PRESENT         Councillors Berry, Blythe (Chair), Cuerden, Hamblen, Oxley, Rowley and Wilkinson. Also present
were Councillor Robert Barnard, Ruth Pearson (Parish Clerk), and forty members of the public.
Councillor Blythe opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. He also advised the meeting that as most members of
the public present were attending because of the consultation on the Local Development Framework document, it
would be acceptable for them to leave after that item if they so wished. However, he stated that they were more than
welcome to stay for the rest of the meeting.

Apologies for absence had been received from Councillor Methley (holiday) and Councillor Warttig. There were no
Declarations of Interest in any items on the Agenda.

Councillor Blythe asked Councillor Robert Barnard if he would outline the background to this item, and also, if he
would be prepared to field questions and concerns raised by members of the public present. Councillor Barnard
agreed to do this and gave the following report:-
The current planning document used by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council when deciding upon Planning
Applications submitted is The Unitary Development Plan. This is to be superceded by The Local Development
Framework, which will be in place until the mid 2020’s. Consultation on this document should have ended on 28
September 2012, but as the Parish Council were not made aware of the document until 5 September 2012, there was
insufficient time for a full consultation with residents, and an extension of time was given until 15 October 2012. This
period of time will allow the Parish Council and residents alike to submit their comments on the document.
There are three areas of land in Thurgoland Parish which are proposed to have their designation changed to Low
Density Housing. These are:-
LD3 – an area of land adjacent to Smithy Hill/Halifax Road – 16 houses could be built on this land
LD15 – an area of land adjacent to Rookery Way, behind Thorpe’s Garage – 8 houses could be built on this land
LD13 – an area of land to the east of Cote Lane – 58 houses could be built on this land.
Whilst these areas are the ones that are for discussion and comment, if any resident has any suggestions for other
plots of land which may be more suitable for low density housing, they can be suggested, along with comments
concerning the plots in question.
The following questions were raised from the meeting and answered by Councillor Barnard:-
Q.                When could any development on these plots of land begin?
A.                The Local Development Framework is expected to be in place in 2014, any development could take
place after that time, subject to Planning Consent being granted.
Q.                Some residents adjacent to the plots in question have already been approached by
developers, asking if they are prepared to sell their houses to them. Is it possible that Compulsory Purchase
Orders will be made on certain properties?
A.                No. If landowners and owners of property are not willing to sell, no compulsory purchase can be
made. The only organisation that can compulsory purchase is Barnsley MBC and they would not purchase land or
buildings on behalf of a developer.
Q.                Will the concerns raised by residents be taken on board by the Parish Council?
A.                Yes. Following the discussion, the Parish Council will decide upon comments to be made, taking into
account concerns raised by residents present.
Q.                Who will ultimately decide upon the final document?
A.                The amended proposals, following the consultation and possible re-draft, will be approved by Cabinet
and The Planning Inspectorate, prior to the document being accepted.
Q.                Is any of the land in question owned by Barnsley MBC?
A.                No. All of the land in question is in private ownership.
Q.                Is the land that the War Memorial built on safeguarded?
A.                No. The land is only safeguarded for possible future development.
Q.                Could any of the proposed sites be allocated for affordable housing rather than executive
A.                No. None of the land is owned by Barnsley MBC, and it would have to be able to be offered at a
discounted rate in order for affordable housing to be built on the site.
Q.                Will usual planning procedure need to be followed if the land is designated for low density
A.                Yes. There is no automatic presumption that Planning Consent will be granted. Each application to
build on the land in question must follow the usual Planning Application procedure.
Q.                How will members of the public and the Parish Council be kept appraised of the progress of
this document before 2014?
A.                All information will be provided to the press at the appropriate time, i.e. The Barnsley Chronicle,
Penistone FM, Barnsley MBC website and Thurgoland Parish website.
Q.               How can residents find out where to send their comments?
A.               This information will be put on the Thurgoland website on Thursday 4 October 2012 for those wishing
to comment by e-mail. The postal address will also be available. (The address was provided at the meeting by the
Q.               Is the present sewerage and rainwater system capable of dealing with the increased capacity
that these proposals may bring?
A.               No. There are already issues with water and sewerage and additional housing can only make this
situation worse.
Q.               How will the local schools, both Primary and Secondary, cope with the additional numbers of
children that additional housing will bring into the village?
A.               Thurgoland School is already full and Penistone Grammar School is also full. There are no plans to
expand either school, so this would be a problem.
Q.               Will extra funds be available from Barnsley MBC for work on the road system in the area, as it
is already in need of money spending on it, and these proposals will mean more traffic?
A.               No. The budget for maintaining and repairing roads is already stretched.
Q.               Will the green space adjacent to Rookery Way that was designated as such when Rookery
Way was built, be kept as Green Space?
A.               Yes. On the plans, the small plot of land in question is still designated as Green Space.

