A Day in the Life of a Sales Rep by dffhrtcv3


									A Day in the Life of a
     Sales Rep
     Casey R. Thompson
     November 29, 2010
     Winthrop University
            A Little About Me
• Began selling candy in the 80’s at the age of 9
  – (or maybe sooner, let’s ask your professor!)
• Babysitter, Tennis Instructor, Waitress,
  Bartender and student in the 90’s
• Clemson Graduate 1997
• Sales 1998 – present
  – NCR Systemedia Group 1998-2000
  – Pfizer, Inc. 2000 - Present
         Why did I choose sales?
•   Passion
•   Competitive
•   Enjoy educating and helping people
•   Welcome new challenges
•   Commitment
•   Love to learn new things
•   Know your competitors!
•   Why are you better than your competitor?
•   How does your customer view your competitor?
•   What does your competitor do better than you?
• If you do not have the passion to sell, you will
  not succeed!
• Life is too short to do something you do not
• “Sales is either the hardest high paying job or
  easiest low paying job you will ever have!”
• Be an expert in what you represent, no one
  should know your product better than you!
• Research why your product provides value for
  this particular customer.
• Know how to “educate” your customer.
      Customer Segmentation
•   Customers/Geographies
•   Goals
•   Business
•   Technologies
•   Products
•   Economy
•   Healthcare
•   Government
•   Public Opinion/Media
• Self motivating
• Stand behind your product
• Learn from your mistakes
• Never give up
• Commit to your company, colleagues, peers and
• Follow through
          Learn New Things
• You can never know enough about your
  product or the information that surrounds your
                Direct Sales
• Worked directly with purchasing/operations
• Provided analysis of products and ROI to the
  customer along with proposals and followed
  through the purchase order process.
• Sold paper rolls, ribbons, forms, etc.
• Managed and grew 1M$ in accounts.
• Finished the year over quota qualifying for the
  CPC trip.
         Pharmaceutical Sales
• Sold 11 products in 10 years
• Have had 6 managers, and 5 territories
• Called on Rheumatologists, Internists, Primary
  Care, Orthopaedics, Urgent Cares, Podiatrists,
  Urologists, Neurologists, Cardiologists,
  Pharmacies, Endocrinologists, OB/GYNs,
  Hospitals, General Surgeons and Long Term
  Care Facilities.
• Have won one trip and several contests.
•   Gatekeepers
•   Nurses
•   Insurance Companies
•   Formulary Status
•   Rules and Regulations
•   Prescribers
•   Time management
•   New Technologies
                        Day in Day out
•   Schedule: 10 calls a day
•   Get in the car and drive to first office
     – Check voicemail
     – Double check calendar
     – Order any meals needed for next day
     – Get to first office
     – Pre-call Plan
     – Enter office, wait to see doctor, speak to staff
     – Put up samples, wait to see doctor
     – Detail doctor, obtain signature if needed
     – Drive to next office and repeat until lunch appt
     – Arrive to lunch appt and spend up to 2 – 3 hours educating office and drs
     – Repeat morning schedule
     – Make pharmacy call
     – Do paperwork
     – Family activities, dinner, bath and back to the computer
         Day In Day Out Part II
•   Phone Calls from manager/counterparts
•   Conference Calls
•   Changes in Managed Care
•   Changes in office staff
•   Changes is rules of pharmaceutical visits
•   Meetings
          What is the upside?
• Manage your own time
• Rewarded for your efforts through peer and
  upper management recognition
• Awards: Points, Trips, Debit Cards
• Patient Gratitude
• Benefits (Health Insurance, Company Car, etc.)
• $$$
          Where to go from here?
•   Sell yourself
•   Look into internships
•   Have a mentor
•   Create a strong resume
•   Use your career center if available

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