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									                                 BRAD A. MARCUM
       107 Old House Court, Apex, NC 27502 ▪ ▪ (919) 397-4778

I’m not your typical User Interface Designer – I speak both languages: front-end and back-end. I
have the skills to create an exceptional user experience and the knowledge of technology to
support it. My skills enable me to add vision and value to my position, where most designers fall


        User Interface Design Expertise: Senior-level experience with UI design for Windows,
         mobile apps, and the web. Deep knowledge of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and
         User-Centered Design (UCD). Strong background in all phases of the software
         development lifecycle.
        Web Design Expertise: Skilled in the art of web design with a focus on user interaction,
         appearance, and consistency. 12+ years of experience designing buttons, menus, tabs,
         icons, and other navigation elements. Visual Designer for an online software business
         that relies on website and application design for 100% of its revenue.
        Bottom-Line Impact: Designed a data-intensive, multi-user reporting system to help the
         world’s largest Wendy's franchisee increase profits. This system became the foundation
         of an award-winning startup and was relied upon by every employee on a daily basis.

        UI Design (PC, Web,          Object Oriented Design         Photoshop, Illustrator
         and Mobile apps)             Software Development           Visio, Dreamweaver
        Web Design                   Team Leadership                HTML, PHP, XHTML, CSS,
        Graphic Design               Project Management              Perl, JavaScript, jQuery
        Color, Typography            Communication                  Visual Basic, SQL Server

President / Visual Designer, ProVariant, Inc., Apex, NC (February 2000 – Present)
        Designed and developed 7 consumer-based software applications; acknowledged by
         media, customers, and even competitors as having the most visually appealing, user-
         friendly solutions on the market.
        Performed all web design. Launched approximately 12 web sites over an 11 year period;
         all sites involved user-interaction to engage the visitor and increase conversions.
        Performed all graphic design. Created buttons and graphics for web sites and software
         applications. Optimized images in compressed formats such as gif, jpg, and png to
         achieve the right balance of size and quality.
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      Used Adobe Creative Suite extensively over an 11 year period for nearly all design tasks.
      Created wireframes, flowcharts, storyboards, and prototypes for both applications and
       web sites.
      Designed mobile applications for more than 5 years. First health and fitness developer
       to introduce integrated PDA and PC applications. Dealt with various form factors,
       resolutions, and screen orientations.
      Worked with users to integrate numerous features into applications; usability was
       paramount as the applications continued to grow and evolve.
      Created videos and PowerPoint presentations to demonstrate the user experience.
      Increased sales for a client by 29% during recession with a complete web site overhaul
       and redesign. Improved site navigation, added interactive features, designed an
       attractive layout, and revamped the shopping cart / checkout process.
      Designed icons in .ico format using icon editing tools (Microangelo) and Adobe CS.
      Designed product, CD-ROM, and DVD packaging; established relationships with printing
       services, created all deliverables, approved final proofs for printing.
      Designed and printed logos, product brochures, user guides, and covers.

VP of MIS, Syrus Restaurant Information Services, Columbus, OH (March 1997 – May 2000)
      Instrumental in building the business and its IT infrastructure from the ground up.
      Developed a client/server application critical to the growth and success of the business;
       used by all employees to create reports for Wendy’s franchisees in the U.S.
      Designed and led the development of a PC-based remote reporting system and
       inventory system utilizing bar code scanners. Met with clients to gather requirements,
       created prototypes, and developed functional demos for marketing at tradeshows.
      Worked extensively with users to increase productivity and reduce labor costs. Wrote
       weekly memos and held meetings to keep users in the loop during development.
      Hired and trained developers, managed all projects, and oversaw all IT efforts.

IT Consultant, Q Consulting, Inc., Columbus, OH (June 1994 – March 1997)
      Developed software applications for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies; met
       with clients, managed projects, created time/cost estimates, and trained end-users.
      Excelled at applying user interface design skills to build business-class solutions for the
       Windows platform.
      Became top-producer in firm in under 2 years; all clients were extremely satisfied.

   B.S. in Computer Information Systems Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus,
   Ohio (1994)

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