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									To: Oklahoma Extension Educators, 4-H Youth Development
From: Julia Burnett, Coordinator of Special Programs & Promotions
Date: August 17, 2005
Re: Oklahoma 4-H Week –2005 Promotional Kits

As you know, National 4-H week will be October 2-8, 2005 and this year’s theme is Making the 4-H
Connection. The media kits have been updated and electronic copies will be available on the state website
under the resource tab. These kits are to be used as tools to promote the week within your county. Though
October is over a month away, to meet local media deadlines, please contact your local media outlets early
this year.

A spreadsheet of Oklahoma Media is included in the kit. The spreadsheet is broken down into media types,
such as television, PSA radio and new releases, and then sorted by county. Please take a moment to review
the list and select your media contacts. In order to reach the largest audience, contact all types of media
outlets. Different new releases can be submitted to the same outlet. Often a release is before or during the
week to promote activities as well as a follow-up release at the conclusion of the event or week.

 There are there general advertisements, new releases and radio announcements that have been prepared to
be submitted “as is” throughout the state. As in previous years, there are additional documents that will
open in a Word file, allowing you to localize and customize the communication tool based on your county
and it’s needs. Please use the word document to promote the activities and events that you are hosting with
in your county.

Additionally, there are support materials such as Oklahoma and National 4-H fact sheets, a national
letterhead, bookmarks, logos, graphics proclamations and a brochure that can be used to promote the week.
Other resources include example activities, a planning timeline and interviewing tips and topics. The
National website offers other resources tools as well.

With the numerous tools available to you, you should be able to attract community attention as they Make
the 4-H Connection. This is an opportunity to not just to recruit new members and support but also to
communicate the benefits of 4-H to the media and other Oklahomans. Please uses the resources and let’s
continue the strong partnership between 4-H and Oklahoma communities.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, ideas and success stories. I look forward to hearing from you
and don’t forget to get your yard sign order forms in to me by September 6, 2005

Thank You,

Julia Ann Burnett
Coordinator of Special Programs & Promotions
Oklahoma 4-H Foundation
Oklahoma State University-Stillwater
205 4-H Youth Development Building
Stillwater, Ok 74078

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