Following this discussion, Councillor Blythe asked if everyone with any concerns had been able to raise them.
Everyone present had raised their concerns. Councillor Blythe thanked Councillor Barnard for his invaluable help in
answering all the questions raised and closed the discussion for the public. Councillor then discussed the issues
raised by members of the public present and it was proposed by Councillor Blythe that the following comments be
made by the Parish Council:-
That Thurgoland Parish Council does not welcome any of the proposals for low density housing, as the infrastructure
of the village of Thurgoland and the surrounding areas is not sufficient to support the additional housing. All of the
three sites should therefore be kept within their current designation and not re-designated as low density housing
This proposal was seconded by Councillor Hamblen and agreed by all present. Members of the public present
expressed their thanks to the Parish Council in supporting their views.

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 5 September 2012 had been circulated to all Councillors. The Clerk
asked that a clerical error should be amended on item 2012/078. It should read that ‘Councillor Berry proposed that
all items dated prior to May 2012 should be pursued…… The word NOT should be removed. This was agreed to be
acceptable and, following this amendment Councillor Wilkinson proposed that the minutes be accepted as a true and
accurate record of the meeting. This was seconded by Councillor Hamblen and agreed by all present. Councillor
Blythe signed the minutes.

The following items arising from the minutes were brought to the attention of the meeting:-
i)               Broadband in the Parish
Councillor Barnard advised the meeting that he had not heard from Dr Higgins, following his failure to attend the last
meeting. The Clerk confirmed that she had not heard from him either. However, Councillor Barnard advised the
meeting that the 4G Mobile Broadband system that has received press coverage recently should be available in the
area from 2014. Transmitters and infrastructure will need to be modified and upgraded in the meantime. This was
ii)              Thurgoland Village Welfare
The Clerk advised the meeting that she has received a letter of thanks from Thurgoland Village Welfare, following the
grant of £1000 made by the Parish Council towards the drainage works at the Village Hall. The next meeting of the
Committee of Thurgoland Village Welfare is on Sunday 8 October 2012 at 8.00 p.m. and all members of the public are
welcome to attend, as are Parish Councillors. This meeting will focus on fund-raising to ensure that the work can be
carried out as soon as possible. This was noted.
iii)             Tea with the Mayor of Barnsley
Following the invitation received at the last meeting, the Clerk reminded Councillors that up to two Councillors have
been invited to take tea with the Mayor on Tuesday 30 October 2012 at 4.00 p.m. If any Councillor wishes to attend,
they should advise the Clerk as soon as possible, in order that she can respond to the invitation.
iv)              Road surface at Hand Lane
Councillor Hamblen advised the meeting that, despite assurances that work would be undertaken on Hand Lane, no
progress has been made, and the erosion is now such that the road is almost single carriageway. It was agreed that
the Clerk should write to Barnsley MBC to ask when the promised work will commence.
v)               Chapel Walk
Councillor Blythe advised the meeting that, as agreed at the last meeting, advice was sought from Yorkshire Local
Councils Association on whether the Parish Council should appeal against the decision by Barnsley MBC not to add
Chapel Walk to the Definitive Map. The advice sought was provided by Yorkshire Local Councils Association and The
National Association of Local Councils’ Legal Department. The advice received was as follows:-
‘The issue in this request is whether the Parish Council should appeal the decision not to designate the footpath as
highway (Public Footpath). It is clear from the correspondence and the decision notice that there is plenty of evidence
of the path being used for more than 20 years. However, there is also the licence dated 27 September 1974 and the
letter on behalf of the Thurgoland Methodist Church Council which is undated but which is in response to a letter from
Barnsley MBC dated 29 January 1981. On the basis of these latter documents Barnsley MBC came to the conclusion
that the path is a permissive path and usage can be withdrawn rather than it being a highway that must remain open
to use. I believe that they are correct in this view. The planning permission condition requires that the footpath to
remain open, but that condition has been removed. The use of the term footpath in the planning permission may
indicate that it was being treated as a public footpath. However, the planning permission cannot turn a permissive
path into a public footpath. Therefore the use of that term is not of assistance in this matter. The only argument that I
can see that could be raised in an appeal is that the licence limits the use of the path to tenants of dwellings for elderly
people in Churchfields who have been given authority by Barnsley MBC. If the evidence of use includes a significant
number of people who do not fall into that category then the Parish Council could argue that the additional use is
outside the licence and has created a footpath by prescription. However, this is a weak argument where there is a
permissive path in existence, as here.

