Week. Millions of people
                                                              Education opens doors and failure to act now to
  turned up in different countries and locales to attend
                                                              educate all, will carry a heavy price. During the World’s
  the lesson that was taught to politicians, parents, civil
                                                              Biggest Lesson, demands for quality education for
  society activities and children. The lesson emphasised
                                                              all were made both to richer countries and to poorer
  the need for a quality education for all. The lesson
                                                              countries. We still have children taught in buildings
  coincided with other equally exciting activities that
                                                              that are falling apart, worse still under trees with no
  took place throughout the week from the 20-26th of
                                                              desks or proper learning materials. There are millions
  April including public rallies, art exhibitions, public
                                                              of girls out of school because their poor parents
  debates, marches and games. Parents, teachers, policy
                                                              have passed them over for their brothers. We have
  makers and other campaigners came out in numbers
                                                              countless numbers of people with disabilities who still
  to call for quality education for all.
                                                              cannot access education because the world has been
  The week was especially unique in that campaigners          constructed to exclude them.
  were able to focus on certain groups of people who
                                                              Yet despite these injustices we still see billions of
  have been particularly left out such as women,
                                                              dollars spent on less worthy causes; causes like wars
  children in conflict areas, people with disabilities
                                                              that have caused untold misery for millions of people
  as well as those that have no access to education
                                                              around the globe. Wars that have disrupted and
  because there are no educational facilities in their
                                                              denied millions of an education and of any future
                                                              prospects for a better life.
  The week raised awareness to the fact that quality is
                                                              GCE reiterates that achieving this right is not
  not and should not be a preserve for those who can
                                                              impossible; it is an act of political will. It is high time
  afford it. Governments have the ability to make the
                                                              that governments in the richer & poorer countries
  required changes and shift their strategic focus to
                                                              place education high on their policy change priorities.       Ivory Coast
  make education a priority. It can not be overstated
                                                              We need a global commitment that benefits the rich
  that education is a conduit for social and economic
                                                              and the poor countries alike. Bold steps are required
  growth. It is not by accident that most rich countries
                                                              by those in government to make this a reality. The
  have attained that level of development. This has
                                                              question for those in influential government positions
  happened through sustained efforts to ensure that
                                                              all over the world is: Can you imagine a world where
  their citizens have a significant cohort of educated
                                                              your own child is out of school? This should help
  people who in turn have been able to contribute
                                                              leaders imagine the situation closer to home rather
  meaningfully to national development.
                                                              than wishing it away and looking at those unfortunate
  The World’s Biggest Lesson is a reminder to all those in    enough to lack an education as them, ‘not us’.
  policy and decision making positions to reflect on the
  future of education. Governments should as a matter

8 Global Campaign for Education
2008 Global Campaign Demands:
During 2008, specific demands were made from; (a) developing countries, (b) donor countries and (c)
international institutions. This cycle, before the next Action Week therefore, should be used to monitor any
pledges that may have come out due to the demands campaigners made. The demands made were:

For Developing Countries:                                   For Donor countries:                                        For International Institutions:
 Develop costed ten-year strategies for the                 Increase total Overseas Development Assistance             The Education Fast-Track Initiative (FTI) should
  achievement of the full Education For All agenda.           (ODA) to at least $16 billion per year, ensuring that       publicly state that country plans addressing the full
                                                              60 low-income countries’ plans are fully funded             EFA agenda are eligible for approval and financing
 Ensure that 20% of national budgets and 6% Gross
                                                              through the Education For All Fast-Track Initiative.        through the initiative.
  National Income are allocated to education.
                                                             Guarantee that ODA is predictable over a ten-year          The World Bank should ensure that its lending is
 Include specific measures to reach marginalised and
                                                              period.                                                     aligned with the FTI principles of supporting one
  excluded learners such as orphans and vulnerable
                                                                                                                          country, one sector, one plan with predictable
  children, ethnic and language minorities, children         Fund countries’ full Education For All strategies
                                                                                                                          harmonised plans.
  with disabilities, children in internally-displaced and     through harmonised sector or budget support to
  refugee communities and working children.                   ensure that cash can be spent on core recurrent            The IMF should drop fiscal policies such as the
                                                              costs such as teacher salaries.                             imposition of public sector wage caps, which
 Introduce policies and practices to achieve gender
                                                                                                                          prevent countries from increasing domestic
  equality in education, such as gender-sensitive            Specifically commit some of the resources to
                                                                                                                          spending on Education For All.
  curricula, ensuring an adequate number of female            financing social protection for poor and
  teachers, making schools safe and hygienic for girls        marginalized families.                                     The UN should use its mandate under special
  and giving stipends for girls.                                                                                          procedures to prioritise action on education and
                                                             Encourage the development of inclusive education
                                                                                                                          take concrete steps to urge member states to do the
 Abolish all fees and charges in education.                  strategies in dialogue with partner countries which
                                                              will achieve a quality education for all.
 Include specific measures to improve quality
  of education such as ensuring that all children            Develop innovative financing mechanisms to fund
  are taught in a class no bigger then 40 by a                public education provision in conflict-affected fragile
  professionally-trained teacher, spending at least           states.
  25% of recurrent budgets on non-salary quality
  inputs such as teaching and learning materials
  and enshrining the right to 9 years of education in
  national law.

                                                                                                                                                     The World’s Biggest Lesson   9
   Year-Round Campaigning:
   2007 – 2008 has been a busy time for the Global           January 22nd – 24th 2008: GCE’s 3rd                          Global School Report to the Latin American press.
   Campaign for Education, with opportune moments for        World Assembly and Board Elections                           The three days finished with a closing ceremony, a
   Education for all coming up throughout the year.
                                                             GCE’s Third World Assembly brought together civil            thanks and farewell to the leaving board members,
   December 2007: Education for All High                     society and campaigners for education from 85                including Rasheda Choudhury of CAMPE, who has
   Level Group mobilisation and launch of                    countries, and 31 international organizations, to            become the Minister of Education, and Women and
   Global School Report                                      reflect on the progress made by the campaign and to          Children’s Affairs in Bangladesh, Solly Mabusela from
                                                             determine the campaign’s future direction.                   SADTU, Cleophas Mally from Global March Against
   The Global Campaign for Education put pressure on
                                                                                                                          Child Labour and Nélida Céspedes from CEAAL.
   the officials to keep their promises on education as      Brazil’s Minister for General Secretary of the Presidency,
   they arrived in Dakar last year. World renowned singer,   Luiz Dulci opened the meeting on the 22nd January at         The new GCE Board was elected: Kailash Satyarthi (GCE
   Baaba Maal, joined 1000 children as they marched          the Novotel Jaragua. The meeting went on to discuss          President & Global March Against Chlid Labour), Assibi
   outside the opening ceremony. Four of these children,     the EFA goals, financing mechanisms, pressurizing            Napoe (GCE Chair & Education International), Camilla
   Oscar from Colombia, Mirama from Liberia, Aida from       governments, growing education coalitions,                   Croso (GCE Vice President & CLADE), Maria Kahn (GCE
   Senegal and Amar Lal from India – actually went into      strengthening communications and agreeing campaign           Vice Chair & ASPBAE), David Archer (ActionAid), Daniel
   the ceremony and addressed the huge audience. Their       resolutions.                                                 Cara (Brazilian CDE), Edicio de la Torre (Philippines
   eloquent messages for education were received loud                                                                     ENET), Elie Jouen (Global March Against Child Labour),
   and clear and met with huge applause.                     Key sessions of the World Assembly noted the work of         Gaston De La Haye (Education International), Gorgui
                                                             GCE since the last World Assembly in Johannesburg in         Sow (ANCEFA), Helga Hjetland (Norway’s Union of
   At the start of the march GCE’s board members Kailash     2004, especially in the strengthening of the institutional   Education), Matarr Baldeh (Gambia EFA Net).
   Satyarthi, Gorgui Sow, Elie Jouen and Nélida Céspedes     capacity of the GCE, enabling more and better
   launched the Global School Report.                        mobilisations on the demand for the right to Education
                                                             for All. Since 2004 GCE’s membership has more than                          bly in Sao
   The first ever version of GCE’s flagship report ranks                                                                     World Assem
   every national government on their efforts to meet the    doubled, with a growing number of campaigners taking
   Education for All goals. It brings together data from     part.
   diverse sources and proves what can be done with          The UN Special Rapporteur on Education Rights,
   political will, but how far away the world is currently   Vernor Muñoz attended on the final day, and inspired
   from showing the courage of its convictions across the    campaigners with the need to fight more for the most
   entire EFA agenda.                                        marginalised from education, before launching GCE’s

      Dakar                                                     Dakar

10 Global Campaign for Education
June 2008: Lobbying Europe’s Heads of                       July 2008: Supporting GCAP at the G8 in                          is the G8’s collective ‘fair share’) the $1 billion pledged
State                                                       Japan                                                            is less than 10% of the resources needed. GCE will
                                                                                                                             now keep on the pressure to make sure that the full
Ahead of the European Union Council Meeting on              GCE supported the Global Call to Action against Poverty          resources are made available as soon as possible,
22nd June, GCE’s members lobbied leaders to keep            (GCAP) in their lobbying efforts on the G8 meeting               and for Italy to take leadership on education and
their aid promises and pay their fair share of the          to re-commit and take real action on the Millennium              development at next year’s G8.
external financing needed for education. Thousands of       Development Goals (MDGs).
messages were emailed, posted, and faxed to the heads
                                                            Thousands of GCE’s campaigners added their wish to
of state before they left for the meeting in Brussels.                                                                       September 2008: UN Special Meeting on
                                                            a specially designed ‘Tanabata’ tree. (Tanabata being a
GCE welcomed the communiqué’s reiteration of the            Japanese annual wish-making festival where people tie            the Millennium Development Goals
2005 EU aid targets of providing 0.7% GNI to aid by         wishes for the future to bamboo trees). GCAP delivered           Ban Ki-Moon has called a special high-level meeting on
2015, and 0.56% GNI by 2010. GCE also welcomed the          one million wishes to the G8 leaders ahead of the                the Millennium Development Goals during the next UN
EU Agenda for Action on the Millennium Development          summit, and demanded action in a giant advert in the             Summit to take place in New York on 25th September,
Goals (MDGs), which put forward an indicative EU            Financial Times during the summit.                               which GCE will be influencing. GCE is supporting
target of €4.3 billion in aid to basic education. It also                                                                    national lobbying and campaigning events in August
                                                            The summit made a very welcome pledge to fill the
emphasized the need to support countries to hire and                                                                         and September in the run-up to the event. We will also
                                                            $1 billion financing gap on the Education Fast Track
train 6 million more teachers by 2010, to target hard-to-                                                                    host a high-level side panel in UN Headquarters itself,
                                                            Initiative (FTI), and to review the FTI by the next G8. If
reach children, and education in fragile and low-income                                                                      calling for renewed progress towards meeting the
                                                            this pledge is fulfilled, it will lead to several million more
states through the Fast-Track Initiative.                                                                                    education goals, and especially an up scaling of effort
                                                            children getting the chance to go to school.
                                                                                                                             by rich countries towards EFA.
                                                            Despite this welcome announcement the final
                                                            communiqué removed a line that has been there for                           Japan
                                                            the last three years – that no country will not meet the
                                                            education goals for lack of resources. With ‘Education
                                                            for All’ needing $16 billion a year ($13 billion of which

                                                                                                                                                             The World’s Biggest Lesson    11
   Positive Developments on Education for All
     Although there is much more to be done to reach the dream of every person having a decent
                                                                                                                   Group of Eight (G8)
     education, there is cause for optimism as over the years there have been a number of positive
     developments towards Education for All. Here, we celebrate a few of this year’s many highlights,              The world’s 8 richest and most powerful countries pledged to
     shared with us by our members.                                                                                close the FTI funding gap of $1 billion.

     CAMEROON                                                                                                      European Union          (EU)
     A Presidential decree was declared - making basic                                                             The EU adopted an ambitious ‘MDG Agenda for Action’ which
     education free. In addition nearly 14,000 more basic      GCE Germany was able to directly contribute         stated that EU aid to basic education should collectively reach
     education teachers have been contracted and by            to a motion to the German Parliament to             €4.3 billion by 2010.
     presidential decree on civil service salaries, teachers   increase aid for education in developing
     have a 15 per cent increase in their salary.              countries. In 2008 the German Government
                                                               increased the development aid of an
     NIGERIA                                                   additional €800 Million in 2009.
     This year has seen increased domestic funding to                                                        UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
     education and special intervention by the federal
     government at state level in form of the universal                                                      Prime Minister, Sheihk Mohammed,
     basic education law.                                                                                    gave $10 billion to education to be
                                                                                                             spent in the Arab world.
                                                                                                             Education has become available
                                                                                                             to all Iraqis living in Jordan, with
                                                                                                             an expected primary school
                                                                                                             enrolment increase of 50,000.

12 Global Campaign for Education
BRAZIL                                                                                                           Aid to education was tripled in May,
                                                                                                                 amounting to $300 million by 2010.
President Lula approved a law that establishes
minimum pay for teachers. The law which will enter                                                               INDONESIA
into force in January 2009 will benefit about 1.5 million                                                        In 2008 the government has declared a
educators. The law has been described as an important                                                            focus on women’s and girl’s education
first step by Coordinator of the Brazil Campaign for the                                                         and this has been prioritized in the
Right to Education, Daniel Cara.                                                                                 education budget.
ECUADOR                                                                                                          PAPUA NEW GUINEA
Civil society proposals on various improvements in the                                                           Following the completion of the Papua
education sector have to a large extent been accepted       There is increased government attention to the       New Guinea’s (PNG) Education Watch
in the proposed Constitution. Among the proposals           out-of-school youth leading to an increase in        report, the Secretary for the Department
that came though from the Constituent Assembly was          the budget for Accreditation and Equivalency         of Planning and Monitoring agreed
the increase of the education budget to 6 per cent of       programs for out-of-school children and youth.       to launch the Report and publicly
the GDP. The Constitution goes before a referendum on                                                            announced his department’s wish to
September 28, 2008.                                                                                              enter into a formal collaboration with
                                                            The new government has for the first time            PEAN (the national coalition) and ASPBAE
                                                            embarked on a Public Expenditure Tracking            to extend the survey to all provinces of
Following an executive decree in 2007 that public           system to ensure propriety in the use of             PNG.
education was free, the ministry has this year              education funds. The first report of this tracking
invited civil society organizations to be part of the       system is to be released soon.
coordination in the implementing of various proposals
on quality education. Civil society organizations will
among others, be monitoring implementation of the
new curriculum, developing a strategy and plan for
training and update teaching standards.

                                                                                                                                     The World’s Biggest Lesson   13
14 Global Campaign for Education

From the Cape to the desserts of Mauritania, the bustling
and colourful continent of Africa managed to cram in even
more popular sights and sounds. For one week, children,
parents and politicians united and sat in classrooms, under
trees and in town squares to receive the World’s Biggest
Lesson. There was a combination of activities, including
wrestling in Niger, beating of drums across countries,
music, theatre and sports to unite people in the call for
Education for All.

