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									The Hladis family

    By Natalie
The Hladis Family Tree
                 Frank Hladis
In 1907 my Great Great
Grandfather, Frank Hladis
immigrated to the United
States from Moravia,
Czechoslovakia. Frank
came to compete in
gymnastics with his team
called Sokol when he was
17 years old. He liked it so
much he decided not to
leave, but to stay. Frank
settled in Racine,
Wisconsin where he had
Map of Moravia, Czechoslovakia
Map of Racine, Wisconsin
              Frank and Mary
While Frank was in
Wisconsin, he polished
tools for his job. When
Frank was older, he went
to visit his sister in-law in
Chicago. When he was in
Chicago, he went to a
party and met Mary
Hodous. Not long after that
Mary and Frank got
After Frank and Mary got
married, they had Edward
and Irene. When Edward
was 14 years old, his
mother died and Edward
decided to enter the
Seminary. He graduated
with a Master of
Philosophy . He was
planning to go to Rome to
study, but he decided to
leave the priesthood.
Then Irene, his sister,
introduced Edward to
Beatrice and they got
married in 1944.
              Janyne Hladis
My grandma, the daughter
of Edward and Beatrice,
Janyne was born in 1945.
Edward went to law school
in 1946 and in 1977
Edward died of lung

In 1964, Larry and Janyne,
my grandparents, met on a
blind date in college. In
1967 they got married.
They moved to Michigan in
1970 because my papa
got transferred with Ford
Motor Company. Then in
1971, my Mom was born in
Dearborn, Michigan.
               Julie Erne
My mom, Julie met my
dad, Greg through a
friend in college and
they got married and
had ME!
I think that I might
have my great
great grandfather’s

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