The Parish Council may wish to lodge an appeal and argue this point with Barnsley MBC but I would suggest that if
they cannot get a change of mind then the appeal should be withdrawn before any significant costs are incurred.’

Following this advice, it had been agreed by the Clerk and Chair (as delegated at the meeting), that an appeal should
not be lodged as it would be foolish to incur significant costs for the Parish when the advice suggests otherwise. This
was noted and it was agreed that a piece to this effect, expressing the disappointment of the Parish Council, should
be placed on the website.
vi)              Entrance to Crane Moor Recreation Ground
Councillor Hamblen advised the meeting that she has tidied up the area around the yellow bollards at the entrance to
Crane Moor Recreation Ground. Councillor Blythe thanked her on behalf of the Parish for carrying out this task.

Councillor Oxley advised the meeting that since the last meeting the Penistone East Crime and Safety Sub-Group has
not met, but that she has been advised that there has been an incident in the Borough when a vulnerable lady let
someone into her house who was ‘cold calling’, resulting in an incident being reported. It was agreed that the Clerk
should put an item on the website, advising residents to discourage cold calling, unless the person concerned can
produce documentation to prove their legitimacy.

The Clerk advised the meeting that she has received information about Neighbourhood Resolutions, an initiative to
tackle anti-social behaviour and crime, and to reduce re-offending. It was agreed that this information should be
placed on the website so that any interested person can contact South Yorkshire Police directly.

The Clerk advised the meeting that since the Agenda was produced there have been responses to the following items
on Appendix A:-
i)               Overhanging branches at Halifax Road and Roper Lane
Following a telephone conversation, during which the correct locations had been identified, enforcement action has
been taken to ensure that the owners of property which allow branches to overhang the pavement are required to cut
them back as and when required. This was noted.
ii)              Potholes at Thurgoland Bank
A letter has been received advising that the grate in question belongs to British Telecom. It was reported to British
Telecom who advise that the repairs were carried out on 30 August 2012. A member of the public present confirmed
that this work has been carried out. This was noted.
iii)             Potholes on Halifax Road
A letter has been received advising that the repairs to potholes on Halifax Road were completed on 13 August 2012
and inspected on 18 September 2012 ensure that there were no defects present. This was noted.
iv)              Street name plate – Halifax Road/Roper Lane
A letter has been received advising that an additional street name sign at the junction of Halifax Road/Roper Lane is
not able to be provided, as it is duplication of signage, which is at the bottom of the priority list. Funds are not
available for projects at the bottom of the priority list at this time. This was noted.
Councillor Oxley advised the meeting that the following item has been attended to since the Agenda was produced:-
v)               Dropped kerbs – Roper Lane
A site meeting has been held and, whilst the kerbs cannot be dropped in the location suggested by a resident, the
pavements along Roper Lane are all to be re-laid, and a dropped kerb installed in a suitable location, to enable people
with pushchairs or wheelchairs to be able to access the Village Hall safely. This was noted.

2012/106.         PARISH PATHS
The following items were brought to the attention of the meeting:-
i)                Footpath 23(a)
A response has been received advising that work to put steps into the steep banking will be looked at by 15 October
2012, as it is a difficult site. If it is safe to install steps, this work will be carried out.
ii)              Footpath 2(a) at Mill Moor
A response has been received advising that work to make the stile safe on this footpath was carried out on 1 August
2012. This was noted.
iii)             Stile on footpath 36
A response has been received advising that the stile identified on this footpath was to be replaced by 5 October 2012.
iv)              Footpath through Spring Wood
A response has been received advising that volunteers carried out two days of work repairing steps and boarding
during the summer. However, a long term solution would be to bring stone onto the site to lay, which will stop further
erosion. This has not been possible as the landowner adjacent to the site has refused access to the site over his
land, and any other access would involve removing trees, which is not an option. It was suggested that if any member
of the Parish Council knows the landowner, they could perhaps speak to him to ask if he will reconsider, in order for
the footpath to be improved. This was noted and anyone who can speak to the landowner should advise the Clerk so
that she can pass any information on to Sarah Ford.
v)               Footpath from Crane Moor Road
A response has been received, following a site visit earlier in the year. An error has been identified on the electronic
map, which has now been rectified. The footpath in question goes over the stiles on Crane Moor Road as identified.
The sign near the field gate will be amended to a Permissive Path, as will the sign at the other end, in Wortley, in the
very near future. This was noted.