                                               The World’s Biggest Lesson
   BENIN                                                        BURUNDI                                                    CAMEROON
   The official demonstrations were deferred in Benin           Action Week activities were conducted by the               The Minister for Basic Education attended the World’s
   because of the communal and local elections which            National Coalition BAFASHEBIGE in collaboration            Biggest Lesson alongside other education officials.
   coincided with the event. But the coalition did organise     with the government, the international and national        Politicians, policy makers, leaders of associations
   a large caravan filled with children in different parts      communities and NGOs who focused on the challenges         and parents returned to school to get taught by the
   of the country. The uniform clad children travelled for      of education for all. They developed a slogan which was    students. Approximately 8,000 people across the
   approximately 2kms carrying signs bearing various            printed on posters and distributed across the country.     country participated.
   messages relating to the topic of the year. With the         The media was also heavily involved in the launch
                                                                                                                           There were also workshops with school children and
   tune of the brass bands in the background, children          of Action Week, which was attended by the Deputy
                                                                                                                           a televised roundtable event on Quality Education. 39
   sang heartfelt messages and read slogans inviting            Minister for basic and secondary education, UNESCO
                                                                                                                           workshops were held in schools and learning centers
   each person to play their part in order to put an end to     and UNICEF. The attendees witnessed two lessons, one
                                                                                                                           across the country with 975 children in total teaching
   exclusion.                                                   from a student who made a plea for quality education
                                                                                                                           them how to write messages to their government.
                                                                for all and the other from the Minister of Education at
                                                                                                                           There was a speech by the Minister of Basic Education
   BURKINA FASO                                                 a school south of the Bujumbura Capital. The Minister
                                                                also received letters sent to the President on behalf of
                                                                                                                           Ms. Haman Adama in which she reiterated her
   The team in Burkina Faso outdid themselves by                                                                           government’s commitment to education for all.
                                                                students from four provinces in the country.
   organising well attended events in each region of the
   country. Both the Prime Minister M Zongo Tertus, and
                                                                                                                           CAPE VERDE
   the Minister of Education attended the World’s Biggest
                                                                                                                           The World’s Biggest Lesson in Cape Verde made a big
   Lesson whilst similar lessons took place in all 13 regions
                                                                                                                           impact and included the participation of the American
   of the country. Each region was represented by its
                                                                                                                           Embassy. The lesson took place in Cidade Velha and was
   local governor. The national highlight World’s Biggest
                                                                                                                           attended by teachers and students. During Action Week
   Lesson was held in Koudougou, and was attended by
                                                                                                                           there was a strong media focus targeted at students
   1,500 people including politicians, government officials,
                                                                                                                           and teachers on eliminating violence in schools. This
   teachers, students and community leaders.
                                                                                                                           was supported by the Portugal Teachers Union from
     Burkina Faso

16 Global Campaign for Education
DEMOCRATIC REBUBLIC OF                                       ETHIOPIA                                                  GABON
CONGO (DRC)                                                  This year Action Week was celebrated in Ethiopia
                                                                                                                       Over 3,000 students, 300 parents, 200 teachers and
                                                             nationally and in 9 regions in which international
Action Week in DRC took off with the help of all                                                                       several officials took part in the World’s Biggest Lesson.
                                                             organizations (Development Partners), agencies, local
the members of the coalition, 14 schools and 3                                                                         The activities were conducted by the Syndicat des
                                                             NGOs and others working on or supporting education
social centres. A crowd of 750 people watched as                                                                       Enseignants de l’Education Nationale (SENA) which
                                                             worked together to make demands for the provision of
politicians went back to school and participated in a                                                                  is the coordinating organization of the Gabonese
                                                             quality education to end exclusion coordinated by Basic
discussion about providing quality education. Thanks                                                                   National Coalition in the Campaign for Education
                                                             Education Association in Ethiopia (BEA-E).
to the support of ActionAid a press conference was                                                                     (CONSEG) in partnership with the Fédération Syndicale
held to publicise activities. In every state, schools        During Action Week the major activities that were         des Enseignants de l’Education Nationale (FESEENA)
accommodated the politicians and the members of              conducted both nationally and at regional levels were:    and the parents’ association FENAPEG. Other activities
the coalition for all. Coalition partners in the education   Politicians/Officials back to school; Photographic        included a television programme followed by an event
sector were requested to continue to strive towards the      exhibitions; conducting workshops and meetings;           at the Nzeng-Ayong Lac School in Libreville where
goal of Education for All.                                   gathering of students, teachers and parents; panel        teachers, union members and politicians spoke out for
                                                             discussions; drama plays; organizing the big hearing      quality education. Students opened the meeting and
                                                             day; drama plays; street mass or public rally; circus     showed their support for quality education through
                                                             and carnivals; radio promotional spots at national and    poems and drawings.
                                                             regional levels; TV and radio talk shows.
                                                             A national workshop was conducted on April 24th at
                                                             the Global Hotel. Education Minister, Dr. Sintayehu
                                                             Woldemichael, was the guest of honor and he made
                                                             the opening address. The aim of this workshop was
                                                             to share information, experiences and discuss on
                                                             the achievements made so far and the challenges
                                                             towards achieving EFA through implementation of the
                                                             Education Sector Development programme and to
                                                             launch the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2008.

   DRC                                                                                               Ethiopia                                   Ethiopia

                                                                                                                                                      The World’s Biggest Lesson    17
   THE GAMBIA                                                  teachers, parents, development partners, press and
                                                               students. The session attended by the Minister in charge
   The popular Gambian musician Jaliba Kuyateh led             of Basic Education,Hon Angela Baiden Ammissah was          Thousands of students from Boké, Faranah and
   the World’s Biggest Lesson, uniting thousands of            chaired by Odeneho Gyapong Ababio 11, the Chairman         Mamou, and the Minister for Education took part in
   people, in western Gambia, as they gave the country’s       of the National House of Chiefs. The results of the        the World’s Biggest Lesson. The Fédération Syndicate
   highlight lesson in English and Arabic. The lesson was      durbar discussions were compiled into a resolution that    Professionnelle de l’Education (FPSE) and the Syndicat
   followed by a performance by a local school choir           was submitted to the Ministry of Education, Science,       Libre des Enseignants et Chercheurs de Guinée (SLECG)
   and speeches from civil society and government              and Sports and major development partners and the          are members of the Guinean National Coalition. Under
   representatives, including the deputy speaker of the        donor community                                            that partnership, they organised events to bring
   National Assembly. The Chairperson of EFANet, Mrs.                                                                     together students and decision-makers which received
   Adelaide Sosseh called on the private sector to make it     The Worlds Biggest Lesson took the form of a picture       good publicity.
   their corporate responsibility to support EFANet in the     exhibition where the Regional Director of Education,
   campaign for Education for All.                             Minister of Basic Education and high ranking state
                                                               officials observed a mounted photo exhibition
                                                               depicting the differences in learning environments
   GHANA                                                       between rural and urban schools in order to
   A research was conducted into the rural - urban divide      demonstrate exclusion and neglect in quality education
   and its impact on quality basic education and was used      for many of the country’s rural people. Minister
   as the basis for Ghana’s Action Week advocacy. The first    Ammissah and the Chairman of the National House
   major activity was a national press launch on April 16th.   of Chiefs, Odeneho Gyapong Ababio 11, attended the
   This happened against the backdrop of about 800,000         exhibition.
   out of school children.
   A National Durbar was held in Accra on April 24th
   to disseminate the findings of the research on rural-
   urban divide and its impact on quality basic education
   in Ghana. Over 300 participants’ present included                            Ghana


18 Global Campaign for Education
IVORY COAST                                                  KENYA                                                      LESOTHO
To draw the country’s attention to Global Action Week,       Despite the political set-backs around the elections,      Keeping in line with the theme of Quality Education
the events began with a press conference organised           Action Week activities were a hit in Kenya and the Elimu   to End Exclusion, all the Action Week activities were
jointly by the national coalition and the National           Yetu coalition joined forces with UNESCO to pull off       geared towards addressing limitations on issues of
Commission from UNESCO. It was attended by both the          the World’s Biggest Lesson in a slum area of Kibera.       access and quality. The major events were organised by
national television stations, radio stations and several     The lesson focused on the education needs for the          the Campaign for Education Forum (CEF) in partnership
newspaper representatives resulting in extensive             children and young people who faced violence and           with the Ministry of Education and Training. There was
publicity for the entire week. The World’s Biggest           exclusion following the post-election crisis. There was    a roundtable discussion at which the lesson was taught.
Lesson took place in 150 schools in all five areas of the    also a public rally which was attended by the Minister     CEF ran other activities independently from the Ministry
country while the national demonstration took place in       of Finance. Elimu Yetu organised a press conference to     and those included organizing Essay Writing and Poetry
Large-Bassam, the first capital of the Ivory Coast. It was   launch the week, and inform the press of the upcoming      Recitation by pupils from primary and high schools, as
attended by 1,000 participants, government officials,        activities.                                                well as hosting radio shows.
including the mayors, the Minister of Education, and
                                                             In a Mombasa Secondary School, Councillor Teddy
the members of Parliament, UNESCO, UNICEF, and                                                                             Lesotho
                                                             Mwambire of Ganze Kilifi District sat in class together
other civil organizations. There were activities in the
                                                             with Maina Mbugua, a parliamentary aspirant in Kisumu
city of Korotoumou, where four years ago the national
                                                             Constituency for the World’s Biggest Lesson.
coalition’s plea was instrumental in providing education
for a fruit seller who is now a lawyer. In her speech at      Kenya
a school in Port-Bouet , Doumbia Salimata, Secretary
General of SNEPPCI called on the Ivorian government to
ratify the Education for All plan.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast

                                                                                                                                                     The World’s Biggest Lesson    19
   LIBERIA                                                       MALAWI                                                      MALI
   Action Week started with a radio talk show about the          Exciting things happened in Malawi during and around        The World’s Biggest Lesson took place in three regions.
   World’s Biggest Lesson. A series of workshops were            Action Week. The National Launch was attended by the        In attendance was the President of the National
   held on the issue of providing quality education for all      Deputy Minister of Education Hon. Olive Masanza, the        Assembly of Mali as well as the Minister of Basic
   and the status of EFA in Liberia. The National Teachers’      Minister of Information and Civic Education who is also     Education, Literacy and National Languages. The events
   Association of Liberia (NTAL) which chairs the National       Member of Parliament for the area, Hon. Patricia Kaliati,   were a major success.
   Coalition of LETCOM organised a full programme of             the Principal Secretary for Education, and Directors of
   activities that were well attended by politicians and         Basic Education. They sat on the floor and listened as          Mali
   other educational stakeholders. Radio shows spread            the students took them back to school and presented              Mali
   awareness about Action Week, and a televised debate           the World’s Biggest Lesson. Public debates were held
   was held where Education International was invited to         in 6 districts to create awareness on why people are
   moderate. At the World’s Biggest Lesson, held at the          being excluded from education and to create action
   University of Liberia, speeches from students appealed        plans on what could be done to address the situation.
   for better access for girls and children with disabilities.   There were promises from the Ministry to send 30 desks
   These were followed by a speech from Emmanuel                 to Namphungo FP School, deploy teachers to Mulanje,
   Fatoma, from Education Internation’s Africa Office who        build a girls’ boarding school and add more school
   highlighted the key role of education in consolidating        blocks. The MP for the area, Hon. Kaliati was inspired
   peace and reconciliation and achieving social                 to donate 60 bags of rice towards the School Feeding
   cohesion in the region. On the streets of Monrovia, a         Programme.
   march in support of Education for All took place, with
   NTAL providing T-shirts, flags and refreshments for                                                                         Malawi
   participating students and teachers.



20 Global Campaign for Education
MAURITANIA                                               MOZAMBIQUE
The Syndicat National des Enseignants de Mauritanie      The national coalition, MEPT invited the Ministry of
(SNEM) celebrated Action Week by coordinating three      Education to participate in the World’s Biggest Lesson
lessons in three different regions and by staging a      across all ten provinces of the country. The Deputy
public rally in one the most populous districts of the   Minister for Education was invited to a school with no       Mozambique
capital Nouakchott.                                      chairs, desks, or glass in the windows, where children
                                                         struggle to study, and was taught the lesson. For
MAURITIUS                                                many of those involved in the campaign this was
                                                         the first opportunity they had to sit in a classroom,
Mauritius began preparation for the World’s Biggest      including adult learners and children who had
Lesson by sensitizing schools for their meetings with    been excluded from education because of poverty,
their municipal councilors. The big event in Mauritius   disability or becoming orphaned. The lesson was also
was centered on the issue of raising awareness           taught by internationally renowned musician Stewart
for education to marginalized adolescents. These         Sukuma with the help of some children from the local
children joined MPs, community leaders and religious     communities.
leaders and held a rally. Young people, their parents,
community leaders including religious people and a       The week saw the release of a study carried out on
few MPs’ were asked to walk for the cause of education   the FTI funding mechanism. The Big Event saw the
for this category of young people. Basic Education To    presentation of the first annual prizes for excellence in
Adolescents (BETA Programme) schools were targeted.      journalism on the subject of Education for All. This is
The event was attended by approximately 1,000 people.    an initiative carried out by MEPT with the support of
                                                         UNESCO, MISA (Media Institute of Southern Africa) and
                                                         SNJ (National Union of Journalists). The day concluded
                                                         with performances of music and dance by local and           Mozambique
                                                         national groups.

Mauritiania                                              Mauritius

                                                                                                                                    The World’s Biggest Lesson   21
   NAMIBIA                                                    NIGER                                                     NIGERIA
   Namibia Action Week coincided with the HIV and AIDS        People from Niger love wrestling! The local coalition     There are as many as 8 million children in Nigeria who
   Awareness week prompting the organisers to combine         used the much loved traditional sport to mobilize         are missing out on an education - most have been
   the two celebrations for an even greater impact. The       campaigners and raise awareness in Niger. Focusing        excluded for reasons including being girls, disabled,
   launch was held at the Ndoro Memorial Primary school       on people with disabilities, the wrestling matches        labourers, their family poverty, or having parents
   and focused on the theme of, Quality Education to          conveyed messages regarding the importance                affected by HIV/AIDS. This was the central theme to
   End Exclusion while the theme for the HIV and AIDS         of education for all, no matter their ability. It also    the work and discussions of Action Week activities. The
   Week was “Reduction in Multiple Partnerships”. There       highlighted the importance of education for poverty       activities were coordinated by the national coalition,
   were 13 regional offices set up to organize speeches       reduction and asked the question how quality              CSACEFA, in collaboration with the Nigeria Union
   by Regional Governors and Directors of Education,          education could be improved in the country.               of Teachers (NUT). The World’s Biggest Lesson was
   cultural performances including poetry and drama,                                                                    attended by executives and members of the House of
                                                              The World’s Biggest Lesson took place in all the major
   television talk shows on NBC and sending out HIV and                                                                 Representatives, Senate, top government officials as
                                                              regions of Niger, although the main event was held in
   AIDS messages. What contributed to making it a great                                                                 well as journalists. The week ended with a stakeholders’
                                                              Téra, 200km from the capital Niamey. It was attended
   success was that the events were celebrated in the rural                                                             round table on Quality Education to End Exclusion to
                                                              by politicians, teachers, parents, pupils and civil
   areas, predominantly inhabited by members of the San                                                                 create awareness and stimulate discussions with the
                                                              society activists and organised by teachers’ unions
   community. The Ministry of Education, UNESCO, and                                                                    public. CSACEFA called on the government to spend 25
                                                              and members. There were over 13,000 people present.
   NATCOM sponsored transportation and meals for all the                                                                per cent of recurrent budgets on teaching and learning
                                                              Similar events took place throughout the country with a
   attendants as well as the costs of printed materials.                                                                materials. NUT sponsored a computer for the winner of
                                                              total of 66,000 people participating.
                                                                                                                        an essay competition on the theme.
                                                                  Niger                                                    Nigeria



22 Global Campaign for Education
RWANDA                                                    SENEGAL                                                  SIERRA LEONE
The World’s Biggest Lesson and press conference           In Senegal politicians went back to school in four       The series of exciting activities during Action Week and
brought the issue of huge class sizes, and exclusion in   regions. The regions are Dakar, Kaolack, Diourbel and    the World’s Biggest Lesson in Sierra Leone started with
education to the special attention of the government      Louga. MPs, opinion leaders and celebrities attended     a bang. Officials went back-to-school for a symposium
and public. Namely poverty, poor salaries for teachers,   the events. The World’s Biggest Lesson took place        on Quality Education to End Exclusion. A spectacular
insufficient playgrounds, inadequate learning             in four schools and messages and testimonies were        float covered with school children paraded across
conditions, missing computers, more parental              collected. Two testimonies were given to show both       the country. At each event, stakeholders and decision
involvement in education and specific programmes          sides of the spectrum, one by a child and the other      makers were invited to make statements and re-commit
for children with disabilities. The Education Coalition   by a 60 year-old. There was a specially televised        to the Education for All goals. They wrapped up the
in collaboration with AEE, ASOFERWA, ECAM, & SNEP         documentary on quality education. Children delivered     week by holding a breakfast meeting with the Minister
organized a programme of activities to raise awareness    messages and testimonies about education to political    of Education to create an action plan going forward.
on issues of quality and exclusion. The events started    leaders and celebrities. The organisers also launched
with a live phone-in debate on the subject of quality.    a “Policy review of inclusive and special education in
  Rwanda                                                    Senegal                                                 Sierra Leon

