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									                                              Spring 2012

                                              information and healthcare. Their over
                                              arching aim is to give ‘…every baby the
Editorial: By Ann Young                       healthiest possible chance in life…’

     Well, NDPA has survived another
year and marked the occasion with our
AGM held on 29th of February at
Poringland Community Centre. We had a
respectable turn out and would like to
thank everyone who came. I have to say,       Don’t have access to the internet?
they were well rewarded, with a               Tell us if you’d like to know more about the
fascinating quiz on disabled parenting in     website topics in this newsletter, and we’ll
Norfolk and a very scrumptious lunch. This    find another way to get it to you.
year marks a milestone in NDPA’s history      Phone 01553 768193
as it was agreed by members that we
should become a company limited by
guarantee. The following Trustees were
elected to steer the new company as it
embarks on its exciting journey:                          Fatherhood Institute – The
       Kathy Saunders (Chair)                 UK’s Fatherhood Think-Tank
       Claire Mitchell (Treasurer)            http://www.fatherhoodinstitute.org
       Laura Bartram
       Rick Cotton                            As parents, we know it is important for
       Penny Parker and                       dads to be fully involved in their children’s
       Polly Vaughan                          lives. The Fatherhood Institute is a
Trustees can be contacted via NDPA –          fantastic site specifically for Dads but
see address below. A copy of the AGM          Mums and others can visit too! The site is
minutes will be available on the NDPA         packed full of useful information aimed at
website.                                      making fatherhood a great experience for
                                              the whole family.

