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					               Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
                    December 8, 2011


    Jonette Ayubi, Misty Brewer, Jenni Choi, Kemp Cole, Kathleen Duncan,
    Denise Ebersbach, Meredith Exline, Lacey Flippo, David Goin, Stephanie
    Henson, Stephanie McGuire, Angie Mote, Susan Parks-Schlepp, Terri Scott,
    Lori Smith, Judy Thomas, Kate Hartman, Robbi Kinnaird, Julie Watts

    Public Information Officer, Susan Parks-Schlepp, welcomed council members
    to the December meeting and thanked the Cimarron parents for the food
    and beautiful decorations.

   The EPS Foundation was recognized at the December Board meeting for
    their support of the schools according to Superintendent, Dr. David Goin.
   John Ross Elementary will be receiving a secure entrance and office
    renovation. A chiller will be purchased for Charles Haskell Elementary.
    The district will be changing the applicant service provider to one that is
    more user friendly and has better reports.
   The Board voted to raise the substitute teacher rates to $70 per day for a
    certified substitute, and $60 for a non-certified substitute. A certified
    sub is someone who has a current Oklahoma teaching certificate and they
    are able to substitute for an unlimited number of days. Non-certified subs
    do not hold a valid teaching certificate and are limited in the number of days
    they can be in a classroom. Many certified subs are retired teachers and
    new teachers who have not gotten a job.
   The 2012-13 and 2013-14 school calendars have been revised using feedback
    from a survey completed by 1,000 respondents.
   The parent/teacher conferences will continue to be in the evening; however,
    there will be 3-different dates (instead of 2) to accommodate parents with
    more than 1-child and teachers who have found it difficult to attend their
    children’s conferences.
   The conference day will be added to the fall break days for a total of 3-
    days off instead of 2.
   Another change is that the first semester will end before winter break.
    This was a change requested by secondary students and parents, and is made
    possible by the 20-minutes that have been added to the school day.
    Elementary parents may also schedule the reading sufficiency conference to
    coincide with the parent/teacher conference.
   The second semester will be longer which will make room for fundraiser
    weeks and testing time.
   The Oklahoma Legislature has changed from required days of school to
    hours of school. The addition of 20-minutes to the school day will allow for
    up to 11-snow days before the calendar must be extended or additional time
    added to the day. The longer school day is a permanent change and has been
    well received by students.
   There were no items pulled from the consent agenda.

   In 2013-14 testing changes will be made. The tests will be essay questions
    that will replace the traditional multiple choice questions. Teachers are
    currently being trained in the new method which will be a reflection of
    higher level thinking skills. Edmond teachers will have a part in the Common
    Core training for Luther and Oakdale Public Schools.
   The first reading of Policy # 6200 that covers Gifts and Gratuities was
    approved by the Board. PTO, PTA and parent groups do not fall under this
    policy. Controller, Lori Smith, suggested that the parent groups establish a
    policy on what should be done with samples and other items donated to them.
    Several council members said that these items are used as door prizes at
    the monthly meetings.
   A council member asked if they could encourage parents to vote for the
    bond issues if they are a 501C3 group. Dr. Goin said that he would consult
    the school attorney and report back to the group.
   Northern Hills, Washington Irving, Russell Dougherty and Centennial
    representatives reported that they have had successful fundraisers that
    involve physical activities such as 5K runs, fun runs and turkey trots.
   Susan Parks-Schlepp said that she would be glad to meet with parent groups
    to assist in writing press releases and developing publicity for the events.
   Parent groups are having success getting donations from local businesses. A
    suggestion was made to combine the runs into 1-major event so the requests
    for contributions would not overwhelm the local merchants. Participating
    schools would have to agree on how the funds raised would be divided and
    also how the work for the event would be shared.
   Another council member suggested dividing into 3-vertical teams and have 3
   Central and Centennial will host runs in March.
   Another suggestion was to develop a district fundraiser calendar so events
    would not overlap.

Next Meeting:             January 12 – Northern Hills
                          9:45-11:00 a.m.

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