                                                                                                                    Sierra Leon

                                                                                                                                                The World’s Biggest Lesson    23
   SOUTH AFRICA                                                 TANZANIA                                                    TOGO
   In South Africa the National Welfare Social Service          Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu                 Action Week in Togo was launched with a press
   and Development Forum and Help2Read brought                  Tanzania (TEN/MET) held the World’s Biggest Lesson          conference followed by a march that took place across
   the lesson to over 700 learners at 11 primary schools        in Chalinze. Bagamoyo Education Development                 the country and organised by the coalition, ActionAid,
   in some of Cape Town’s most disadvantaged areas.             Foundation (BEDF), one of the TEN/MET members               Unesco and several member NGO’s. The Minister of
   Learners at Kenridge primary reminded local politicians      working in this area led the national event. They           Education could not attend but suggested a dialogue
   that the quality education provided by their school was      invited the Deputy Minister for Education and               after Global Action Week between educational
   a privilege available only to a precious few in South        Vocational Training for the climax of the event. Other      institutions, NGO’s and businesses from the private
   Africa. The lesson was delivered in ten schools in the       activities included public rallies for parents, teachers,   sector.
   Mitchell’s Plain, Athlone and Retreat areas of Cape          children and politicians on the Action Week theme
   Town, where learning resources are scarce and class          accompanied by an aggressive media strategy to                 Togo
   sizes often exceed 40 learners. After the 30-minute          substantially raise public awareness.
   interactive lesson, the children got a chance to use
   their creativity to pass on the messages of the lesson to    Tanzania
   decision-makers in South Africa and beyond. In Durban
   at the Ocean Conference Centre, hundreds of teachers
   joined the rest of the world in the World’s Biggest
   Lesson. The event was organised by the South African
   Democratic Teachers Uinion (SADTU)

  South Afric

                                                               South Afric                                                     Togo

24 Global Campaign for Education
UGANDA                                                     ZAMBIA                                                   ZIMBABWE
The Uganda National Teachers’ Unions (UNATU) in            Action Week launched with a parade to Lusaka Boys        The Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) expressed
partnership with the Forum for Education NGOs in           High School where politicians and students made          its regret that the political instability made it impossible
Uganda (FENU) promoted Action Week by organising           speeches and performances in support of education.       to celebrate Action Week as planned. The celebrations
and participating in a wide range of activities. As this   The celebrations had wide media coverage including       scheduled for March were initially deferred to May
year’s chair of FENU, UNATU coordinated a march            all the main radio stations and community radio          but in light of the continuing insecurity were further
through the streets of Kampala to the FENU Secretariat     stations in selected districts and ZNBC on television.   postponed to September 2008. The commitment of
to launch Action Week. Speeches were made and              A documentary on Children with Special Education         ZIMTA to Education for All continues despite difficult
messages from children were read on the theme of           Needs (CSEN) which was broadcast on national             circumstance. Education International joins ZIMTA in
education. The event was publicised in the national        television was produced. The Basic Education Teachers    condemning the murder and intimidation of teachers
media. To further raise awareness of Education for         Union of Zambia (BETUZ) lobbied politicians to           and the concomitant disruption to education.
All, UNATU teamed up with ActionAid to produce a           improve conditions in Munali High School, a school for
two-page action paper on education in the national         children with special needs and Cosmas Mukuka, the
context. UNATU, the Ministry of Education and              General Secretary of BETUZ was featured on popular
the National Commission for UNESCO, organised a            radio show, ‘Let the People Talk’.
celebration at Ntinda School for the Deaf in Kampala to
promote education for children with special learning
needs.                                                       Zambia


                                                                                                                                                   The World’s Biggest Lesson      25
26 Global Campaign for Education
There was a defining moment for Colombian grammy award
winning artist and education activist Shakira; her army of fans,
education campaigners, politicians and policy makers listened
in awe as she enlisted British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and
World Bank Robert Zoellick on a media conference call in support
of education for all. The call received international news coverage.
The United States Congress was abuzz with activity as Shakira
in the company of students from all over USA sought audience
with members of congress to raise awareness on the Education
for All Act 2007 and call on government leaders to support basic
education for all children.
Elsewhere in the Americas, tens of thousands of people
participated in the World’s Biggest Lesson. Teachers , students
and government leaders took part in marches, photographic
exhibitions and cultural and sporting events.

                                                    The World’s Biggest Lesson   27
   ARGENTINA                                                  BOLIVIA                                                     BRAZIL
   A total of 161,801 people and 858 schools took part        The Bolivian Education Forum coordinated nationwide         Creativity and the arts were used as powerful platforms
   in the World’s Biggest Lesson in Argentina. There were     activities including a national meeting on quality          for dialogue around Global Action Week all across
   marches, public rallies, meetings and many other           in the city of Cochabamba, as well as parades, fairs,       the nation. The Brazilian Campaign for the Right to
   activities carried out by schools, politicians, parents,   workshops, panel discussions and seminars in several        Education massively mobilized its partners and the
   government officials and civil society groups in almost    cities. These were accompanied by press conferences         media for various events including the World’s Biggest
   all provinces of the country. The most prominent           and the participation through radio and television          Lesson in 18 of the 27 Brazilian States. Starting with
   were meetings with the education minister Prof.            programs in the World Biggest Lesson to underscore          drawing contests, the events included poetry readings
   Tedesco and the Commission on Education, Science           the right to an education. The “Charter of Principles” by   by people with visual impairments in Taguatinga,
   and Technology of the National Senate respectively.        the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education      dramatic interpretations in Jequitinhonha followed by
   A popular rock band “No Te Va Gustar” graced Action        (CLADE) which outlines what the campaign was all            movies and a debate in Caxias. Students in Sao Paulo
   Week with performances and messages in support of          about was also distributed to the authorities, education    created a collage to interpret the message of exclusion.
   education. The activities received wide media coverage.    agencies, civil society and the media. Campaigners          All in all 100 activities were planned which involved
   Students delivered messages which they had prepared        emphasised the need for an increase in the budget           938 schools, 26 organizations and attended by a total
   on improving deficiencies in the education system and      allocations assigned by the Bolivian State to non-formal    of 82,600 people including parents, teachers, students,
   presented them to the legislature Judiciary and Ministry   or alternative education.                                   activists, opinion leaders and community members. The
   of Education. CTERA distributed thousands of posters in                                                                UNESCO 2008 EFA Monitoring Report and the results of
                                                              Of importance during the celebrations was the
   support of quality education.                                                                                          a recent study on the cost of quality of education per
                                                              announcement made last August about the
                                                                                                                          pupil in Brazil conducted by the Brazilian Campaign for
                                                              implementation of a new education policy watch
                                                                                                                          the Right to an Education were launched.
                                                              promoted by ActionAid, the German Association of
                                                              Adult Education and the Bolivian Education Forum.

   Argentina                                                                                                                 Bolivia

28 Global Campaign for Education
CANADA                                                       described the situation in her home country which has
                                                             been at war since September 2002. She explained that
                                                                                                                        the Education Director and hundreds of teachers
                                                                                                                        and local leaders. Action week in Chile is coordinated
More than 11,600 Canadians joined the 8.8 million            prior to war, investment in education was a top priority   by Corporacion Opcion, and this year there was the
campaigners across the world to break the world record       for the country whose school system now provides           important participation of Ministries of Education,
for the World’s Biggest Lesson! It was held in Toronto       only limited access to education, with fewer than three    the National Service for Minors and the collaboration
at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education. The        out of ten six-year olds entering the system each year.    of the Regional Education Office of UNESCO, the
Canadian Global Campaign for Education also explored         She went on to describe how 3,000 boys have become         National Forum for Quality Education for All, the
the main issues which have excluded people from              soldiers and 2,233,947 children and youth aged 6 to 20     Association of Chilean Municipalities, the College of
education such as disability, poverty, ethnicity, gender,    did not have the opportunity to attend school.             Teachers, the Division of Social organizations of the
conflict, geographical location or exploitation as child                                                                Ministry, Secretary General of the Government and SOS
labourers. People were invited to take part in the
campaign by downloading the curriculum.                      CHILE                                                      Children’s villages, Chile.

                                                             Over 44,000 students demanded EFA during Action
Teacher leaders and federal politicians from across
                                                             Week. The World’s Biggest Lesson was simultaneously        COLOMBIA
Canada also took time away from their hectic schedule
                                                             taught in more that 400 schools across the country         Local celebrities, opinion leaders and media turned
to go to a local school to teach the World’s Biggest
                                                             to local and national authorities who listened to the      up to the World’s Biggest Lesson; in each of the
Lesson in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ottawa, Ontario, Iqaluit,
                                                             concerns and suggestions made by students, aimed           four regions: Quindio, Costa Atlantica, Antioquia
Nunavut and Whitehorse, Yukon. Six days after the
                                                             at raising awareness on quality education without          and Cundiboyacense. These events both increased
World’s Biggest Lesson, four of the Ottawa students
                                                             exclusion as well as to remind leaders of the promises     awareness and agreements on free quality education.
taught the lesson to the federal Minister of International
                                                             made at the World Education Forum in Dakar, 2000.          Several members of the NGO community keen to
Cooperation, Members of Parliament as well as
                                                                                                                        lend a helping hand included Viva la Ciudadania, the
Senators. Also in attendance were members of the             The central highlight event was held in Santiago
                                                                                                                        Technological University of Bolivar and the Foundation
Board of Directors of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation,     and was attended by authorities of the Ministry
                                                                                                                        Earth and Hope. Activities were coordinated by the
federal MPs, senators, international guests and Salimata     of Education, the National Service for Minors, ILO,
                                                                                                                        technical secretariat of the coalition.
Doumbia, a teacher leader from Ivory Coast. Salimata         UNICEF, UNESCO, Mayors of different municipalities,

  Canada                                                        Chile                                                    Colombia

                                                                                                                                                    The World’s Biggest Lesson   29
   CUBA                                                         DOMINICAN REPUBLIC                                         ECUADOR
   Global Action Week was the perfect launching pad             Action Week was a group effort in the Dominican            Action Week in Ecuador took a double sided approach.
   for UNESCO Havana’s Global Monitoring Reports. The           Republic with more than 300 people compiling reports       The coalition launched a debate called ‘Dialogues for
   launch was widely covered by the mass media, and also        and writing letters to political leaders about exclusion   Education’ throughout the country, in schools to raise
   included a television interview of Mr. Herman van Hooff,     in education which were delivered to the National          awareness about quality education for all. Education
   Director of UNESCO Havana.                                   Congress. The Forum Socio Dominican Republic carried       institutions also gave a present to their neighbourhood,
                                                                out several events. The first action was distributing      by planting trees, painting a mural or improving
   COSTA RICA                                                   guidelines for teachers on the issue of Quality
                                                                Education, and Exclusion, to more than 300 schools.
                                                                                                                           public place like parks, gardens or recreation centres.
                                                                                                                           The media campaign was entitled ‘Taking the Radio
   Around 6,000 students from all over the country took         Students created reports on exclusion from education,      Stations’. It built on previous alliances to dedicate the
   part in the World’s Biggest Lesson. Girls, boys, teachers,   and invited political leaders to come to visit their       entire day to education and used the radio as a platform
   parents and human rights organizations united to             school. These reports made by children will be compiled    to make a call to citizens to coordinate their efforts
   spread the message of education for all to politicians       in a document that will be delivered by a committee of     to add important issues regarding education to the
   and society in general. Teachers lobbied the Ministry        student representatives to the National Congress.          constitution.
   of Education to reduce class sizes and raise salaries and
   were successful in having salaries increased and limiting
   the number of students in a class to 25. A group of
                                                                 Ecuador                                                    Ecuador
   teenage students from schools in the city met the
   National Senators and gave them a research proposal
   about the situation of education along with solutions
   to improve the deficiencies. The list of activities were
   endless including live broadcasting on radio, rallies,
   workshops and meetings with teachers, students,
   parents, and members of the different communities.


30 Global Campaign for Education
          GUATEMALA                                                       HONDURAS
          In Guatemala, the activities began months before, when          Honduras held a march to the headquarters of local and
          the Group of Education for All of Guatemala sent a letter       national government also known as Presidential House,
          to the Minister of Education with two demands: (1) the          MUNICIPALIDAD with the participation of children and
          fulfilment of the goals set in Dakar and (2) to resume          adults, COMCORDE member organizations and other
          the process of Education Reform. During Action Week             guests, including media. The coalition invited different
          the Guatemalan coalition carried out a campaign for             Congress members and political authorities in the area
          free education, the abolition of school charges and a           of education to participate in the lesson for global
          larger budget for education. They filmed their visits to        quality education without exclusion.
          schools and communities resulting in the production
          of 18 videos. They also held a photographic exhibition
          on the five Dakar goals that took place at the National
          Palace of Culture, in the capital city. There were 32           About 450 schools participated in the World’s Biggest
          photographs with the slogan “Quality education                  Lesson. The coalition invited public figures, politicians
          without discrimination, it is our right”. Also, a tour of the   and representatives from the local educational sector
          exhibition has been promoted through several areas              to return to school to be part of the World’s Biggest
          in Guatemala, to keep raising awareness of the Dakar            Lesson. Fifty one Community Organizations, academic
          goals. To date, about five thousand people, including           entities and civil society associations in nine states of
          students, teachers and the general public have visited          Mexico participated in Global Action Week. The week
          the exhibition.                                                 was filled with a mixture of cultural, sporting and other

             Mexico                          Mexico


                                                                                                        The World’s Biggest Lesson    31
   NICARAGUA                                              PERU                                                         SURINAME
   The World’s Biggest Lesson was the main event for      Nearly 43 thousand children in over 300 schools in           Ms. Venetiaan-Vaneburg, the first lady of the Republic
   Global Action Week. It took place in Leon, Jinotega,   different parts of the country participated in the World’s   of Suriname visited the Sarons school where she talked
   Esteli, Ciudad Sandino, Carazo, Boaco, Chinandega      Biggest Lesson. In Lima, one of the lessons took place       with the children on children’s rights and what the right
   and Managua. The activities were attended by           at a public event where the GCE’s School Report cards        to education for all means and how it can be observed.
   representatives of civil society, teachers, parents,   for Latin America with special reference to Peru were
                                                                                                                       The Suriname Education Network organised the
   children and adolescents who demanded that all         presented. Ministers, Congressmen and educational
                                                                                                                       activities in collaboration with the UN MDG Youth
   people have access to quality education and that the   authorities of different districts were present. Well
                                                                                                                       Ambassadors and the UN MDG Youth Officers. Schools
   government put an end to exclusion. The lesson was     known political and opinion leaders, including the
                                                                                                                       were visited by members of the National Assembly, Ms.
   attended by Delegates of the Ministry of Education,    President of the National Assembly of Regional
                                                                                                                       Jennifer Geerlings-Simons and Ms. Carmelita Fereira,
   Mayoral Candidates, and Officials of the Municipal     Governments and the past President of the National
                                                                                                                       the UN MDG Youth Ambassador Yldiz Beighle, member
   Commissions on children, teachers, principals and      Council for Education commented on exclusion,
                                                                                                                       of the Youth Parliament Raynel Fraser, representatives of
   directors of public schools.                           political will and different features of quality education
                                                                                                                       the Foundation for Roman Catholic Special Education,
                                                          in Peru, while children, parents and teachers gave their
                                                                                                                       representative of Arya Dewaker Mr. Prem Ramoetar
    Nicaragua                                             testimonies on the difficulties in accessing quality
                                                                                                                       and representatives of the District Commissioner of
                                                          education in the country.
                                                                                                                       the North to talk with the pupils in the classroom and
                                                              Peru                                                     discuss the educational situation in Suriname. The
                                                                                                                       children were given the opportunity to express their
                                                                                                                       views about the right for education and their desire for
                                                                                                                       a Quality Education for All.

                                                                                                                       Students and teachers jumped to the opportunity
                                                                                                                       to participate in Action Week in Trinidad. The entire
                                                                                                                       staff and students of San Fernando School took part,
                                                                                                                       resulting in a total of 340 students and 14 teachers
                                                                                                                       joining their voices to the World’s Biggest Lesson.


