Jack and Beanstalk statements to cut up by b6pTvDuw


									Jack. Giant.
This is Jack.
Jack lived in a cottage in a wood.

He lived with his mother and their cow. The cow was called Daisy.

One morning, Jack’s mother asked him to find the cow and take her
to market.
He ran into the field because that was where Daisy lived.
Jack put on his coat, his hat, his boots and led Daisy down the lane.
Where was Jack going?

The sun shone and the birds sang while Jack and Daisy ambled
Jack took off his heavy coat because it was so warm!
After a while, they met a strange looking man.
“Hello, where are you going?” asked the man.

The man, who was dressed all in black, smiled strangely and patted
Daisy on her velvety nose.
Mooing gently, Daisy’s big brown eyes looked at the strange man’s
Smiling suspiciously, the man put his hand into his pocket,
rummaged about and pulled out a handful of glossy, red beans.
“Now, young man,” whispered the strange man, “how would you
like to exchange your old cow for a handful of magic beans?”
Jack, filled with curiosity, asked the stranger about the magic beans.
Meanwhile, Jack’s mother was wondering how long it would be
before he returned from market with some much-needed money.

Eventually, Jack agreed to exchange the cow for the handful of
magic beans, and whistling triumphantly, he wended his way back
Now, reader, can you imagine the look on his mother’s face when
Jack handed over the handful of beans? Yes you’re right; she was
absolutely furious and sent him straight to bed.
Puzzled and exasperated as to how she had produced such a dunce
for a son, Jack’s mother tossed the beans out of the window, little
knowing what was going to happen next!

Waking from a troubled sleep, Jack stretched, rubbed his eyes and
yawned sleepily.
“Jack!” yelled his mother, “Get your sleepy head out of your bed
and come downstairs.” Jack’s mother could not believe what had
Stumbling down the stairs into the kitchen, Jack gawped at the
enormous beanstalk that had entwined its way up into the sky
This, as you know, dear reader, led to a chain of unexpected and
exciting events.

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