brewing jujitsu by 5UWtA6VF


									    Brewing Jujitsu

The art of gracefully recovering
    from brew day trouble
   the production of malt beverages (as beer)
    from malt and hops by grinding and boiling
    them and fermenting the result with yeast
   A martial art that employs the illusion of
    yielding to an attack to overcome it.

   Uses techniques subscribing to the
    principle of using an attacker's energy
    against him, rather than directly opposing
                 Brew Day
   An anticipated joyous day dedicated to the
    art of brewing where something really
    unexpected and crappy can and will
    happen during the process.
Where do we look to for wisdom
when brew day crap happens?

   Celebrities of course!
                 Bruce Lee
   Be like water making its way through

   Do not be assertive, but adjust to the
    object, and you shall find a way round or
    through it.

   Be water my friend.
        Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton
   Depends what “Is” is.

   We can't always control events that
    happen to us.

   But we can control how we react to it.
             Tim Tebow
 Lost the 2008 Heisman to Oklahoma’s
  Sam Bradford
 Asked if he’d be able to get over it.
 “Why get over it?”
 “Use it!”
 2008 National Champion Florida Gators
          Trouble Is Brewing
   Common and not so common examples to
    utilize your brewing jujitsu on.

   Remember: Be Beer My Friend
         Where To Start?!!
 Ran out of DME to make a starter.
 Crap!!
 Malta Goya to the rescue
 Available at grocery stores
 Three 12-ounce bottles
          Where To Start?!!
 De-carbonate
 Pour into sanitized 2L flask
 Dilute to 1.040 gravity (about1.7L total)
 Aerate and pitch yeast
         Stuck Fermentation
 Standard Procedure: pitch more yeast,
  raise temperature, gently rock carboy daily
 Still no drop in gravity?
 Probably ran out of fermentables
 Beano to the rescue! (yea, that Beano!)
 Approximately 1 crushed tablet per point
  you desire to drop
Mead/Cider Too Dry & Alcoholic
 Due to aggressive attenuation by yeast
 Doctor it up by back sweetening and
  adding spice/flavors
 Add apple, grape, other fruit juice
  concentrate (to avoid dilution)
 Add spices and extracts
 Utilize the carbonator cap to make small
  batches, add petillant carbonation
    Beer is drinkable but too sour,
      or alcoholic, or phenolic
 Don’t throw it out
 Cook with it
 Blend it with a second batch of homebrew
  that complements it
Beer is Way Too Bitter for Style
 Over bittered due to too many bittering
  hops at beginning of boil?
 The antidote for “too bitter” is not
  sweetness, but rather….
 Salt
    Beer Not Strong/Bold Enough
      For BJCP Subcategory
 Say you brewed a Weizen Bock
 Beer turned out terrific, hoping to put it into
 But gravity and malt presence not quite up
  to Bock strength
    Beer Not Strong/Bold Enough
      For BJCP Subcategory
 Simply put the beer into the next weakest
  subcategory (dunkel weizen)
 Better to be bold in an alternative
  subcategory than weak in the subcategory
  you were shooting for.
       Wort Gravity Too Low
 You finished brewing, chilled the wort,
  racked into carboy.
 Checked gravity and it’s seriously low.
 Determine the volume of wort you have
 Grab a bag of DME or LME
 Use brew software (ie ProMash) to
  determine how much new high-gravity
  wort you need to add to bring gravity of
  main batch up
      Czech Pilsner Requires
           Soft Water
 Brewing a Czech (Bohemian) Pilsner
  properly requires using soft water that is
  very low in minerals.
 Gainesville tap water is not soft enough,
  and I don’t care to buy a water softener.
 Could buy a bunch of bottled water, but,
  that’s pricier, plus there’s no “water report”
  for the minerals in the water.
      Czech Pilsner Requires
           Soft Water
 Mix filtered tap water with equal amounts
  of distilled water.
 (buying a few bottles of distilled water is
  still cheaper than buying bottled water for
  the entire batch)
       No Time To Dry Hop
 Need to brew a batch and put on tap very
 Leaves no time for dry hopping in the
 Go dry hop right in the keg
 Use a sanitized hop bag or tea sphere
            Beer Popsicle
 Some days just aren’t your day
 To clear your beer you crash the temp
  down to 33 F
 But your chest freezer has a large temp
 Beer freezes in carboy = Beer popsicle
 What to do?
            Beer Popsicle
 Classic lemon-lemonade story
 Make an Eis-beer (Ice beer)
 Warm up beer just enough so an inch or
  so of ice remain on top of beer
 Rack to keg
 Enjoy your new strong beer
    Hone Your Brewing Jujitsu!
 Fermentation troubles?
 Mashing Mishaps?

 Stay calm
 Relax
 Channel your “inner MacGyver”
  And Remember

Be Beer My Friend

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