The Republican problem with these wilderness designations is that their supporters among the big oil by 6en78I


									   The Republican Party's policies and beliefs evolved when there seemed to be an
infinite amount of resources available to exploit and infinite room for expansion
and growth. Intelligent, concerned, caring people now know that this is no longer
the case and that the continued pursuit of these policies is lowering and lowering
the quality of life for the vast majority of people. Instead of the possibilities
of riches available for all we are seeing a gradual consolidation of wealth and power
in a smaller and smaller group of people. The decline in the quality of our air, water
and land resources is a direct result of the Republican's plunder and pillage
policies. We can no longer allow this to
continue to happen. While the Democrats are certainly not the answer they will at
least keep things close to a holding pattern while new political parties and new
systems of thought and belief can take firm root and grow. This is the only chance
for a positive future for our planet. The Republican Party should follow the hundreds
of species driven to extinction daily by their misuse of our planet and disappear

On November 7, 2000, the United States will elect a new president. I would like to
warn people some of what they are voting for if they decide to cast their vote for
George Bush.

1. An increase in the income gap between the 5-10 percent of those who control 90-95
percent of the wealth and power in this country and the majority of us who tend to
live from paycheck to paycheck. What this essentially means is that while your
paycheck may not actually decrease your costs and expenses will increase, creating
the same effect. The Republicans are so unabashedly on the side of big business and
the extremely wealthy a vote for them is a vote for personal economic suicide. The
Republican tax cuts will include drastically cutting capital gains taxes, which are
largely taxes that the average person does not pay, simply because they do not have
enough money to earn any income from capital gains. Any federal tax cuts will result
in less money going from the federal government to state and local governments. This
will in turn result in either less local services or an increase in costs for these
services, either by privatization of these services or an increase in local taxes
(most likely property taxes). The bottom line in all this is that the tax burden will
be shifted from the wealthy who already have far more than enough to the middle class
who are struggling to get by as it is. The poor will simply become more miserable.

2. George Bush and the Republican Party would be the worst environmental
administration ever. In a time when we are approaching a crisis on many fronts the
Republican viewpoint seems to be that environmental protection will mean less wealth
for big business and the very rich. Bush is already talking about "reviewing" the
new wilderness areas created by the current administration. The Republican problem
with these wilderness designations is that their supporters among the big oil, big
mining and big timber interests will not be able to rape these areas for profit, again,
profit for just the few who control these industries. The few temporary jobs these
boom and bust industries create end with virtually entire communities on the dole
when the jobs end. In addition, when these people turn to the land to support
themselves they find a ravaged ecosystem capable of supporting little. Our clean air
and water legislation
currently in place does little enough to protect and improve (would you take an
unprocessed drink from any body of freshwater you know of, how about eating raw
shellfish from any local saltwater estuary), talk about relaxing these standards
borders on the insane yet big business cries that their profits suffer when forced
to comply with the minimal standards in place. Who listens? That's right, the
Republican Party.

3. The right wing of the Republican Party is also controlled in part by religious
factions. That is, supposedly Christian religious factions. Actually, while they can
accurately quote passages from the bible actually living life according to Christ's
precepts seems to be pushed aside for personal gain. I oppose no one having their
religious beliefs, that is a deeply personal thing and the government has absolutely
no business getting involved except to prevent any one religious faction from forcing
its beliefs upon others. History shows that any time a single religious faction gets
control of a government persecution of other beliefs soon follows. This is evident
around the world today as well as throughout the history of "civilization". Our
forefathers were wise enough to see the significance of this fact. They realized it
was so fundamental to a free society that they made separation of church and state
part of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I bring this up as a prelude
to asking a couple of questions about curious contradictions in the Republican Party's
and especially George Bush's actions. First, how can George Bush and the Republican
Party support the death penalty in its current form while they claim to be a pro-life
party. How many people on Death Row in Texas were recently found to actually be
innocent of the crimes they were to be put to death for? How many were guilty only
of not being able to obtain sufficient legal counsel? How many that died were really
put to death for political reasons (We're showing
that we're tough on crime by putting criminals to death)? Secondly, how can the
Republican Party and George Bush justify allowing animal, plant and other species
to become extinct at an unnaturally high rate solely because preventing this would
slightly impact the profits and wealth of big business and the
extremely rich? Do they think that destroying their god's creation, in which they
profess to believe, solely for monetary gain is an acceptable thing? These two points
illustrate that despite whatever dogma George Bush and the Republican Party elite
are using to dupe the rank and file membership of the Republican Party into supporting
them their one and only true aim is solely to increase the already extreme wealth
of the privileged few. They simply do not care about anything else!

I could go on and on here but I will end this with a short statement. We cannot make
progress in improving this country and the world if we start to roll back the little
progress we have made. If you have children or grandchildren and you care what sort
of future world they will have to live in, if you care for those who do not have all
the advantages, if you have any concern for anything other than gross profit, then
please do not vote for George Bush. Vote for Al Gore, vote for Ralph Nader, vote for
John Hagelin, vote Libertarian, vote Socialist, it doesn't matter, just DON'T VOTE

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