                 WITH THE PARISH COUNCIL
i)               Water on Cote Lane
A member of the public from Spring Terrace advised the meeting that, despite many attempts, water running down
Cote Lane is still a big problem, particularly during heavy rainfall. Councillor Barnard agreed to take this matter up
with Highways as soon as possible and ask for an investigation into the condition of the drains along Cote Lane to
take place.
ii)              Chapel Walk
Mrs E Jones asked if it would be possible for her to obtain a copy of the Legal Advice given about Chapel Walk, as
she may wish to challenge the decision privately. This was considered to be acceptable and the Clerk is to provide
her with a copy as soon as possible.
iii)             Disabled access to Thurgoland Welfare Ground
Mr P Sidebottom advised the meeting that he has spoken to Sarah Ford, who has agreed to meet him on site to look
at the gate to the entrance of Thurgoland Welfare Ground, in order that she can see the size that it needs to be to
allow disabled access. This was noted.
iv)              Skateboard pipe in Crane Moor Recreation Ground
Ms W Royffe asked if she could contribute to the item later in the meeting about a skateboard pipe in Crane Moor
Recreation Road. This was considered to be acceptable.

Councillor Barnard left the meeting at this time and was thanked once again for his contribution at the beginning of the

i)             Erection of single storey rear extension to dwelling and detached double garage
               Birkfield Green, Hopping Lane, Thurgoland, Sheffield
There were no comments or observations to be made on this application.

The Clerk advised the meeting that no additional Planning Applications had been received since the Agenda was

The Clerk advised the meeting that no notification of approved/declined applications had been received since the last

There were no matters to bring to the attention of Neighbourhood Services and no responses received other than
those previously reported upon.

2012/112.        HIGHWAYS DEPARTMENT
i)               Stop tap outside Thurgoland School
It was noted that a stop tap is protruding above the road surface outside Thurgoland School. It has been covered by
a temporary blue cover, but requires a permanent solution to avoid an accident happening. It was agreed that the
Clerk write to Highways to ask them to attend to this matter.

Mr R Harris was not at the meeting, but he had provided information about Thurgoland Festival, which was given to all
Councillors, and to members of the public present. He had also outlined some costs for the Festival as follows:-
Hire of Village Hall for Friday evening and all day Saturday                £100
Competitions                                                                £ 40
Community Hog Roast (contributions towards)                                 £ 80
Printing and publicity                                                      £ 50

A discussion took place and Councillor Rowley proposed that the Parish Council should contribute to the event by
providing the cost of the hire of the Village Hall, and the printing and publicity, a total of £150.00. This was seconded
by Councillor Berry and agreed by all present.

The Clerk advised the meeting that she had received a letter from South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
advising the following:-
‘Our investigations have now been completed on the usage of bus stops and we are pleased to inform you that the
two stops will remain in use due to public demand and will also have a new tarmac hard standing installed to make
them more suitable for any passengers that may use these facilities.’ This was noted.

The Clerk advised the meeting that she has received a letter from Barnsley MBC advising the following:-
‘I can advise you that the Planning Enforcement team has again been in contact with the owners of the property with a
view to clearing the rear yard of the rubbish and other items that have accumulated. The owners have not been
responsive to the Council’s requests and we are now in the process of issuing a formal notice under section 215 of
the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, setting out the steps required to be taken to improve the appearance of the
land. Failure to comply with such a notice is an office for which the owners may be prosecuted. The Council may
also enter the land and carry out the works required by the notice and seek to recover the costs of doing so from the
owners. With regard to the building itself, I note that the external paintwork has become somewhat weathered.
However, the rest of the building appears to be in good order, with all the glazing intact, and I am aware that repairs
have recently been made to the roof at the request of Building Control. Taking all this into consideration, the Council
continues to be of the opinion that the external appearance of the building is no sufficiently detrimental to visual
amenity to warrant formal action under Section 215. We will, however, write to the owners of the building informally,
to advise that any further significant deterioration in the external appearance of the building may result in the service
of another notice. I regret that we are also unable to take any action regarding the posters in the windows of the
premises as they are displayed internally and do not, therefore contravene the advertisement regulations.’
This was noted.

2012/116.        WEBSITE UPDATE
Mr J Campbell advised the meeting that the training session organised for Saturday 6 October 2012 had been
cancelled because the lady from Parishcouncil.net has been involved in a car accident and cannot travel from Kent at
the present time. A new date is to be arranged as soon as circumstances permit. This was noted.
It was agreed that following the meeting, the Clerk and Mr Campbell will decide upon which items from the meeting
are to be included as news items on the website.