32 Global Campaign for Education
URUGUAY                                                      UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                                    VENEZUELA
Schools sent politicians postcards inviting them to take     Grammy award winning artist, Shakira appeared beside        Several schools held the World’s Biggest Lesson
part in the World’s Biggest Lesson to end exclusion and      school students on Capitol Hill to raise awareness for      and invited leaders back to school to discuss the
provide quality education to all students. It was part       the bipartisan Education for All Act 2007. There was also   issue of providing Quality Education to All. Students
of this year’s strategy to sensitize politicians, national   a special USA – Palestine World’s Biggest Lesson as two     from various educational units in the city of Caracas
authorities, Members of Parliament, Ministers, Local         schools took the lesson by video link-up. In Boulder,       were in their classrooms to teach teachers, medical
Governors, Mayors, writers, artists and other renowned       the lesson was led by Kenyan Peace Activist, Karambu        professionals, politicians and other community
people in the education arena, through the massive           Ringera – and after class the participants sent a letter    members the reality of education throughout the
posting of e-cards containing the different demands          to the current G8 chair, to take a lead in providing        world. The right to education and exclusion were the
for a quality education to end exclusion. Thousands of       Education for All. Several schools around the country       main topics but they also discussed quality education
people and organizations enthusiastically joined the         participated in the World’s Biggest Lesson.                 and leadership. At the end of the event held at the
campaign with interesting and creative proposals –                                                                       Central University of Venezuela (UCV) the students sent
by making dossiers, organizing workshops and “Back                                                                       a message to politicians and asked for more and better
to School” events with the participation of local and             USA
education authorities, as well as didactic activities. The
activities were coordinated by ICAE and REPEM. At the                                                                     Venezuela
end of the campaign the collected postcards received
with the corresponding demands were handed in to the
authorities at the Ministry of Education and Culture.



                                                                                                                                                      The World’s Biggest Lesson   33
               Asia & Pacific

34 Global Campaign for Education
Asia & Pacific
This region outdid itself bringing in a record number of
people to be part of the World’s Biggest Lesson. Millions
of people participated in activities in Vietnam and in
Bangladesh. There were people attending the World’s
Biggest Lesson in open fields. Children as well as adults
taught the lesson to multitudes of people including
politicians who could not but make further commitments to
Education For All during Action Week. Against all odds and
in a bid to be part of the global movement for education, in
Afghanistan, the lesson was attended by the country’s Vice
President Ahmad Zia Masoud. All over Asia, there was a host
of activities including street plays, children’s rallies and art

                                                 The World’s Biggest Lesson   35
               Asia & Pacific
   AFGHANISTAN                                              Minister gave speeches on quality education in
                                                            Afghanistan. Similar gatherings were organized in 15
   This year’s theme was exciting for Afghanistan. In the   provinces of Afghanistan and provincial politicians were   Bangladesh had one of the largest number of
   country, quality Education For All is a big issue and    invited to the World’s biggest lesson. More than           participants from one country. Over 2.7 million people
   there is a particular shortage of qualified teachers,    150,000 people participated all over Afghanistan.          took part in the World’s Biggest Lesson! The people
   good school buildings, and adequate school resources.                                                               were so many that a Central Control Office had to be
   CHA, SMO, DHSA and AMMC came together as a               In addition, a national poetry competition was             opened to facilitate the information flow and validation
   consortium to carry out the work. Throughout Kabul       organized. More than 60 new poems in support of            to every part of the country. The coalition brought the
   the World’s Biggest Lesson was publicized through        quality education were written by famous poets from all    theme of ‘exclusion in education’ to life, through group
   posters and TV and radio adverts. 680 people were        over the country and a poetry gathering was organized      activities like children’s rallies, art competitions, street
   invited to the national World’s Biggest Lesson that      on 22nd of April. It was an amazing effort on behalf of    plays and discussions around it.
   took place at the Amani High School in Kabul, and        the entire team.
   brought together politicians and students. The group                                                                 Bangladesh
   invited Vice President Ahmad Zia Masoud, the special
   representative of United Nation to Afghanistan Mr.
   Kai Eide, the Minister of Education, Parliamentarians,
   other politicians and schools from 15 provinces. The
   Vice President, the UN Representative and Education



36 Global Campaign for Education
                                                                                                              Asia & Pacific
CAMBODIA                                                    INDIA
The GCE Cambodia coalition hosted ‘My Day of                Children in India gave a wake-up call to
Education.’ The event brought teachers, students and        parliamentarians in 10 states by knocking on the
their families and friends from six universities together   doors of parliament to signal the start of action week.
at the Olympic stadium to be entertained by activities      These parliamentarians were called to be part of the
surrounding education. Across the country, local            World’s Biggest Lesson which was also attended by
leaders and parents went ‘Back to School’ and took part     teacher groups, NGOs, parents, children and other
the World’s Biggest Lesson. Communities learned about       concerned people. Campaigners handed over a charter
how to identify and challenge exclusions in education.      of education demands to the President and state
Information about the World’s Biggest Lesson was            governors. Hundreds of former child labourers and
disseminated to the public using all forms of media,        school children participated in imparting a lesson to
including television appearances and radio. A Radio         the noted Bollywood personalities; actress Mahima
Talk Show kept people informed of the events and the        Chaudhry, producer Tanuja Chandra, singer Jasbeer
issues. It was aired during Action Week on Cambodia’s       Jassi, and Amit Shyal. The President of Global Campaign
Women Media Centre Radio, Family Radio, the voice of        for Education Kailash Satyarthi, led a slate pencil
civil society program, and Absara radio.                    march to Parliament. He walked with children carrying
                                                            empty slates in their tiny hands questioning the law        India
                                                            makers and the government as to why more than
                                                            one third of India’s population was illiterate. Similar
                                                            actions happened across the country. In the province
                                                            of Madhya Pradesh, a memorandum demanding
                                                            trained teachers and good schools was submitted
                                                            to the Chief Minister as a culmination of the process
                                                            bringing together 7,500 parents, children, teachers,
                                                            civil society representatives and elected peoples’
                                                            representatives across the State by the local network
                                                            MPSA. Memorandums signed by 5,000 people were also
                                                            submitted to the local governments across Bihar, West
                                                            Bengal, and Orissa.


                                                                                                                                The World’s Biggest Lesson   37
                Asia & Pacific
   INDONESIA                                                     JAPAN                                                        KYRGYZSTAN
   There were activities in ten provinces around the             The Japan NGO Network for Education (JNNE) went              The Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of
   country. In North Makulu, a wish list was created by          flat out to ensure that Action Week activities were a        Kyrgyzstan (TUESWK) Central Committee translated
   1,500 children, stating what constitutes a quality            success. They organized the World’s Biggest Lesson at        the publicity poster and flyers into Kyrgyz and Russian.
   education in their minds. The list was handed over to         214 primary and junior secondary schools around Japan        Politicians and union members visited schools in six
   politicians including the Head of the District of Bacan,      during the civil G8 meeting. The lesson was attended         regions across the country and took part in the World’s
   during the World’s Biggest Lesson. E-Net organised            by approximately 25,838 children. High level Japanese        Biggest Lesson. In Bishkek the Central Committee of
   lessons in all ten provinces and in South Sulawesi, poor      officials, Unesco and Unicef Officials and representatives   Trade Unions organised the World’s Biggest Lesson in
   urban women taught the lesson attended by provincial          of the FTI technical Committee received the lesson at        which over 100 politicians participated. The events of
   legislators, religious leaders, district officials, women’s   a lower secondary school in Tokyo. The lesson which          Global Action Week were reported in the mass media
   rights activists and other civil society activists. Similar   was also attended by pop star and UNICEF goodwill            and in the union’s newspaper.
   lessons were held in Jakarta and South East Sulawesi          ambassador Agnes Chan Miling was given by a staff
   where women talked about poor literacy programmes
   and called for change to allow more women to receive
                                                                 member of JNNE. Foreign Minister Masahiko Kamura
                                                                 made a policy statement in support of education. The
   an education.                                                 events were covered by 30 newspapers and television          For the Malaysian National Union of the Teaching
                                                                 stations.                                                    Profession (NUTP), Global Action Week is an invaluable
                                                                                                                              opportunity to reiterate the Education for All goals.
    Indonesia                                                       Japan                                                     A varied programme of events was organised at
                                                                                                                              Rompin Primary School in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
                                                                                                                              and involved over 500 pupils and 50 teachers from 10
                                                                                                                              primary schools. Activities included art and singing
                                                                                                                              competitions, while students and teachers met with
                                                                                                                              politicians to discuss education issues.

                                                                                                                              Politicians went back to school to attend the World’s
                                                                                                                              Biggest Lesson and were treated to an exhibition on
                                                                                                                              innovation and best practices in education. Global
    Indonesia                                                                                                                 Action Week coincided with the government’s
                                                                                                                              ‘Welcome to School Programme’ that aims to increase
                                                                                                                              the enrolment of children into schools. Community
                                                                                                                              leaders, teachers, students, and district government
                                                                                                                              officials were presented with a documentary on quality
                                                                                                                              education and given lessons on how to present the
                                                                                                                              documentary to other people in their communities.

38 Global Campaign for Education
                                                                                                               Asia & Pacific
PAKISTAN                                                     PAPUA NEW GUINEA
The Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE) working with      A radio discussion about ‘Education to End Exclusion’,    Papua New
member organizations carried out several GCE activities      with the Prime Minster and Secretary for Education was
including highlighting education for excluded children       the platform for the launch of Action Week in Papua
and creating dialogue between politicians, children          New Guinea. The Head of State and Governor General,
and parents. PCE conducted activities including the          Grand Chief Sir Paulias Matane and his wife Lady
World’s Biggest Lesson in 40 districts, 4 provinces and at   Kaludia took part in the World’s Biggest Lesson in two
federal level. They also conducted seminars to increase      rural schools Porebada Primary School and Porebada
the budget for education. PCE continues to lobby the         Elemantary School where there were more than a
Ministry of Education to have a comprehensive policy         thousand school children participating. Students taught
for excluded children.                                       the lesson to school teachers and other community
                                                             members, the ward Councillor, Board Chairman, Head
The All Pakistan Government School Teachers
                                                             Teacher of Red Scar High School and neighbouring
Association (APGSTA) used Action Week to raise
                                                             schools and many other dignified guests took part.
awareness of the problems of high pupil teacher ratio
and untrained teachers. To publicise Global Action Week
APGSTA issued a press release that was reported in            Papua New
local newspapers and published a magazine detailing
the themes of Education for All. The World’s Biggest
Lesson took place in schools throughout the country
and politicians and students participated. In the Royal
Academy School in Karachi, APGSTA organised a joint
session with the Central Organization of Teachers (COT)
union which included over 400 participants.


                                                                                                                                          The World’s Biggest Lesson   39
                  Asia & Pacific
   PHILIPPINES                                               SOLOMON ISLANDS                                           SRI LANKA
   In spite of the looming global food crisis, the focus     Thousands of children and adults participated in          The Coalition for Educational Development with 52 of
   during Action Week was all on education. A series         the exciting activities for Action Week. To really        its civil society partners in Sri Lanka conducted a song
   of discussions and events advocating Education for        make a point, the events were held in 20 of the most      composing competition at national level involving
   All children, youth and adults was held to remind         neglected and excluded schools in the country.            students and parents while the main national was
   government officials and politicians that free and        Politicians, teachers, family members and students        held In Kandy and the Governor of Central Province
   quality education is a basic human right which should     were all present for the World’s Biggest Lesson on        Mr. Tikiri Kobbekaduwa was the chief guest. A
   be accessible to all. About four million of the 25        23rd April. The highlight of the week was both the        memorandum themed “Quality Education for All: End
   million Filipino youth aged five to 17, are victims of    World’s Biggest Lesson and the National Event, which      Exclusion Now” was handed over to the Governor. A
   child labour and have been deprived of their right to     was celebrated at the All Saints Parish Hall. At the      special emphasis was taken to obtain the participation
   free and quality education. The ABK Initiative, a group   end of the formal lesson, the Literacy Officer based      of excluded categories including disabled children.
   of non-governmental organizations, is now working         at the Ministry of Education and Human Resources          Poster exhibitions were used as stimulator to create
   with the government to bring children back to school.     Development stressed the importance of Quality            awareness among general public in a number of
   The World’s Biggest Lesson was held in Quezon City        Education to reduce and ultimately end illiteracy in      geographical locations.
   and the coalition launched its “Learn without Fear”       the country. He said that the issue of adult literacy
                                                                                                                       In addition, five teachers’ unions in Sri Lanka
   campaign to call attention to eradication of violence     must be addressed because if every child in the
                                                                                                                       participated under the EI/UEN/Sri Lanka Teachers’
   in schools. Women’s rights activists promoted the         country received a quality education, there would
                                                                                                                       Unions Joint Project. They held a public event
   week on a local radio programme by discussing the         be no illiterate adults. During the week, campaigners
                                                                                                                       attended by Mr Susil Prem Jayanth, Minister of
   obstacles faced by girls in education. The lesson         also had the opportunity to discuss the findings of the
                                                                                                                       Education where research on school closure and
   proved to be very effective. After the World’s Biggest    Educational Experience Survey.
                                                                                                                       proposals of educational policy were presented.
   Lesson, E-Net Philippines member organizations
   drafted a seven-point paper on education.
                                                             Solomon Isla                                              Sri Lanka


40 Global Campaign for Education
                                                                                                               Asia & Pacific
Students performed a song and presented a short
drama about the harm of corporal punishment. A
                                                           the barriers to universal quality education around the
                                                           world and emphasised the poor learning conditions in
collective statement was issued lauding the benefits       some remote districts of Taiwan. Officials pledged to    Supported by the Global Action Week Coalition
of a sixty-year policy of free public education but        improve the education environment and guaranteed         this year, Vietnam saw a greater involvement of the
signalling concern over trends towards privatisation.      every child a quality education. Younger pupils learnt   Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) resulting
The statement lamented the closure of small schools        about the different learning conditions in other         in over three million participants throughout the
and the subsequent downturn in education quality           countries and in rural Taiwan while older students       country! The National Event was held at Thang Long
but noted the commitment of the Minister of                researched and analysed the factors that lead to         Lower Secondary School and was attended by MOET’s
Education to maintaining free education. It called for     unequal educational opportunities.                       Vice Minister Nguyen Vinh Hien, representatives from
a National Policy on Education which would ensure                                                                   the National Assembly and other Government Offices,
                                                                                                                    representatives from international organizations
consistency in successive governments.
                                                           THAILAND                                                 including the UN and international and local NGOs.
                                                           In Thailand, poverty and marginalisation are major       The students’ creativity and initiative in preparation
TAIWAN                                                     causes of exclusion from education. Children living      and performance in the Biggest Lesson were
The National Teachers’ Association (NTA) estimates         in rural communities and in urban slums often have       remarkable, and highly appreciated by the invited
that 3,500 people from 25 regions across Taiwan            limited access to education and tend to begin school     guests. The presence of National and Hanoi media
participated in Action Week. In preparation for the        late. While primary education is mostly “free” and       including television and many newspapers brought
week of activities the publicity material was translated   compulsory in most countries in the region, hidden       extensive coverage for the event. A documentary on
into Mandarin. The director of the Ministry of             costs remain, which are especially difficult to meet     Action Week was produced and shown on different TV
Education and prominent politicians were invited back      for poor families. So UNESCO organised activities to     channels.
to school to join over 2,000 students in the World’s       highlight the issues of quality and inclusion. Sheldon
Biggest Lesson Representatives of the NTA presented        Shaeffer, Director of UNESCO Bangkok, published
                                                           an article in the Nation, a leading English-language
                                                           newspaper in Thailand. The East Asia and Pacific
                                                           Regional - United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative
                                                           (UNGEI) issued a formal message on the Action
                                                           Week and the Regional Asia-Pacific EFA website also
                                                           published articles on GCE’s World’s Biggest Lesson.