                                              The F.I. have produced an Activity Pack: A
                                              guide for Dads which is available online,
           Best Beginnings                    or request a copy, email
http://www.bestbeginnings.org.uk              mail@fatherhoodinstitute.org
                                              Phone 0845 634 1328
This is a good, inclusive website for         Write to Unit 1, Warren Courtyard,
parents to be and parents of young            Savernake, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8
children, up to the age of two. The website   3UU
is packed with useful information aimed at    They would also love to hear from anyone
parents who may experience                    with a positive story to tell about
disadvantages due to lack of access to        fatherhood.
Are you a disabled parent who
needs support?                                   Independent Living Report
Phone Social Services on                         The Joint Committee on Human Rights
0344 800 8014, and ask for an                    (JCHR) published a report in February
assessment as a disabled parent.                 looking at independent living for disabled
                                                 people and the fact that choice and control
                                                 in this area of our lives is becoming more
                                                 difficult due to policy changes and
                                                 financial cuts on local services.
                                                 The main areas of concern are:
                                                     1 The need for freestanding
               Supporting your child’s                 legislation to protect the right to
learning - http://www.kindergarten-                    independent living in UK law,
lessons.com/                                         2 the effect of current reforms to
We all know how difficult it can be to                 benefits and services on the ability
encourage younger children to do their                 of disabled people to
homework, especially if it’s a subject they            enjoy independent
don’t feel confident in or they don’t like the         living,
teacher! Well, if you are struggling to              3 the role played by the
motivate your child or you just want a few             UN Convention on the
ideas or tips then http://www.kindergarten-            Rights of Persons with
lessons.com/ is as great place the get                 Disabilities (UNCRPD) in policy
some practical tips and support.                       development and decision making
                                                       at all levels of government,
                                                     4 the use of equality impact
                                                     5 the effects of devolution on
             World Book Night – April 23               implementation of the UNCRPD,
2012                                                   and
http://www.worldbooknight.org                        6 hate crime
Always got your head in a book? If you           For more information, visit the Joint
love reading and would like to be part of        Committee on Human Right Website at
something bigger then you might want to          http://www.parliament.uk/business and do
apply to give away one of twenty five                         a publications search.
selected book titles to friends, family,
colleagues or complete strangers on April
23rd. There are some great books on offer
including, Room by Emma Donoghue,                             PIP squeak! (Consultation)
Damned United by David Peace and The                          Most disabled people are
Time Traveler’s                                               now aware of the
Wife by Audrey Niffenegger                                    government’s plans to
                                                 introduce the new PIP ‘Personal
Independence Payment’ which will               changed our lives.
replace DLA. Whilst it seems that PIP will                    Digital Champions is looking
definitely be introduced, the government                      for people who are willing to
are still consulting on the assessment                        give So if you can spare the
criteria for the new payment until the 30th                   time to empower others or if
April, 2012 and we would urge everyone                        you are new to computers
reading this to visit the Spartacus website                   and would like some
and take part in the consultation.             support, this site is for you!
consultation/                                  http://champions.go-on.co.uk/
Spartacus have done a lot of the hard
work for you and provide lots of useful
advice on how to work through the
documentation. They also ask that you
send them a copy of your response so that
they know what messages we are giving                      Be kind….unwind!
and if the government are really listening!    I don’t know about you guys but
                                               sometimes I’d just prefer to put my feet up
                                               and have a break from cooking. So, in the
                                               spirit of Mother’s Day, just gone, 18th
             NHS 111 is coming!                March and Father’s Day, 17th June, I
                                               thought I’d share a cocktail recipe or two
                The NHS 111 service is         with you, instead (that, and the fact that
                coming to our area in May      we joked about it at our last meeting and I
                2012. 111 is a new             bet nobody thought I would!)
telephone service which will make it easier    http://www.cocktailmaking.co.uk
for members of the public to access local      Here’s one to get you started!
health services when they have an urgent
NHS 111 will provide a clinical                1 Measure = 25 millilitres (ml)
assessment at the first point of contact                    2.5 centilitres (cl)
and will direct patients to the right NHS      Ice can be crushed in a blender or you can
service, first time without the need for       just stab it to death!
providers and book appointments for
                                               ‘The Chaos Calmer’
patients where appropriate.
The service will help take the pressure off    1 ½ Measure of gin
the 999 service and local A&E                  ½ Measure triple sec
departments so they can focus on
                                               1 ½ Measure orange juice
emergency cases.
                                               ¾ Measure lime juice
Digital Champions – Go on, you know            1 teaspoon grenadine
you want to…                                   Shake well with a glassful of broken ice
There are many people out there who are        and pour, unstrained. Garnish with fruit in
wary of using new technology because it        season.
seems so complicated but I learned from a      The recipe recommends using a ‘goblet’
very early age that nothing is going to        but I reckon any glass will do!
blow up! In fact, technology has drastically
Please drink responsibly and in easy          In Memory - by Allan Sutherland from the
reach of an accessible loo!                   words of Catriona Grant
                                              Are just two of the poems in a series of
For the young ones and those who don’t        four cycles. They tell of the life
drink alcohol, try this one.                  experiences of two disabled women who
                                              became parents. The words and images
‘Apple of My Eye'                             that Allan has created around these lives
                                              make the hairs on the back of my neck
2 Measure of apple juice                                      stand up!
1Measure of blackcurrant syrup
1 Measure of whipping cream
                                                             We welcome your views
Blend briefly with a glass of crushed ice.                   and ideas!
Sprinkle with cinnamon. Again the recipe
recommends an old fashioned whisky                            If you have any ideas or
glass.                                        news that you would like to share with
                                              NDPA and other disabled parents, via our
                                              quarterly newsletter, please don’t hesitate
                                              to get in touch at the address below and
                                              we will do our very best to include it.
                                                  Norfolk Disabled Parents Alliance
          Neglected Voices – a cycle                  Choice Support Equality
of poems by Allan Sutherland
http://www.disabilityarts.org/Neglected-                 Tel: 078 525 989 54
Allan Sutherland is a writer, a poet and an      email: info@norfolkparents.org.uk
activist among other things! I’ve known
Allan for many years and even got him to            www.norfolkparents.org.uk
perform at an NCODP AGM, many years
ago.                                          Don’t forget to look us up on Facebook,
                                              we would love to hear from you!
This new project, ‘Neglected Voices’ a set
of four cycles of transcription poems about   This newsletter is available in different
disabled people’s experience.“                formats and on our website. Please
“We get looked at a lot,” Allan says, “and    contact us if you need any assistance or
talked about a great deal. We get poked       can suggest ways to make it more
and prodded and have crass jokes made         accessible.
about us, but we don’t get listened to very
much. This does not mean that we have
nothing to say.”

Proud - by Allan Sutherland from the
words of Jennifer Taylor


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