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									Petrescu Florin

 Pedrill Petrol .srl
2002 General Manager
Present. Activity of this company: directional-drilling jobs. We use Griffith mud motors,
Steering tools with Gamma Ray, Multi/Single shot, Gyro – Humphrey, Monel.

 Drillcontact
1999 senior field engineer
2002 Senior engineer in Directional Drilling Department. I worked with mud motors: Bico,
Dyna Drill, Griffith, MWD system, Steering tools, Gyro, Single/Multishot.

 D&G Oilfield Services
1996 Senior Engineer
1999 Senior Engineer
Senior Engineer in D.D Department. I worked with, Warrior logging system-Steering +G.R
(wet contact), down hole well survey (Champ, Gyro, Qms multi/single shot)
Reason for leaving: Slow business and company always late in paying salaries.

 Rompetrol of Libya
1991 Chief Engineer
1996 Chief Engineer
Activity: directional drilling, logging, perforating and fishing.
Reason for leaving: Company ceased activity in Libya

 Atlas G.I.P.S.A. Romania
1986 Senior Engineer in directional drilling section.
1991 Chief directional drilling section.
Supervising activity of 25 logging units around the country and also relief field engineers.
Reason for leaving: To work overseas.

 Iraq National Oil Company-Dresser Atlas Division
1983 Senior Engineer
1986 Senior Engineer
Full set production jobs, perforating and directional drilling jobs.
Reason for leaving : the war between Iraq and Iran.

 Atlas G.I.P.S.A. Romania
1974 Field Engineer
1983 Field Engineer
Directional Drilling Engineer and Perforating Engineer.
Reason for leaving: To work overseas.

 1968-1974 Oil, Gas and Geology University Bucharest Romania
Faculty of Drilling and Production Engineering
 1963-1968 I.L.Caragiale College, Ploiesti, Romania
Qualification : Graduated Drilling and Production Engineer

Skills :
 Mature, with 29 years experience, most of them worked abroad. Familiar with most of the
   problems found in drilling operations and logging, Highly versatile, capable of
   accomplishing a wide range of operations on offshore or onshore. I worked in Romania,
   Iraq and Libya. In Directional Drilling Jobs I worked with turbines and mud motors,
   MWD system and Steering tools with Gamma Ray.
 Solid computer knowledge: Win95, Win98, Win2000, M.S.Office, Autocad, Well Data
   System, Well plan, and Warrior system, Well analyzer.
 Recent studies have resulted in higher qualification and familiarization with updated
   logging and directional drilling equipment and techniques.

Professional training       :
 FloSys system ( EPS LTD )              -1997 Tripoli Libya
 Warrior Logging System          -1996 Tripoli Libya
 Dresser Atlas 5700 Series              -1996 Beijing China
 Horizontal & Lateral Drilling          -1996 Tripoli Libya
 Computerized Well Planing              -1991 Ploiesti Romania
 Elgy-Digital Logging Unit              -1990 Budapest Hungary
 Dresser Atlas 3600 Series              -1983 Ploiesti Romania
 Directional Drilling                   -1978 Ploiesti Romania
 Slick wire line Baker equipment -1975 Ploiesti Romania

 English                                 -fluent
 French                                  -fluent
 Rumanian                                -fluent
 Arabic                                  -basic
 Russian                                 -basic

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