                                                            Thailand                                                  Vietnam

                                                                                                                                               The World’s Biggest Lesson    41

42 Global Campaign for Education
There was an unprecedented number of campaigners
and schools taking part in Action Week activities. Tens of
thousands of teachers, campaigners and politicians took
part in the World’s Biggest Lesson. Schools joined the
action by validating their participation on line as well as at
different venues across Europe. Politicians were called upon
to be part of the lesson and in Germany about 11 members
of Parliament were taught the lesson. There was a host of
activities including story writing competitions, sports and
music with increased participation from countries in Eastern
Europe, including, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and

                                                The World’s Biggest Lesson   43
   ALBANIA                                                    ARMENIA                                                     AUSTRIA
   On 23rd April, schools throughout Albania took part        The Global Campaign for Education Armenian Coalition        In Austria, more than 2,000 children participated in the
   in the World’s Biggest Lesson. Approximately 13,000        secured the involvement of UNESCO and the Ministry          World’s Biggest Lesson. The coalition made a concerted
   children and teachers joined the campaign. Combining       of Education & Science’s National Institute of Education    effort and invited 150 schools, the Minister of Education
   fun and learning, a football match between students        in the World’s Biggest Lesson, giving the campaign          and the press.
   and Members of Parliament in Tirana, which raised          more potential for political influence in Armenia than
   awareness and gave the politicians an opportunity
   to show support for the campaign for education. The
                                                              ever before. Teachers, students, lecturers and parents
                                                              from 112 educational and other institutions of various
                                                                                                                          BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA
   Vice Prime-minister of Albania, Mr. Gazmend Oketa,         regions of Armenia took part in the organised lesson.       The Independent Trade Union of Primary Schools
   attending the campaign activities stated that the          It was witnessed by Deputies of the Armenian National       Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ITUPEWBH)
   government will continue to increase the budget for        Assembly, politicians, representatives of state and local   hosted Action Week activities at their headquarters.
   education. The coalition of NGO’s organised a joint-       self-governing bodies, the intelligentsia, the Media        The union used the occasion to call for an end to
   press conference with several well-known television        and representatives of higher educational institutes.       segregation and discriminatory ethnic policies in
   personalities, who asked publicly for politicians to       The activities of the campaign and the lesson were          primary schools, a reform of primary teaching and
   improve child education. There was also a national         broadcast by different TV stations and covered by the       due recognition of the role of teachers at all education
   meeting on quality education between teachers,             “Legal culture” bi-weekly.                                  levels. Education for All was also highlighted on
   trade union representatives, children, parents and                                                                     International Workers’ Day during celebrations.
   representatives of the Ministry of Education of Albania,
   and Educational Authorities in districts.


44 Global Campaign for Education
BULGARIA                                                   DENMARK                                                     FINLAND
Students in Sapareva Bania were so eager for the lesson    School students now have a special Danish ‘Action           Finnish teachers’ union, Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö
that they launched a countdown process dubbed “X           Week’ book called ‘Læseraketten’ that tells stories about   (OAJ) published a special ‘Education for All’ supplement
Days to the World’s Biggest Lesson”. Over 2,000 students   education in poor countries. Schools used the book          in their union magazine, Opettaja. The magazine has
from 20 schools in the regions of Bulgaria took part in    to get ready for the World’s Biggest Lesson. With the       a readership of 180,000 and was also sent to Finnish
the World’s Biggest Lesson. The Mayor of the largest       help of the book 183,425 (25% of all the students in        decision-makers. A documentary film entitled ‘A World
municipality in Bulgaria, Kiril Yordanov was interviewed   Denmark) enrolled in the campaign to teach politicians      for inclusion – ensuring Education for All’ was launched.
on quality education by students on a radio show.          the World’s Biggest Lesson, including their own Minister    The focus in Finland was the ‘Right to Education for
                                                           of Education. The public event took place at the Major      People with Disabilities’. Under this umbrella two
CYPRUS                                                     Town Square in Copenhagen where the emphasis
                                                           was on child labour and children’s right to a quality
                                                                                                                       seminars were organised in coordination with the
                                                                                                                       UNESCO Flagship Programme which works for the
In Cyprus, Action Week coincided with celebrations of      education. The World’s Biggest Lesson was held the          inclusion of children with disabilities in education.
Children’s Day and the Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Trade      next day followed by a Business Conference on the
Union (KTOS) took the opportunity to raise awareness       Globalisation of Education which was attended by             Denmark
on Education for All during the festivities. The KTOS      members of the private sector and VIPs.
translated the brochure into Turkish so that as many
people as possible could learn about quality education
for all.



                                                                                                                                                     The World’s Biggest Lesson    45
   FRANCE                                                     GEORGIA                                                     GERMANY
   In France one could attend the World’s Biggest             The Georgian President, Head of Parliament, Cabinet         More than 16,000 children and young people took part
   Lesson virtually or in person. For those who could not     Ministers, MPs and more than 3,000 schools were             in the World’s Biggest Lesson all over Germany. Many of
   physically be there, the French coalition produced         involved in the World’s Biggest Lesson. The country was     them also successfully took “politicians back to school!”,
   a short movie version of the lesson that was made          made aware of all the activities due to a major press       as 55 politicians attended the event throughout the
   available online to reach more people. Local politicians   conference which was held to announce the World’s           country. As a national highlight event, GCE Germany
   played a big part in the activities. They were invited     Biggest Lesson. Action Week activities were coordinated     held the World’s Biggest Lesson in a public classroom
   to go back to school by their constituents. A petition     by the Educators & Scientists Free Trade Union of           outside the German Reichstag (the seat of the German
   was launched to ask the President to provide the           Georgia who invited officials to take part in the World’s   Parliament) in Berlin. Eight Members of Parliament
   financial support needed to achieve education for          Biggest Lesson. The President, Head of Parliament,          interrupted their committee sessions to attend the
   all. It will support lobbying on EFA throughout the        Cabinet Ministers, and Members of Parliament took the       event and were questioned about their commitment to
   French Presidency of the EU until December. Students       time to go back to school and take part in the World’s      ‘Education for All’. It was not only school pupils taking
   and teachers in France participated in the UNESCO          Biggest Lesson. A roundtable discussion was held            part in Germany, young offenders in a German prison
   Round Table on “Quality Education to End Exclusion”,       on Quality Education to End Exclusion that included         also took part in the lesson. These active young people
   and the World’s Biggest Lesson was given by youth          governmental bodies, NGOs and Human Rights                  produced a large paper-made teacher figure with
   representatives to representatives of the Ministry of      Organizations.                                              messages claiming “stop talking – take action!” All over
   National Education, teachers unions and politicians.                                                                   Germany, young people produced pictures, posters,
                                                                                                                          films and exhibitions to document the World’s Biggest
      France                                                    Germany

46 Global Campaign for Education
GREECE                                                     IRELAND                                                    ITALY
One hundred schools took part in the World’s Biggest       The Irish Coalition forged full steam ahead with           During Action Week, sponsored by CISL, the World’s
Lesson. Students combined their personal messages          activities for Action Week. With their members, chaired    Biggest Lesson sensitized students to the differences in
to the government, into one slogan per class. These        by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the teacher         the quality of education between industrialized nations
were written on a specially designed ‘petition card’       unions, the National Youth Council of Ireland and a wide   and poor nations. They created graphs and researched
that called for the Greek Deputy Minister for Overseas     range of development NGOs, they invited “Transition        about illiteracy using the internet. After this reflection
Development Aid Mr. Petros Doukas, to take urgent          Year” students (students in non-examination year           the pupils recognized the importance of education in
action on education. The cards were entered into a         between end of lower secondary and start of upper          the world to ensure a civil coexistence, peace, cultural
competition and the ‘Strongest Student Slogans to          secondary) to adopt the Action Week theme as their         exchanges and trade.
Politicians’ were then delivered to the Deputy Minister.   project in the Young Social Innovators exhibition. It is
                                                           an annual project whereby class group projects focus
HUNGARY                                                    on justice, global development and youth issues and
                                                           involve research, workshops, and national exhibitions.     In Latvia the lesson was held at the Talsu evening
In Hungary, the Teachers’ Democratic Union organized       The World’s Biggest Lesson national event took             and shift school with the participation of two school
the World’s Biggest Lesson in over 500 institutions        place in the newly opened Irish Aid Information and        deputies and local media. A presentation on inclusive
schools and hundreds of schools. Thousands of children     Volunteering Centre in Dublin and was attended by          education was given and there was a letter sent to all
participated in the lesson. The Union issued a press       government ministers, transition year students and         schools where teachers in those schools could also
release to drum up support for Action Week.                coalition members.                                         participate in the lesson. The material was prepared in
                                                                                                                      collaboration with the Latvian UNESCO and Ministry of
                                                             Ireland                                                  Education.


  Greece                                                      Ireland

                                                                                                                                                    The World’s Biggest Lesson     47
   MACEDONIA                                                  NORWAY                                                     PORTUGAL
   In Macedonia more than 100 schools took part in            The Prime Minister was invited to attend the World’s       In Portugal, over 100 schools participated in the World’s
   the World’s Biggest Lesson nationwide, but the main        Biggest Lesson. The lesson discussed not only how          Biggest Lesson, with over 9,000 people involved.
   event took place at an Elementary School in Shuto          to influence the Norwegian government, but global          One school in Lisbon was the focal point where
   Orizari, Skopje. There were public debates involving       leaders at the next High Level Group on Education          politicians, opinion makers and the Vice President for
   students, parents, teachers, politicians in order to       taking place in Oslo in December.                          the Portuguese Institute for Development Assistance
   point out the importance of bigger participation in the                                                               were taught and questioned about the country’s
   school process and quality education. Other activities     POLAND                                                     commitment to education.
   involved children meeting with high ranking officials,
   encouraging them to sign and give written support          Children from Konopicka primary school in Janowice         ROMANIA
   of Global Action Week. They also took a media tour,        joined the rest of the world to be part of the World’s
                                                              Biggest Lesson on 23rd April. They compiled letters        Mr. Traian Basescu, the President of Romania, went
   through the capital Skopje, to see the contrast between
                                                              and photos with different descriptions on the state        back to school and participated in the World’s Biggest
   places where conditions for quality education exist and
                                                              of education in the world and various other works by       Lesson with 120 other participants including leaders
   to places where these conditions do not exist. The week
                                                              pupils and sent them to Gordon Brown in Great Britain.     of education and child welfare organizations, NGOs,
   closed with a concert in the city park at Shkolka which
                                                              Their aim was to ensure that Mr Brown takes their          teachers’ unions, international organizations, media,
   crowned it all.
                                                              message to the G8 in Japan. The children talked about      children and teachers. Students from over 300
                                                              how education is important and crucial for one’s future    educational institutions across Romania and from Save
   The NETHERLANDS                                            and that those children without an opportunity to go       the Children’s Educational Centres in Bucharest took
   “Een spreekbeurtenmarathon”, a presentation                to school were missing out. They also realized how         part in the World’s Biggest Lesson, amounting to 60,000
   marathon, was held in select schools across the country.   much people miss not going to school. Children who         participants in total. Lessons were held in primary and
   Politicians at national and local level and entertainers   took part in the biggest lesson were: Agnieszka Wojtyła,   secondary schools, in special educational institutions
   went back to school and were taught by students, given     Dariusz Trzybiński, Martyna Wala, Teresa Woźniak,          for disabled children and even in schools within re-
   a test and if they passed, a diploma. Everyone present     Marlena Mruczek, Małgorzata Bogusz, Jakub Olejak,          education or detention facilities, from both urban and
   signed a petition with an emphasis on free and good        Patrick Wróbel, Monika Mędrala, Mateusz Ochman,            rural areas. Some schools held the lessons in different
   quality education was later presented to the Minister of   Wojciech Chromik, Magdalena Niemczyk,Dominika
   Development Co-operation, Bert Koenders.                   Drążyk, Paulina Gajda, Kinga Kampczyk, Damian
                                                              Mędrala, Krystian Góra and Michalina Mruczek are all
                                                              pupils of fourth, fifth and sixth classes.

48 Global Campaign for Education
languages like English, French or Romanian or carried
out the event in public places (squares or cultural
                                                            SWEDEN                                                    UNITED KINGDOM
centres). The officials and the politicians were taught a   In Sweden, students wrote messages in support of          As part of the World’s Biggest Lesson, Douglas
lesson and promised to invest in education. It was a day    quality education to the local and national government    Alexander, the Secretary of State for International
of hope being lifted, as one of the students said: “My      at the end of the lesson. The students prepared a mini-   Development, was taught by school children outside
wish is to learn in a school without violence, a school     lecture and a film, followed by a seminar exploring the   the parliamentary buildings in Westminster. He said:
with good teachers and quality resources!”                  subject of how education contributes to their lives and   “Education is vital in the fight against poverty and it’s
                                                            shapes their future.                                      inspirational to see so many young people campaigning
                                                                                                                      for all children to go to school. Giving all children an
SPAIN                                                       TURKMENISTAN                                              education is within our grasp if the right steps are
The World’s Biggest Lesson took place in 38 cities,                                                                   taken, and this will be a real lesson for the world.” The
and more than 700 schools and 100 politicians and           The World’s Biggest Lesson was given by Dursunsoltan      National Union of Teachers (NUT) chaired an event to
local authorities took part. Specially designed puzzles     Sahatova a history teacher to eight grade students.       assess progress on Education for All held at the British
were displayed as part of the lesson. To play, students     Action Week festivities were attended by the first        Parliament on 22nd April. The event brought together
had to compile the special ingredients needed for           Deputy Minister of Education, Ms Gulshat Mamedova         Gillian Merron, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
‘Education to End Exclusion’. The slogan for the puzzle     and UNICEF representative Dr. Waheed Hassan.              for International Development, with young people from
was “Put in your piece – every piece counts”, and the                                                                 Liberia, Sierra Leone, Pakistan and Cote d’Ivoire.
politicians were invited to put their piece in and made a                                  UK
commitment to do their best to achieve the EFA goals.


                                                                                                                                                   The World’s Biggest Lesson     49
               M. East & N. Africa

50 Global Campaign for Education
                  M. East & N. Africa
Middle East
& North Africa
Despite political upheavals in this region, tens of thousands
of people wore their ‘campaign for education’ cloaks
and marched in cities in support of education for all. In
Palestinian Territories, thousands upon thousands of
children, civil society activists, teachers and some politicians
participated in the World’s Biggest Lesson. The lesson was
held in different locations of the Palestinian Territories, while
in Lebanon, campaigners and government officials joined
hands to underline their support for Education for All. There
were marches, seminars and even an online lesson linking
children in the United States of America with Children in the
Palestinian Territories.

                                                  The World’s Biggest Lesson   51
                M. East & N. Africa
   IRAQ                                                      LEBANON                                                   PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES
   UNESCO Iraq office designed, printed and distributed      The World’s Biggest Lesson in Lebanon included people     The Teacher Creativity Centre mobilised thousands of
   posters and T-shirts to the Iraqi Ministry of Education   of all backgrounds and experiences including children     students, politicians and concerned parties participated
   in Baghdad and Erbil. In Baghdad, the Minister of         and adults who had never been to school. UNESCO           in the activities of the World’s Biggest Lesson. The
   Education instructed that all schools should spare one    Beirut organized a round table on Quality Education to    lesson was conducted in 100 Palestinian schools in
   hour during Action Week to discuss the importance         End Exclusion with some 100 educators and NGOs; and       Ramallah-Maa’n. Students played the role of teacher
   of education, and to talk about Education For All and     a Regional Seminar organized on Quality of Education      and discussed challenges in the education system
   exclusion as well as the importance of education in       and Inclusive Education.                                  with government officials, media representatives and
   restoring the Iraqi education system and rebuilding                                                                 other community members. These challenges included
                                                             Al-Mabarrat Association put together the “Inclusive
   Iraqi society.                                                                                                      student drop outs, early marriages, illiteracy of parents,
                                                             Schools” celebrations of Global Action Week, in
                                                             collaboration with UNESCO office in Beirut with more      unqualified teachers, the high student-to-teacher ratio,
                                                             than 300 educators from various schools and NGOs.         and the economic difficulty and its impact on drop-out
     Lebanon                                                 One of the main activities was a series of interviews     rates, students called for the education sector to work
                                                             with children who had never been to school and work,      on improving the size and conditions of the classrooms
                                                             and an interview with a woman who was 60 years old        and increasing access to more computers. Some
                                                             (the same age as the Universal Declaration of Human       students further illustrated the point by performing a
                                                             Rights - which includes everyone’s right to education).   skit on child labour.
                                                             The Syndicat National de l’Enseignement (SNE-FDT)
                                                             organised many cultural events on education in the
                                                             provinces of Béni-mellal and Khouribga. With art
                                                             competitions, parades, clown displays, workshops,
                                                             football matches and the World’s Biggest Lesson, there
                                                             was something for everyone.