The Clerk advised the meeting that she has received a letter from Thurgoland Cricket Club, enclosing their rent for the
season just finished and advising that they have been able to complete most fixtures, despite the wet summer. A total
of eight games had to be cancelled because of the weather, four at home and four away. The heavy rain did result in
the Club House being flooded at a cost of £495.00 However, the insurance carries an excess of £500 and a claim is
not being made at the present time. The water was cleaned up and, because the floor is concrete, no permanent
damage was done. This was noted.

The Clerk advised the meeting that, since the last meeting, the computer belonging to the Parish Council required
attention, the cost of which was £48.00. However, it was advised that it will not be very long before the system
requires replacing. A quotation has been provided of either £470 plus VAT or £550 plus VAT, depending upon the
model required at the time. This was noted, and Councillor Blythe suggested that this be taken into account when
a decision is being made on the Parish Precept for 2013/2014.

Councillor Hamblen advised the meeting that she has been approached by a group of young people from Crane Moor
to ask if a ‘half-pipe’ skate boarding fixture/slope could be provided in Crane Moor Recreation Ground. She has
asked them to provide drawings or manufacturers details for what they require, in order that a submission can be
made to the Parish Council. At the present time, they have not provided any further details. Ms W Royffe commented
that before any decision is made, consideration should be given to the fact that, if any area of the Recreation Ground
is used for such a project, once done, the green space that it will displace, cannot be replaced. This was noted and
will be considered in any future deliberations. The cost of such a project could also be considered when the Parish
Precept is discussed in the near future.
The Clerk advised the meeting that the Annual General Meeting will be held at Whixley Village Hall on 20 October
2012, should anyone wish to attend. This was noted.

2012/121.        REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY
The Clerk advised the meeting that, as Remembrance Sunday is on Sunday 11 November 2012, arrangements to
purchase a wreath, if the Parish Council so wish, will need to be made very soon. Councillor Oxley proposed that the
usual wreath be ordered. This was seconded by Councillor Wilkinson and agreed by all present. The Clerk is to
attend to ordering a wreath.

All relevant newsletters and circulars received since the last meeting were passed to Councillor Oxley for her to read
and report any appropriate items to the next meeting.

2012/123.         AUDIT TO YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2012
Councillor Blythe advised the meeting that the Internal Auditors Report had highlighted one or two issues as follows:-
i)                Reporting of income
Councillors should be appraised of income received each month, as well as payments made. This practice will
commence at this meeting and continue every month thereafter.
ii)               Overpayment to Clerk
The Clerk had overclaimed an amount of £2.53 during the year. This has been repaid by the Clerk and shows on the
reported income in September 2012.
iii)              Allotment rents
Councillors should be sure that all allotment rent has been collected and banked. It has been agreed that the Clerk
will provide all Councillors with a list of allotment holders each year, and the income from rent will show on the
reported income at the appropriate time.
iv)               Prizes for Thurgoland’s Got Talent
The Internal Auditor was not sure whether the Parish Council had the power to provide prizes, but after discussion
between he and the Chair, it was agreed that as the event benefited all of the Parish, it was acceptable.
v)                Allotment rents 2010/2011
The Internal Auditor felt that there was a discrepancy of £10 in the income, but following discussion with the Clerk, this
had been resolved.
Having resolved all of these issues, the audit documents had been sent to BDO Stoy Hayward, the External Auditors,
who have concluded the audit for the year and have not raised any issues. Bearing this in mind, it was proposed
Councillor Hamblen that the audit recommendation be accepted and that, following the display of the relevant notices,
the audit completed for the year end March 2012. This was seconded by Councillor Oxley and agreed by all present.

2012/124.       ACCOUNTS
The Clerk had circulated all Councillors with a list of accounts to be paid, along with income received in September
2012. Councillor Wilkinson proposed that all amounts were agreed for payment. This was seconded by Councillor
Hamblen and agreed by all present. The following cheques were therefore signed for payment:-
Ruth Pearson                                        Salary – October                         386.46
Crane Moor Chapel                                   Room Hire – October                       20.00
Post Office                                         Stamps                                   150.00
PC World                                            Ink cartridges                            26.99
MJR Computer Consultants                            Computer Repair                           48.00
BDO Stoy Hayward                                    Audit Fee                                342.00

The following items were requested to be placed on the Agenda for the next meeting of the Parish Council:-
i)               Parish Precept 2013/2014
ii)              Christmas Trees in the Parish

Councillor Wilkinson asked if it would be possible for the Clerk to send a letter to Penistone Group Practice,
congratulating them on the new Surgery at Thurgoland. This was considered to be acceptable.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 7 November 2012 at Thurgoland School, Halifax
Road, Thurgoland at 7.00 p.m. Councillor Cuerden offered her apologies for this meeting as she will be on holiday.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.

Parish Clerk

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