MEETING EVALUATION - Finger Lakes Works by 4t1kE0o


                                Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 8:30-10:00am
                                      Ramada Inn Geneva Lakefront

      Chair: Richard Bonneville
      Members: Geoffrey Astles, Jeb Becker, Colleen Combs, Deborah Culeton, Clark Culver, Robert Doeblin, Dawn
      Edwards, Barbara Egenhofer, Deborah Flood, Fred Gaffney, Robert Leiby, Michael Mandina, Michael Manikowski, Dr.
      Joseph Marinelli, James Marquette, John Mueller, Don Oakleaf, Orlando Rivera, Suzanne Sinclair, Hal Smith, John
      Socha, Roy Spring and Jocelyn VanGelder
      Executive Director: Karen Springmeier
      Guests: Robert Aronson, Kathy Bailey, Peg Birmingham, Menzo Case, Angel Cook, Jodi Daniels, Lynn Freid, Carol
      Ann Joki, Amy Miller, Sherry Morse, Kathy Templar, Bob Trouskie and Brian Young
      Staff: Marcy Lynch, Jaimie Martin, Sherri Shoff, Debbie Sowards and Michael Woloson
      Presenter: Gerald Archibald from Bonadio and Jocelyn VanGelder from Finger Lakes Works/NYS DOL

      Kelly Bean, Lina Brennan, Dr. Joseph Burke, William Castiglione, Peg Churchill, Jennifer DeVault, Ron Golumbeck,
      Chris LaDelfa, Annette Leahy, Nicolette Leathersich, Victor Nelson, Dr. Barbara Risser, Angie Scanlon, Charlie
      Schillaci and Marty Teller

Mr. Bonneville called the meeting to order at 8:31am, welcomed everyone, new members were introduced and
additional introductions followed.

Economic Issues/Trends/Concerns:
     Mr. Manikowski
     Ms. Sinclair
     Ms. Flood
Program Changes:
     None to report
Privilege of the Floor:
     None to report

  *See the September 2008 Committee Work Plan & Key Highlights Summary for more specific details.
  o Finance & Audit: Mr. Oakleaf
     The focal point for the past few months has been the audit. Gerald Archibald will be presenting the Board
     the audit findings. The committee will continue working on realigning the budget.
  o Governance & Membership: Mr. Manikowski & Ms. Springmeier
     Welcome new members! The committee is currently working to fill the final private sector opening for Yates
     County. Self-Assessment surveys were distributed to each Board member to compete.
  o Marketing & Communications: Ms. Culeton
     The committee has not met due to lack of funds for marketing. Additional funds have been recently
  o Performance and Evaluation: Ms. Springmeier
     For the past year, the committee has been meeting at all the One Stop locations; the committee has
     agreed to meet at business locations for PY’08. The first meeting at a business was held on Wednesday,
     October 22 , 2008 @ Halco. The committee discussed ITA and On-the-Job (OJT)training
  o Planning: Mr. Smith
     The 3 Annual Finger Lakes Works…with their hands! Career Day is scheduled for October 2, 2008 at
     Rodman Lott Farms in Seneca Falls. The goal is to have 700 students signed up from 35 school
     districts…there is now a waiting list. The committee has briefly mentioned a 2-day event next year. The
     event still needs volunteers!!!! Please contact Sherri Shoff or Deb Sowards to sign-up. The committee
     received a donation from Five Star Bank and grants from New York State Department of Transportation
     and Senator Nozzolio. On another note, the MEPS class from January 2008 graduated in June. Halco
     hired 15 out of 21 students who graduated. The 2 class began in July and will run through December.
  o Youth Council: Mr. Doeblin
     The committee met on September 8 , 2008. There was a presentation by Ms. Marcy Lynch on the
     Internship program.
 Page 2                                         FLWIB Board Meeting                           September 17, 2008

    o   Consortium: Mr. Young
        The committee has been working on a few projects, developing an assessment for the job seekers, 599
        training approval can now be done locally for those seeking to attend training while still receiving UI
        benefits, and the WIB has been awarded a $50,000 grant to implement Metrix, an online assessment and
        e-learning program for job seekers and incumbent workers. The One Stop center staff has been providing
        rapid response services for those who have been laid off from DiPacific’s, Priority Transportation and
        School Specialties. The next Finger Lakes Works job fair will be held on September 29 , 2008 at the
        Ramada Inn Geneva Lakefront. 29 businesses are registered; there are still 3 open slots so register if you
        haven’t done so already.

  o Minutes from May 21, 2008 - Motion to approve by Mr. Culver, seconded by Ms. Bean. All in favor. Motion
  o Resolution #01-08– Approval of Intensive and Training Providers and Programs - Motion to approve
     made by Mr. Smith, seconded by Ms. Churchill. All in favor; motion carried.
  o Resolution #02-08: Approval of Lease Renewal – Motion to approve made by Mr. Teller, seconded by
     Mr. Spring. All in favor; motion carried.

“Getting To Know Us Better”
Bill Castiglione, Executive Director
Michele Wistner, Director, Abbey Industries

  o Results of May’s meeting evaluation were previously emailed. Everyone is encouraged to complete an
      evaluation for today’s meeting. Evaluations are reviewed by the Executive Committee and comments are
      taken into consideration for future meetings.

   o Mr. Mandina: The next full FAME meeting will be held on September 25 at the Ramada Inn Geneva
     Lakefront. The FAME committee is working with GLOW and Monroe county to expand the FAME and
     Health Care clusters to nine counties.

The next regular Board Meeting will be at Ramada Inn Geneva Lakefront on November 19, 2008 at 8:30 with
a networking breakfast beginning at 8:00am.

There being no other business, motion to adjourn the meeting offered by Mr. Teller and seconded by Ms. Bean.
Meeting adjourned at 9:42am.

                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                Jaimie Martin
                                                                Administrative Assistant

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