52 Global Campaign for Education
                                                                                          M. East & N. Africa
SOMALIA                                                   SOMALILAND                                                SUDAN
In Somalia, the World’s Biggest Lesson kicked off at      Activities took place in five educational institutions,   In Sudan there were activities in Khartoum, and other
the Old Football Stadium in the district of Abdal Aziz,   with each institution inviting political, religious,      states including white Nile, South and North Darfur and
southeast of the capital city of Mogadishu on 23rd        academic leaders, and PTA’s and renowned business         El Gadarif. To make the point visually, a big exhibition
April 2008. The lesson focused on how to address          people to school activities. Each of the schools          was organised at the UNESCO offices combined with
the education needs of internally displaced children      participated in various activities like drama, poems      seminars and media conferences. The seminars focused
who had been excluded from school following the           and songs. Testimonies on accessing education were        on children who had been excluded from school as well
recent Mogadishu violence. Government officials also      collected and shared to enlighten and advocate            as the quality of education.
attended the lesson.                                      for inclusive and quality education for all. Petitions
                                                          highlighting some of the challenges faced by children
                                                          and institutions in accessing quality and inclusive
                                                          education were presented to the leaders in attendance.    In Tunisia, education is a top priority and all six year-
                                                          The “Back to school” activities were held in Borama at    olds are enrolled in schools. Indeed, girls as well as
                                                          Sheikh Musa Primary school, with the Vice minister for    boys attend schools, as education is both free and
                                                          Education as the guest of honour.                         compulsory. Whilst the country has won the battle of
                                                                                                                    quantity, they now chose to emphasize quality. The
                                                                                                                    campaign focus is on training teachers to produce
 Somalia                                                                                                            dedicated, motivated and competent educators. About
                                                                                                                    130 participants; teachers, students and headmasters
                                                                                                                    took part in the World’s Biggest Lesson. Students
                                                                                                                    answered questions and sympathized with the millions
                                                                                                                    of children who could not be educated. The country
                                                                                                                    was bustling with testimony of teachers and students
                                                                                                                    regarding awareness of school exclusion and the
                                                                                                                    importance of struggling to overcome illiteracy and
                                                                                                                    working towards a better future for all children.




                                                                                                                                                  The World’s Biggest Lesson    53
   Who Took Part?
   Thanks to all the children, parents, teachers, schools, representatives of NGOs, Unions and
   communities that worked so hard to make the World’s Biggest Lesson the phenomenal
   success that it was. Below is a list of education coalitions and organizations that took
   part in Action Week. Every effort has been made to include the lead organization in each
   country but sometimes this information has not been made available and GCE will not be
   held accountable for errors in these lists.
   Afghanistan: Coordination of Humanitarian              Vision, COAST Trust, World Concern, CARE, Women        PLAN Burkina, ABPAM, REJECED, SNESS, AREB, SATEB,       ‘Centrale des Syndicats’ du Québec ( CSQ)
   Assistance (CHA), PACE-A, Saba Media Organization      for Woman (WFW), CARITAS, Federation of NGOs           SNEP, APAC                                    
   (SMO), Orgnaisation for Human Resource                 in Bangladesh (FNB), Coalition for the Urban Poor      Burundi: Coalition Burundaise pour l’Education
   Development (OHRD), Afghan Marketing and               (CUP), National Forum Of Organizations Working                                                                 Cape Verde: FECAP, Sindicatos, Direcao Nacional
                                                                                                                 Pour Tous, Syndicat des Travailleurs de                 da SOS, Alunos do EBI, CCSL, ADIC, ADVIC, Acrides
   Management Consultants (AMMC), Afghan                  With The Disabled (NFOWD), Dhaka Ahsania mission       l’Enseignement du Burundi (STEB), Observatoire
   Development Association (ADA), Coordination            (DAM), Commonwealth Education Fund (CEF),                                                                      Centro Infantil
                                                                                                                 de l’Action Gouvernementale (OAG), Association
   of Afghan Relief (CoAR), Development and               Democracy Watch, Bangladesh National Women             des Pscychopedagogues pour la Promotion                 Chad: Forum des Educatrices Tchadiennes (FAWE/
   Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA),          Lawyers, Association (BNWLA), NGO Forum for            de l’Education au Burundi (APPEB), Cadre de             TCHAD), Le Syndicat des Enseignants du Tchad
   Afghan Women Education Centre                          Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation, Human Rights       Conccertation des Intervenant en faveur de la           (SET), CAASFA, La Coordination Nationale EPT, La
   Albania: Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania     Journalist Forum of Bangladesh (HRJFB), Power and      Jeunesse en Difficultes (CCIJD), Fondation STAMM,       Commission Nationale pour l’UNESCO au Tchad,
   (CRCA), Trade Union Federation of Education and        Participation Research Centre (PPRC), Bangladesh       FAWE Burundi, ActionAid, UNESCO, Action contre          La Fédération Nationale des Parents d’Elèves
   Science of Albania (FSASH), Independent Trade          Teachers’ Federation (BTF), Rangpur Dinajpur Rural     la Pauvrete (ACP), AJUCET, Association des Femmes       (FENAPET), Le Centre Brakoss, Union des Radios
   Union of Education of Albania (SPASH) Information      Service (RDRS), Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar (Child       Chef de Familles (AFCF), Collectif des Associations     Privées du Tchad (URPT)
   and Research Centre for Children’s Rights in Albania   Rights) Forum (BSAF), Society for the Welfare of       Feminines et ONG du Burundi (CAFOB), Ligue des          Chile: Corporación OPCIÓN, Foro Nacional
   (IRCCRA), Albanian Children’s Rights Network (ACRN)    the Intellectually Disabled (SWID), Ganoshasthaya      Droit de l ;Holle ITEKA, Ligue des droits de l’Homme    Educación de Calidad Para Todos-Chile, Colegio
                                                          Kendra (GK), Bangladesh Rural Advancement              SONERA, Care International, Ministere de l’Education                                                                                                                                                       de Profesores de Chile, Asociación Chilena de
                                                          Committee (BRAC), Steps Toward Development             Nationale                                               Municipalidades, Programa Interdisciplinario
   Argentina: CTERA – Confederación de Trabajadores       (STD), Solidarity, SUROVI
                                                                                                                 Cambodia: NGO Education partnership (NEP),              De Investigaciones en Educación (PIIE), Foro
   de la Educación de la República Argentina,             Belgium: IDAY                                                                                                  Latinoamericano de Políticas Educativas, División
   Fundación SES – Sustentabilidad, Educación y                                                                  Disability Action Council (DAC), APCA, AeA, NH,
                                                          Benin: (CBO-EPT) Coalition Beninoise des               WVC, KY, CT, KT, MS, WDA, SCN, SCA, AA, CIAI, VSO,      de Organizaciones Sociales (D.O.S.), Consejo de
   Solidaridad. CIPPEC – Centro de Implementación de                                                                                                                     Educación de Adultos de América Latina – Chile,
   Políticas Públicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento,   Organizations pour l’education pour Tous               Wathannakpheap, Care, Hagar, CSF, WE, UPWD,
                                                                                                                 Khemara, INWA, VI, KYCC, PKO, Oxfam, DICFE              Asociación Chilena pro Naciones Unidas (ACHNU),
   ETIS – Equipo de Trabajo e Investigación Social, Fe    Bolivia: Bolivian Education Forum (FEB), CEAAL,                                                                Asociación Nacional de Profesores Normalistas,
   y Alegría, LPP – Laboratorio de Políticas Públicas,    CEBIAE Bolivia, CIDIC, the University of San Andrés,   Cameroon: Cameroon Education For All Network            Unión Nacional de Padres de Colegios Católicos
   Save the Children, CASACIDN – Comité Arg. de           and other institutios of the educational field         (CEFAN), DELICE, FAWECAM, Cameroon Teachers             (UNAPAC y CEFU), Corporación de Educadores
   Seguimiento y Aplicación de la Convención              Bosnia & Herzegovina: The Independent Trade            Trade Union, Defense For Children International,        Profesionales Cristianos Evangélicos de Chile,
   Intern. sobre los Derechos del Niño, Fundación         Union of Primary Schools Education of Bosnia and       Union or Parent Teachers Association, Link Up           Centro de Iniciativas para el Desarrollo, Facultad
   Escolares, Marcha Global contra el Trabajo Infantil    Herzegovinan (ITUPEWBH)                                Charity Foundation, ACESF-CA, ASSEJA, GRETAF,           de Educación de la Universidad Alberto Hurtado,
   de Argentina, Ce.Pa.De.Hu. Centro de Participación                                                            People Earthwide, Public Concern, Step Ministry,        Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo Educativo
   para la Paz y los Derechos Humanos, Red GESOL,         Brazil: Brazilian Campaign for the Right to            Global March Cameroon, Syndicat National des
                                                          Education, National Union of Education Workers                                                                 Universidad de Talca, Foro Regional de Bío Bío,
   IE Programa EPT/VIH – SIDA, CTA Chaco, Marcha                                                                 Instituteurs de l’Enseignement de Base,.AUPAES,         Ministerio de Educación – Chile, Corporación
   Global contra el Trabajo Infantil de Capilla del       (CNTE), Abring Foundation for Children and             Syndicat National de l’Enseignement Primaire
                                                          Adolescents Rights, Acao Educativa (Sao Paulo),                                                                Municipal de Conchalí (CORESAM), Universidad
   Monte, Casa Joven de Capilla del Monte, Campaña                                                               et Maternel, WESDE, Fédération Camerounaise             de Santiago (USACH), Comisión Nacional de
   Argentina por el Derecho a la Educación (CADE)         Centre for Defense of Children and Adolescents         des Syndicat de l’Enseignement, Kids Education
                                                          in the State of Ceara, Luiz Freire Culture Centre                                                              Cooperación con UNESCO, Observatorio Chileno                                                                                  CONCERN, Syndicat National des Enseignants du           de Políticas Educativas (OPECH), Familias Mundi,
                                                          (Pernambuco), Inter-Forum Movement for                 Cameroun, FAFED, AAEH, APEC, AFHADEV, United
   Armenia: Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective      Childhood Education in Brazil, Landless Workers                                                                Comité Nacional de Educación Evangélica, Fe y
                                                                                                                 Action For Children, DCI-Cameroon, FECACLUBS-           Alegría Chile, Federación de Mujeres Profesionales,
   Centre (ACRPC), Oxfam GB, Flight NGO, Bridge of        Movement, Brazilian Women’s Network,                   UNESCO, COCADE
   Hope NGO, Crossed Ways NGO, Progress NGO,              Parliamentary Support Group for Children and                                                                   Comisión Bicentenario, Aldeas Infantiles SOS Chile,
   Centre of Development of Armavir NGO, Morning          Adolescents, Paulo Montenegro Institute, UNICEF,       Canada: Canadian GCE: CODE, CARE, UNICEF,               Fundación Chilectra activa, Educar Chile, Agencia
   NGO                                                    Save the Children UK (Brazil section) UNESCO, World    McGill, VSO, Education York University, CCIC, Save      Los Quiltros, Oficina Regional de Educación
                                                          Organization for Pre Primary Education                 the Children, Results, University of Ottawa, Canadian   de la UNESCO para América Latina y el Caribe,                                                                                                  Teachers Federation (CTF-FCE), Oxfam, Fondation         Universidad Andrés Bello
   Bangladesh: Action Aid, UCEP, BURO-Tangail,                                 Gérin-Lajoie, ICHRDD, WUSC, AKFC, Canadian    
   Village Education Resource Centre (VERC),              Burkina Faso: CCEB, GRADE-FRB, ANTBA, LIPEL,           Federation of University Women (CFUW), OISE
   Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE), World          CNAPEP, Aide et Action, SYNATEB, FAWE, SNEA B,         –University of TO, University of Alberta, Holocene,

54 Global Campaign for Education
Colombia: Red de Educación Popular entre Mujeres       Ecoles / Eglise Lumière, Association des Femmes        Gabon: The teachers’ union, the Syndicat des           Guatemala: Comisión Nacional Permanente
REPEM, Fundación para la Educación Integral            Salutistes, Eglise Orthodoxe, SYNCAS, Syndicat des     Enseignants de l’Education Nationale (SENA) is the     de Reforma Educativa- CNPRE-, Asociación
FUNDEIN, Fundación de Desarrollo Comunitario           Enseignants du Congo , SYNAPAT, Syndicat des           coordinating organization of the Gabonese National     de Maestros de Educación Rural –AMERG,
FUNDECOM, Corporación Viva la Ciudadanía, Foro         Engts/Ecoles Catholiques, AFPENA, Ass. des Parents     Coalition in the Campaign for Education (CONSEG)       Coordinadora Nacional de Pobladores y áreas
Mundial por la Educación – Colombia, Federación        et Elèves (ANAPECO), GS SUSILA DHARMA, Ass. des        which is also composed of the Fédération Syndicale     Marginales –CONAPANG, Proyecto de Desarrollo
Colombiana de Educadores – FECODE, Fundación           Parents et Elèves Catholiques, CS KANDA                des Enseignants de l’Education Nationale (FESEENA)     Santiago –PRODESSA, Asociación de Mujeres
de Apoyo Comunitario – FUNDAC, Liceo Femenino          Ecuador: Contrato Social por la Educación (Social      and the parents’ association FENAPEG                   de Santa Maria Xalapan –Jalapa, Centro de
Mercedes Nariño, Instituto Pedagógico Arturo           contract for education), Town Council of Chunchi,      (The) Gambia: Gambia Teachers’ Union (GTU),            Investigación y Educación Popular –CIEP, Actionaid-
Ramírez Montúfar Universidad Nacional de               Action Aid-Ecuador, Care, CENAISE, Plan, Save the      Agency for Development of Women & Children             Guatemala
Colombia, Grupo de Apoyo Pedagógico - GAP,             Children, TDH, UNESCO-OREALC, UNICEF, Andina           (ADWAC), Pro-Poor Advocacy Group (PRO-PAG),            Honduras: COMCORDE -Ayuda en Acción,
Escuela Rural el Verjón, Bogotá D.C., Escuela de mis   Simon Bolivar University, Azuay University, Cuenca     Action Aid International/The Gambia (AAITG), Child     COIPRODEN-PRENATAL, Aldeas SOS, Catholic Relief
papás, Sopo Cundinamarca, Centro de estudios para      University, Visión Mundial and VVOB, Contrato          Protection Alliance (CPA), Voluntary Organization      Services, Alfasic, CIARH, Asociación ANDAR, Fe y
la Educación y la Mujer - CEM                          Social por la Educación, Instituto de Investigacion,   Overseas (VSO), Forum for African Women                Alegria, Asociación Nuevo Amanecer, FEREMA,
Costa Rica: Defensa de Niñas y Niños-Internacional,    Educacion y Promocion Popular del Ecuador,             Educationist (FAWEGAM) Gambia Chapter, Sight           CEPROD, FOPRIDEH, CARE, Fundación FICOHSA,
DNI, Coordinadora de Organizaciones Sociales           Ayuda en Acción, Participacion Ciudadana, Centro       Savers International (SSI), Youth Ambassador’s for     Christian Children’s Fund de Honduras, Instituto
para la Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos de         Nacional de Investigaciones, Sociales y Educativas,    Peace, National UNESCO Commission (NATCOM),            Juana Leclerck, COMPARTIR, INFRACNOVIC,
las Personas Menores de Edad (COSECODENI),             Plan Ecuador, Consejo de Educación de Adultos          Youth a With Vision, UNICEF , Satang Institute         Coneanfo, KNH de Honduras, Movimondo, Proyecto
Ministerio de Educación Pública, Educación             de América Latina (CEAAL-Ecuador), Programa            for Management & Advocacy (SIMMA), Christian           Manuelito, Plan de Honduras, Save the Children,
Internacional, Mesa de Educación de la Red de          del Muchacho Trabajador, Defensa de los Niños          Children Fund (CCF), World View/The Gambia             PREPACE, Visión Mundial, Programa Amigos Unidos
Control Ciudadano ( organizaciones), UNIPRIN           Internacional, Proyecto Soy, Educavida, Red de         (WVTG), General Secretariat for Arabic Islamic         India: NCE India -Global March against Child
(coalition of 50 organizations),                       educación popular entre mujeres, REPEM, Foro           Education, Young People in The Media                   Labour, Wada Na Todo Abhhiyan ActionAid, Merry
Cyprus : Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Trade Union          por la Niñez, Save the Children, Fundación Esquel,     Georgia: ESFTUG, NDI, IREX, Goethe Institute in        International, Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA),
(KTOS)                                                 Tierra de hombres, Foro por la Nueva Educación de      Georgia, British Council, DWW International, SOS       Teachers Welfare Congress, Christian Children’s
                                                       Imbabura, UNICEF, AVINA, Fondo Católico para los                                                              Fund, All India Association for Higher Education
Denmark: IBIS,                                         Niños, Visión Mundial, Social Contract for Education   Germany: CARE, Gewerkschaft Erziehung und
                                                                                                              Wissenschaft (GEW), Kindernothilfe, Oxfam, Plan,       ( AIFACHE) All India Federation of Public schools,                                                                                  Organization, Democracy Connects, Jamghat
                                                                                                              Save the Children, Welthungerhilfe, World University
Dominican Republic : Foro Socioeducativo,              El Salvador: El Salvador Committee of the Global       Service (WUS), World Vision.                           Society Catholic Relief Services, Ashray Abhiyan,
República Dominicana- Acción para la Educación         Campaign for Education Concertación Educativa                                                                 Gandhi Peace Foundation, CARE India, Prayas.
Básica – EDUCA, Aide et Action, Asociación                                                          
                                                       de El Salvador( Red de ONG’s), FEDEC( Federación                                                              Indonesia: UNESCO, Institut Pembaharuan Desa
Fe y Alegría, Colectivo Nacional del Consejo           de colegios Católicos), DIGNAS( movimiento de          Ghana: Ghana National Education Campaign               (IPD)North Sumatera, LSPPA Yogjakarta, YASVA
de Educación de Adultos para América Latina-           mujeres), CIAZO( fundación de educación popular),      Coalition, Ghana National association of Teachers      Bengkulu Sumatera, YIS Solo Central Java, LP2M
SEAAL, Centro Cultural POVEDA, Asociación              Unión de comunidades Rurales(UCRES), CREDHO,           (GNAT) VSO, Action Aid, Christian Council of Ghana,    West Sumatera, KPS2K East Java, CCDE Aceh
de Padres y Madres de la Salle – APASALLE,             Coordinadora de comunidades rurales parea el           Oxfam GB, National Union of Ghana Students,            Sumatera, PILAR Perempuan Manado North
Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales          desarrollo (CCR), Fundación salvadoreña para la        ISODEC, UNESCO, Ghana National Association of          Celebes, Kapal Perempuan Jakarta, SWAPAR
– FLACSO, FUNDASEP, Instituto Tecnológico de           promoción social (FUNSALPRODESE), Asociación           Teachers, Commonwealth Education Fund, Trade           Manado North Celebes, PPSW Jakarta, Forum
Santo Domingo-INTEC, St. Patrick School, Misión        de Educadores Populares (ADES), Instituto de           Union Congress, MURAG, Ministry of Education,          perempuan West Borneo, ASPPUK Jakarta, Studio
Educativa Lasallista, Dominico Americano, Pontificia   formación y recursos pedagógicos (INFORP), Red de      Science and Sports, World Vision International,        42 West Sumatera, GERAK Bogor West Java, ELPAM
Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra- PUCMM,           Mujeres docentes, National Committee of Education      Ghana Education Service, Care International, IBIS,     East Borneo, BACA Bogor West Java, Green forum
Colegios Salesianos FMA, Plan Internacional,           for All                                                Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Plan International,    Central Borneo, KERLIP Bandung West Java, Annisa
Rep. Dom., Fundación OSCUS Valero, Asociación                                                                 World Service of Canada, TEWU, Ghana Federation        Foundation West Nusa Tenggara
Dominicana de Profesores-ADP, Devtech, Federacion      Ethiopia: Oxfam-GB, PACT Ethiopia, ActionAid           of the Disabled, GAPVOD, Coalition on Child Rights,
de Mujeres Campesinas de Monte Plata, CEDEE            Ethiopia, Concern Ethiopia, Poverty Action Network     CHRAJ, National Commission for Civic Education,        Ireland: ActionAid Ireland, Aidlink, Association of
                                                       Ethiopia, Plan Ethiopia, Christian Children’s Fund,    NNED, Send Foundation                                  Secondary Schools in Ireland, Concern Worldwide,
Democratic Rebublic of Congo: Coordination             UNESCO, Voluntary Service Oversees, Save the                                                                  Irish Congress of Trade Unions, National Youth
Nationale CNEPT / RDC, Ass. des Parents et Elèves      Children Alliance, Pastalozzi Children’s Foundation,   Greece: ActionAid Hellas, Greek Ministry of Foreign    Council of Ireland, Oxfam Ireland, Sightsavers
Protestants, Coordination des Ecoles Catholiques,      Education Expertise Center and Global Campaign         Affairs, UNESCO’s Partners Schools                     International, Irish National Teachers Organization,
Ass. Nat. des Ecoles Privées Agréées, Coordination     for Education head office                              Guinea: The Fédération Syndicale Professionnelle       Teachers Union of Ireland, Union of Secondary
des Ecoles Protestantes, Conseil Nat. des ONGD                                                                de l’Education (FPSE) and the Syndicat Libre des       Students in Ireland,
(CNONGD), Coordination des Ecoles Kimbanguistes,       Finland: Finland Teachers Union (OAJ)
                                                                                                              Enseignants et Chercheurs de Guinée (SLECG) are
CEPACO, Coordination des Ecoles Salutistes, Ass des    France: Solidarité Laïque and its members,             members of the Guinean National Coalition
Femmes Kimbanguistes (AFKI), Coordination des          Coordination SUD, Aide et Action, UNESCO,                                                                     Ivory Coast: Coordination Nationale des ONG

