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					Welcome to the 2012 9 & 13 AA World Series.

Team check in will be at the Dance Building in Love Hatbox Sports Complex.
Teams must check in by 4 PM Thursday 7/5/2012. Following the Check in will be the mandatory coaches
meeting. During check in all World Series merchandise will be available for purchase. Attached is the
link for pre orders.

 Opening will be at the Football fields in the sports complex. The gates will open at 5 PM with
concessions available also. Please no Ice Chests. The parade of teams will begin at 6 PM, teams should
be wearing their uniforms and hats, shorts are OK. Following the Opening we will begin the skills
contest. Teams are limited on the number of players that can participate in each event.

Pin trading is a large part of the World Series experience. This can be done at all times during the World
Series. Please have your kids to remove plastic wrap from the pins prior to trading. Let’s not leave a
mess for others to pick up.

Also please pick up your trash in the stands and dugouts after your game. The team following you will
appreciate your kindness.

                                        Skills Contests
If you have more than 12 players, you can have extra participants in the Throwing Accuracy event.
Once all the teams have competed, awards will be given for the winners of each event.

Team Relay
 Each team will enter 4 players to participate. One player will run from home to 1 st and give the
baseball to the player on 1st base and this will continue until the player on 3 rd base reaches home. 10
Seconds will be added each time the ball is dropped. Teams will be timed and the one with the best
time will be the champion. Awards will be given to the winning team.
Around the Horn
 Each team will enter 5 players…one at pitcher, home, 1 st, 2nd, and 3rd. The pitcher will throw the ball
to home who will then throw to 1st who will then throw to 2nd who will then throw to 3rd who will
throw to home. The team with the best time will receive award.
Home Run Derby
 Each team can enter two players. Each player will hit off live pitching from one of their own
coaches. Each coach will be given 5 balls to pitch to their player. Balls will be marked where they
first hit the ground…not where they end up. The champion will receive an award.
Throwing Accuracy
Each team can enter the entire player who has not participated in another event. Each player will
throw five baseballs from the specified mark on the field toward bucket set up at home plate.
Points are scored as follows: In the bucker 3 points, in the bucket with one bounce 2 points, hit the
bucket 1 point. Players tied after each round will move on to the next round and throw from a
further distance. The top thrower will receive an award.

World Series admission will be as follows:
13 Years and older $8.00 per day, tournament passes $25.00
6 to 13 years $6.00 per day, tournament passes $20.00
3 coach passes per team.

Gates will open at 7:30 AM during the tournament. There are several fields the teams may use to warm
up, but please say off of area roped off.

No Coolers will be allowed except the following please don’t ask for an exception

Arm bands will be given to each team they must be on the handle of the team cooler. All coolers are
subject to search.

The team cooler must not be over 48 quarts and can only have water and Gatorade in the chest. It must
be in the Dugout and it is for players and coaches only.
The second band is for a cooler with towels iced down for person on your team that get to hot.

If you have a person on your team that must have medical items that must be kept in a cooler we will
have a band available for that cooler.

Please help us out with this the concession will be open and the money from concession sales is put
back into the ball park.

All USSSA rules will apply. Please print them on USSSA.com and we will discuss any questions you have
in the coaches meeting. Time limit on pool play only is 1 hour 45 minutes or 6 innings and can end in a
tie, we will flip for home. Bracket games will not have a time limit and be 6 inning ball games. High seed
is home.

We want everybody to have a good time and have some great games.

We will be open at 1 PM for you to purchase WS souvenirs at the Aquarium or to pick up your
preorders. I will be sending out the check in schedule on Wednesday so if you have a preferred time
between 2 and 4 let me know. However remember not everybody can have 4 PM. We will move you
through as quickly as possible, help us out by having the kids in line with their birth certificates in the
order they are on your official on line roster.

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