                                                                                                                                                                                         The World’s Biggest Lesson          55
   et associations Partenaires de l’EPT” (CNOP EPT),       (LANFE), Tsoaranang le Tiee, Non Governmental            Morocco: The Syndicat National de l’Enseignement       SYNTEN, SYNATREB, SYNAJECS
   ‘Syndicat National de l’Enseignment Primaire            Organizations on the Rights of a Child(NGOC),            (SNE-FDT)                                              Nigeria: Civil Society Action Coalition on
   Public de Côte d’Ivoire’ (SNEPPCI)Harmonie              Okang Bakuli Support Group, Lesotho Association          Mozambique: Education for All Movement (MEPT),         Education for All (CSACEFA), Nigeria Union of
   Développement (HARMODEV), Ecole et Succès Pour          of Teachers(LAT, Community and Development               Movimento de Educação para Todos,ADEMO, ADPP,          Teachers (NUT) CEREHAD ,IBADAN , ECS,LAGOS,
   Tous (ESPT), Flamme de Vie (FLAMVIE), Carrefour de      for Peace Promotion Movement (CDPPM), Lesotho            CCM, CEF,CONCERN, Danida, ESAM, FAWEMO,                CEPALLIN,UMUAHIA, CMI,FCT, YEHDI,KANO,
   Réflexion et d’Actions pour l’Education des Filles et   Society of Mentally Handicapped Persons (LSMH),          FDC,IBIS,ICK,Irish Embassy,Islamic Council,KULIMA,     DOMA,GOMBE, PROJECT AGAPE,LAFIA, CHILD
   des Femmes (CRAEFCI), Actions des Professionnels        Nchafalo Community Group, Lesotho National               LDC,Mahlahle,Magariro,MEC - Ministry of Education      LIFE,PORT HARCOURT
   de la Presse pour les Droits de l’Enfant (A2PDE),       Federation for the Disabled (LNFOD), Lesotho             and Culture, ONP/SNP, Oxfam, PROGRESSO,
   Coordination des Clubs et Associations UNESCO           Congress for Democratic Union (LECODU),                                                                         Pakistan: Pakistan Coalition For Education
                                                                                                                    Save the Children,Sociedade Aberta,Rede da             (PCE), Pakistan Government School Teachers
   Universitaires de Côte d’Ivoire (CAUCI), Le Grenier     Nkhauhele Child Care and Dev Programme,                  Criança (The Children’s Network),Royal Dutch
   de Bondoukou, Réseau des ONG et Promoteurs              Hlalefang Makaota Support Group                                                                                 Association (APGSTA), National Commission for
                                                                                                                    Embassy,TRIMODER, UDEBA,UNESCO,UNICEF,VSO              Human Development (NCHD), Pakistan National
   d’Alphabétisation (REOPA), Mask d’Agboville,            Liberia: LETCOM, National Teachers’ Association of
   Enseignants d’Ici et d’Ailleurs (EIA), Femmes Progrès                                                            Namibia: Namibia National Teachers Union               Commission for UNESCO (PNCU), Children’s Library
                                                           Liberia (NTAL),                                          (NANTU), HIV/AIDS Management Unit, Regional            Complex (CLC), and Pakistan Private Schools Welfare
   Développement, CAMUA, RAHMATOULLAH,
   Groupement des Enseignants et Encadreurs                Macedonia: Sonchogledi, NGO Dendo Vas, NGO               AIDS Committee on Education, Catholic Aids Action,     Association (APPSWA)
   des Elèves en Difficultés (GEEED), Fondation le         Trust -Kumanovo, Association for the Protection of       Namibia Network for Teachers, UNESCO, Ministry of      Palestinian Territories: Teacher Creativuty Centre,
   Monde des Jumeaux, Actions Contre la Pauvreté           the Rights of the Child, NGO Peace.                      Education                                              Early Childhood Resource Centre, Union of Private
   en Côte d’Ivoire (ACOPCI), Comité de Gestion                                Nepal: ActionAid, Concern for Children and             Schools, Tamer Institute for Community Education,
   Scolaire (COGES), Education Pour Tous, Agriculture                                                               Environment (CONCERN), Child Workers in Nepal –        Al-Haq – Law in the Service of Man, Union of
                                                           Malawi: Civil Society Coalition for Quality Basic
   Biologique, Environnement (ETABIEN), Fifteen local                                                               Global March South Asia (CWIN-Nepal), Education        Agricultural Work Committees, Early Childhood
                                                           Education (CSCQBE), Teachers Union of Malawi
   committees of the Red Cross of Ivory Coast                                                                       Journalist’s Group (EJG), Educate The Children         Resource Center, Right to Play, International Bond
                                                           (TUM), Action Aid /CEF, Save the Children,
   Japan: Action against Child Exploitation (ACE),         Participatory Rural Development Organization             (ETC), Global Action Nepal, Innovative Forum For       for Palestinian Youth, Educational Network Center,
   Free the Children Japan, Japan NGO Network for          (PRDO), Centre for Children and Youth affairs            Community Development (IFCD), ILO, Nepal’s             Juornalism without borders, Palestinian Agricultural
   Education (JNNE), the Japan Teachers Union (JTU),       (CEYCA), Voluntary service Overseas (VSO), Private       National Teacher’s Association (NNTA), Plan – Nepal,   Relief Committees, Woman Center for Legal Aid and
   Oxfam Japan                                             Schools Association of Malawi, (PRISAM), Forum for       Save the Childern-Norway, Save the Children-US,        Counseling, BZU-Center for Continuous Education,
                                                           African Women Educationists in Malawi (FAWEMA),          Seto Gurans, UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, USC-Nepal,          Palestinian Medical Relief Society, Center of Martyr
   Kenya: Elimu Yetu Coalition, commonwealth                                                                        VSO-Nepal, WFP, World Education                        Zeiad Elamer, Palestinian Hydrology Group for Water
   Education Fund, Efforts of the Poor in Development      Deeper Life Christian Ministries
                                                                                                                    (The) Netherlands: National GCE coalition: Oxfam       & Environment Resources Development, Farah TV,
   (EPID), Dajara Civic Initiative Forum, Kenya National   Malaysia: National Union of the Teaching                                                                        Defense for Children International-Palestine Section,
   Union of Teachers, Pamoja, ANNPCAN, Abednego            Profession (NUPT)                                        Novib, Edukans, the General Education Union (AOb),
                                                                                                                    CNV Education, Plan Netherlands and Save the           Center for alternative information, Hurrayyat,
   Youth Group, Kenya Union of Post Primary                                                                                                                                Cultural Forum in Qalqilia
                                                           Mali: GREFFA, ATDS, ADENORD, NG Azahr, AEDS,             Children
   Education Teachers, Nyanza Youth Coalition,
                                                           EFAD, ADESAH, Fédération des Associations de                                                                    Papua New Guinea: PNG Education Advocacy
   African Canadian Continuing Education Society,                                                         
                                                           parents, TASAGHT, NATA, GARI, ARDIL, AMADE, CAFO                                                                Network, Peace Foundation Melanesia, Adventist
   UJAMAA Centre, Al-Tawoon Youth Organisaiton,
                                                           (Coordination des ONG Feminines ), Confédération         Nicaragua: Foro de Educación y Desarrollo              Development Relief Agency, YWCA, PNG Trust, Bible
   Kenya National Association of Parents, Literacy
                                                           syndicale des travailleurs du Mali(CSTM), Directions     Humano de la Iniciativa por Nicaragua (FEDH IPN),      Translation Association, National Literacy Awareness
   for All, Kenya Alliance for the Advancement
                                                           regionales de la promotion des femmes de                 IBIS, Coordinadora Civil (CC), Ayuda en Acción,        Secretariat, PEAN
   of Childrens Rights, Community Education
                                                           l’enfant et de la famille, Federation Nationale des      Federación de organizaciones que trabajan con la
   Economic Development Assistance, Kenya                                                                                                                                  Peru: Campaña Peruana por el Derecho a la
                                                           enseignants du Mali, Academie d’Enseignements,           niñez y la adolescencia (CODENI), UNESCO, Instituto
   Education Journalists Association (KEJA), ActionAid                                                                                                                     Educación (CPDE), Coalition. ADISUR, Asociación
                                                           Union Nationale des retraites de l’ Education et de la   para el Desarrollo y la Democracia IPADE, Save
   International Kenya, Kibera Slub Education Program                                                                                                                      Educativa Cenepa, Avancemos Perú, Ayuda en
                                                           culture (UNEREC), Coordination des ONG                   The Children, Movimiento Pedagógico, UNICEF,
   (KISEP)                                                                                                                                                                 Acción, Centro Andino de Educación y Promoción
                                                           Mauritania: Syndicat National des Enseignants            Fundación Popol Na, Dos Generaciones, Universidad
   Kyrgyzstan:The Trade Union of Education and                                                                      Autónoma de Nicaragua (Recinto Managua),               “José María Arguedas (CADEP), CEAAL, Centro de
                                                           de Mauritanie (SNEM, DEFA, SOS Pairs Educateurs,                                                                Estudios y Promoción Comunal del Oriente (CEPCO),
   Science Workers of Kyrgyzstan (TUESWK)                                                                           Ministerio de Educación Cultura y Deporte, CEAAL,
                                                           Association Les Enfants D’abord, INEDI, Associations                                                            Centro de Cultura Popular Labor, Pasco, CESIP,
   Lebanon: UNESCO, Al-Mabarrat Association, Private       des scouts et guides de Mauritanie                       Forum for Education and Human Development of
                                                                                                                    Nicaraguan Initiative                                  CIPDES - Centro de Investigación y Promoción del
   Schools Association                                                                                                                                                     desarrollo Sostenible, Comisión Nacional Peruana
                                                           Mauritius: DCI, Halley Movement, YES – Mauritius
   Lesotho: Campaign for Education Forum,                  Network, Child Safety Foundation, Mauritius Youth        Niger: Réseau des Organizations du Secteur             de la UNESCO, Centro de Transferencia Tecnológica
   Lesotho Save the Children (LSC), Ha mantilatilane       Volunteer, 6.Hope for Adolescents, Halley Chapter-       Educatif du Niger(ROSEN), Comité organisateur,         para Universitarios (CTTU), Asociación de Desarrollo
   Rescue Centre , National Association of the             Rodrigues                                                Oxfam GB, OXFAM Novib, Comité organisateur,            de Capacidades Locales (DECAL), EDUCA, ESCAES
   Deaf Lesotho(NADL), Re Baratile, Lesotho Girl                                                                    Aide et Action, Global March Niger, JICA, ANPE/E,      - Escuela Campesina de Educación y Salud, FORO
                                                           Mexico: Fondo para Niños de México, AC.,                 CONCERN, REPTNI, Plan Niger, RESAPEC, SNV,
   Guides Association (LGGA), Ratanang Ha Seoli,                                                                                                                           EDUCATIVO, Fundación STROMME, IDEL Instituto
                                                           Universidad Pedagógica Nacional- Ensenada y Junta        SNAENF, UNICEF, SYNAJECS, UNESCO, ROASFEN/
   Basali Itekeng Women’S Society, Bona Bana,                                                                                                                              de Desarrollo Local, Instituto de Estudios Sociales
                                                           Auxiliar “La Resurección” Puebla                         EPT, and teachers’ unions : SNEN, SNEB, SYNAFEN,
   Lesotho Association of Non Formal Education                                                                                                                             Amazonas, Plan International, Perú en Acción,

56 Global Campaign for Education
PRODIA - Proyecto de Desarrollo Integral Andino,         Congad, PLAN, Saes, Save the Children Suéde,          Trabajadores (FETE-UGT), Fundación Cultura de          Women Teachers, National Union of Teachers,
Save the Children, TACIF,TAREA, TIERRA DE NIÑAS,         Aers, Unesco, Uden, UNICEF, Sudes, Ministère de       Paz, Confederación de Sindicatos de Trabajadoras       Oxfam GB, Plan UK, Save the Children UK, Scottish
UNESCO, UNICEF, VISAD, World Vision, Yanacana            l’Education, Fenapes, Asdec, Enda 3 d, Enfance et     y Trabajadores de la Enseñanza (STES-i), Save the      Secondary Teachers’ Association, Sightsavers
Huasy                                                    Paix, Ois, FAWE                                       Children                                               International, Ulster Teachers Union, UK National
Philippines: E-Net Philippines, Transport                Sierra Leone: EFASL, Community Empowerment                                       Commission for UNESCO, Voluntary Service
Association in the Philippines, Education for Life       For Rural Development (CEFORD), PADI, Women                                                                  Overseas and World Vision UK
                                                                                                               Sri-Lanka: Coalition for Educational Development
Foundation, Oxfam GB, Alliance of Concerned              Forum, Sierra Leone Nurses Association (SLNA,         (CED) and all its partners in Western, Central,
Teachers Philippines, World Vision, Philippine Rural     Advocacy Movement Network (Ament), FAWE,              Southern, Eastern, North-Western, Northern, Uva,       Uruguay: ICAE, REPEM, Ministerio de Educación
Reconstruction Movement, Kilusan Para sa Bagong          Sierra Leone Teachers Union (SLTU), Civil Society     North Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces. All          y Cultura, Liceo Nº 2 Artigas, Centro Educativo
Milenyo (Movement for the New Millenium),                Movement (CSM), Action Aid International              Ceylon Union of Teachers (ACUT), All Ceylon Union      Integrado Sequeira, Escuelas Nº 112 y Nº 87 (Melo),
Piglas- Kababaihan, Sarilaya, Popular Education for      Sierra Leone, Network Movement for Justice and        of Teachers(Government) (ACUT-G), Ceylon Tamil         Liceo Nº 2 de Colonia del Sacramento, Frijol Mágico,
People’s Empowerment, Woman Health, .Arugaan,            Development (NMJD), CCSHRA- SL, Campaign for          Teachers’ Union (CTTU), Sri Lanka Independent          Colegio Padre Pío, REMSO
Unlad Kabayan, World Vision, People’s Initiative         Good Governance (CGG), Bo District Education          Teachers’ Union (SLITU), Union of Sri Lanka Teachers
for Learning and Community Development,                  Network (BODEN), Kahailun District Education                                                                 Venezuela: Fundación Ensayos para el Aprendizaje
                                                                                                               Solidarity (USLTS)                                     Permanente (FEPAP), Grupo Social Cesap, Vicaría
Development Action for Grassroots Learning,              Network (KLDEN, Western Area Budget advocacy
Management Organization for Development                  Network (WABAEN), PADECO                              Suriname: Stichting Projecten Christelijk              de Derechos Humanos, Asociación Venezolana
and Empowerment, Spread the Knowledge Klubi                                                                    Onderwijs Suriname (SPCOS), Education Network          de Educación Católica (AVEC), Fundación para la
                                                         Solomon Islands: Coalition On Education               in Suriname, Federation of Teachers’ Union, Teacher    Excelencia Educativa, Fe y Alegría, Universidad
Association, Coalition for a Better Education, Civil     Solomon Islands,(COESI) Literacy Network of
Society Network for Education Reforms (E-Net                                                                   Training College (SPI), Primary School (Richanel       Central de Venezuela (Doctorado en Educación),
                                                         Solomon Islands. ASPBAE, Human Rights Network,        Slooteschool), UNMDG Youth Ambassadors                 Obra Social del Colegio San Ignacio, Asamblea
Philippines), People’s Initiative for Learning and       Literacy Association of Solomon Islands, Solomon
Community Development (PILCD)                                                                                  Sudan: The Sudanese Network for education, The         Nacional de Educación, Programa Venezolano de
                                                         Islands National Teachers Association, Development                                                           Educación- Acción en Derechos Humanos (Provea),
Portugal: Fundação Gonçalo da Silveira, Associação       Services Exchange, Literacy Network, Solomon          Sudanese forum for education, Association Teachers
                                                                                                               Union, Education Workers Union, Plan Sudan, SC         Fundación Paso a Paso, CECODAP, Cátedra de la
Portuguesa das Nações Unidas, Escola Superior de         Islands National Council of Women, Vois Blo Mere                                                             Paz Monseñor Romero, Centro de Investigaciones
Educação de Viana do Castelo, Desafio Miqueias,          Solomons, Perch Christian School, Holy Cross          Sweden, Oxfam GB
                                                                                                                                                                      Culturales y Educativas (CICE), Fetraenseñanza,
Oikos, Escravas do Sagrado Coração de Jesus,             Literacy School, Mothers Union Literacy School, All   Sweden: Lärarförbundet                                 , Asociación Venezolana de Mujeres, Instituto
Escola Superior de Educação do Porto, Cidadãos           Saints Literacy School                                                                                       de Capacitación Profesional Resolana, Somos
                                                                                                               Tanzania: Tanzania Education Network (TEN/MET)
do Mundo, CNASTI, AEFJN Portugal, Fundação               Somalia: The MIC Foundation, Munazzamart                                                                     Ciudadanos, Federación Venezolana de Maestros
                                                                                                               - Bagamoyo Education Development Foundation
Champagnat, Associação Objectivo 2015 (apoio),           Al-Dawa Al-Islamiyya – Somalia Mission, East                                                                 (FVM), Colectivo CEAAL Venezuela, Fundación
                                                                                                               (BEDF), Plan International – Tanzania, Oxfam GB,
Instituto Marquês Vale Flor, Centro Norte-Sul (apoio),   Africa University, Soyal Peace Building and Youth,                                                           La Salle, Fundamigos La Salle – Tienda Honda,
                                                                                                               Information Centre on Disability (ICD), Aide et
AIDGLOBAL, Associação PAR, UNICEF                        Centre for Child Rights – Mogadishu, Formal                                                                  Federación Nacional de Asociaciones de Padres
                                                                                                               Action – Tanzania, HakiElimu, Tanzania Teachers’                                     Primary Education Network (FPENS), Kisima Social      Union (TTU), E and D Readership Agency, FAWE           y Representantes (Fenasopadres, Red de Padres
Romania: GCE, Save the Children Romania;                 Development Orgnaization, Somali Operational          Tanzania, Dogodogo Centre for Street Children          y Representantes, Pastoral Social de Cabimas,
Ministry of Education, Research and Youth; School        Research Team,                                                                                               Federación de Asociaciones de Profesores
                                                                                                               Taiwan: National Teachers’ Association (NTA)
Inspectorate of Bucharest; Centre for Educational                                                                                     Universitarios de Venezuela (FAPUV), Asociación
                                                                                                               Togo: FESEN, CPNGEMA (MARITIME), CSTT, FODES,          Nacional (Venezuela) de Organizaciones de
Resources and Assistance Bucharest; Institute for        Somaliland: NRC, Save the Children, DRC, Oxfam,       FESET, COADEP (PLATEAUX), FTCU, RESEAUDEC,             la Sociedad Civil (Sinergia), Comité Olímpico
Educational Sciences; Free Trade Union Federation        Education Development Centre (EDC), ADRA, Life        Global March, RESEKA, REPTO, FASPAREL, AIDE ET,        Venezolano, Colegio El Peñón, Colegio Guaramurí,
in Education Romania; Centre for Education and           International, World Vision                           ACTION, FOFCATO, PLAN, UNAPEP, CARE , FENASYET,        Colegio Montecarmelo
Professional Development “Step by Step”; The
                                                         South Africa: SA NGO Coalition (SANGOCO),             FAWE, GRAVAT, UNESCO, UNICEF, Oxfam GB, World
“Education 2000+” Centre; “Ovidiu Rom” Association;                                                                                                                   Vietnam: Action Aid, Aid et Action, ChildFund,
                                                         People’s Budge Campaign (PBC), SA Democratic          Vision, Allianz Mission
with the support of ILO-IPEC.                                                                                                                                         Oxfam, Plan, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Vision, Ministry
                                                         Teachers Union (SADTU), Wits Volunteers               Uganda: FENU, CCF, USDC, IRC, ICR, AAIU, NGO           of Education and Training
Rwanda: SNEP, St. André, ECAM, , CARE, SNV, VSO,         Programme, Adult Learning Network (ALN), SA           Forum, MADEN, Uganda Nation Teachers’ Union
ActionAid, Workers Union & Teachers, World Relief,       Congress on ECD (SACECD), Nat Prof Teachers                                                                  Zambia: Zambia National Education Network
AMUR, AFRICARE, ASOLATE, club Maman sportive,            Association (NAPTOSA), People Opposing Women                                                                 (ZANEC) Mulumbo ECCEDF, BETUZ, Childcare &
HRD, AVEGA, FACT, & LOV Rwanda, Universities: KIST,                                                            United Kingdom: United Kingdom: ActionAid UK,          Adoption Society, ZNUT, Children in Need Network,
                                                         Abuse (POWA), Zimbabwe Refugees (ZIMRE),
NUR, KHI, KIE, ULK, UNLAK, FAWE Rwanda, SNEC,                                                                  Africa Educational Trust, Association of Teachers      Fountai9n of Hope, People’s Action Forum,
                                                         Methodist Church of SA, Soul City, Aids Consortium
AAIR, KURET World Vision, ACT, WELLSPRING, AEE,                                                                and Lecturers, Book Aid International, Campaign        Edusport Foundation, DAPP Children’s Town, Ta-
CONCERN                                                  Spain: Alboan, Ayuda en Acción, Educación Sin         for Female Education, Children in Crisis, Christian    Azimai Foundation, Hatsfo, NASODIC, Initiative for
                                                         Fronteras, Entreculturas, Federación de Enseñanza     Aid, Comic Relief, Deaf Child Worldwide, Education     Sustainable Rural Livelihood, Family Life Movement
Senegal: Coalition Nationale Ept Réseau qui              de Comisiones Obreras (FE- CCOO), Intered,            Action International, Educational Institute of         of Zambia, National Youth Constitution Assembly,
coordonne l’activité au Sénégal, Aide Action,            Intermón Oxfam, Federación Española de Religiosos     Scotland, Handicap International UK, Leonard           Boy Empowerment International, PANUKA, CAMFED,
Coordination Nationale des Opérateurs en                 de la Enseñanza (FERE- CECA), Federación de           Cheshire Disability, Link Community Development,       FAWEZA, Zambia Open Community Schools
Alphabétisation du Sénégal, Action Aid/ Sénégal,         Trabajadores de la Enseñanza – Unión General de       National Association of Schoolmasters Union of

                                                                                                                                                                                         The World’s Biggest Lesson          57
   Who else makes up GCE?
   GCE’s Members:                                    National Member Coalitions                     Romania: RCE                                    GCE Secretariat
   GCE is run by its member organizations which      Albania: ACCE                                  Sierra Leone: EFA Network                       Working to the mandate set by it’s
   are made up of national education for all         Angola: EFA Network                            Solomon Islands: COESI                          members GCE’s work is coordinated by a
   coalitions and international NGOs, child rights   Argentina: Campanha Nacional por el            South Africa: GCE-SA                            small team :
   and teacher union groups. These members           Derecho a la Education                         Spain: GCE Coalition
   are consulted regularly to determine the                                                                                                         Yunus Dhoda (Finance Manager), Michelle
                                                     Armenia: ACRPC                                 Sri Lanka: Coalition for Educational
   direction of GCE and meet face to face once                                                                                                      Dixon (International Campaigns Advisor),
                                                     Bangladesh: CAMPE                              Development
   every three years at the World Assembly.                                                                                                         Lucia Fry (Policy Advisor), Amy Gray (IFI
                                                     Benin: CBO-EPT                                 Sweden: EFA Forum
                                                                                                                                                    Education Policy Officer), Owain James
   The latest World Assembly was in January          Bolivia: Foro Educativo Boliviano (FEB)        Switzerland: RSPE                               (Global Coordinator), Alex Kent (Campaigns
   2008 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.                        Brazil: CDE                                    Tanzania: TEN/MET                               & Communications Coordinator),
                                                     Burkina Faso: CCEB                             Togo: CNT/CME                                   Khanyisile Masinga (Administrator),
                                                     Cambodia: NGO Education Partnership            Uganda: FENU                                    Muleya Mwananyanda, (Global Action
   International Member                                                                             UK: GCE-UK
   Organizations:                                    Cameroon: EFA Network                                                                          Week Coordinator), Geoffrey Odaga (Real
                                                     Canada: GCE                                    Vietnam: GCE                                    World Strategies Coordinator), David
   ActionAid International                                                                          Zambia: ZANEC
                                                     Chile: Foro Nacional de Educación de Calidad                                                   Philip (New Media Officer), Lamelle Shaw
   ANCEFA                                                                                           Zimbabwe: Teachers Association                  (Communications Consultant) Patrick Watkins
                                                     para Todos
   ASPBAE                                                                                                                                           (Policy Advisor).
                                                     Colombia: Coalición Colombiana por el
   CAMFED                                            Derecho a la Educación                         GCE Board
   CARE                                              Costa Rica: MERCC                              The Board is made up of regional
   CEAAL                                                                                            representatives who meet regularly to           Disclaimer:
                                                     El Salvador: CIAZO
   Christian Children’s Fund                         France: Solidarite-Laique                      determine the campaign’s regular working        This book is a celebration and
   CLADE                                             Gabon: SENA                                    agenda:                                         collaboration of just some of the
   Comic Relief                                      Gambia: GEFA                                   President: Kailash Satyarthi (Global Against    activities and action that have taken
   Education International                           Germany: GCE                                   Child Labour)
                                                                                                                                                    place in 2008. We tried our best to check
                                                     Ghana: GNECC                                   Chair: Assibi Napoe (Education International,   all the information in the Big Book. But
   FAWE                                              Guatemala: CETT                                Africa)
   Fe y Alegria                                                                                                                                     with a movement as big at the Global
                                                     Honduras: COMCORDE                             Vice President: Camilla Croso (Campaña
   Fundación Ayuda en Accion                                                                                                                        Campaign for Education it is not always
                                                     India: NCE                                     Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la
   Global March Against Child Labour                 Indonesia: E-Net for Justice                   Educación)                                      easy to keep track of everyone involved
   IBIS                                              Ireland: GCE Coalition                         Vice Chair: Maria Khan (ASPBAE)                 and all the details of everything that
   IDAY                                              Israel: DCI                                    Board members:                                  happens. We are sorry if something
   Inclusion International                           Japan: JNNE                                                                                    you organised or your organization was
                                                                                                    David Archer (ActionAid)
   Leonard Cheshire Global Alliance                  Kenya: Elimu Yetu Coalition                                                                    not mentioned. GCE cannot be held
                                                                                                    Daniel Cara (Brazilian Campaign for the Right
   Light for the World – Christoffel Development     Lesotho: CEF Forum                                                                             responsible for omissions, but we would
                                                                                                    to Education)
                                                     Liberia: ALPO                                  Edicio G. de la Torre (E-Net Phillipines)       like to get it right, so please keep in
                                                     Malawi: CSCQBE                                 Elie Jouen (Global March Agianst Child          touch with us in future via your National
   Oxfam International
                                                     Mauritius: DCI                                 Labour)                                         Coalition.
   Pamoja Africa Reflect Network                     Mexico: ICE
   Plan International                                                                               Gaston De la Haye (Education International)
                                                     Mozambique: MEPT                               Gorgui Sow (ANCEFA)                             As each national campaign is truly
   Public Services International                     Nepal: GCE                                     Helga Hjetland (Union of Education, Norway)     unique, and reflects the needs and
   REPEM                                             The Netherlands: GCE Netherlands
   Save the Children Alliance                                                                       Imad Sabi (Oxfam Novib)                         priorities in that country, the opinions
                                                     Nicaragua: Foro Net                                                                            of each national campaign, are not
   SightSavers International                                                                        Matarr Baldeh (EFA Campaign Network)
                                                     Niger: ROSEN
   The Consultative Group on Early Childhood                                                                                                        necessarily those of the GCE and the
                                                     Nigeria: CSACEFA
   VSO                                               Norway: Union of Education
   World Alliance of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts     Pakistan: Pakistan Coalition for Education
   World Vision International                        Peru: Campaña Peruana por el Derecho a la
                                                     Philippines: E-Net

58 Global Campaign for Education
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