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                            HALL ON THURSDAY 15th MARCH 2012.

Present:        Councillor A Lee – Chairman (and Borough)
                Councillor I Turner – Vice-Chairman
                Councillors: C Brotherton (and Borough), M Hannay, J Fitzgerald, L Fossitt, S Ransome, R
                Foster, S Carter, D Smith, M Bourne, M Brookes (County), B Rush (Borough)
Also Present:   PCSO Williams, PC Appleby
                Mrs B Buttery – Clerk of the Council,

Public Forum
No members of the public attended.

33/12 Chairman’s Comments
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. He congratulated Cllr Brotherton on his succession to become
the next Mayor.

34/12 Apologies for absence and reason given
Cllr Skinner – work – accepted by members.

35/12 Receipt of declarations of interest regarding items on the agenda in accordance with the Local
Government Act 2000.
Cllr Fitzgerald declared a personal interest in item 12 on the Agenda – Town Hall.
Cllrs Turner and Lee declared a personal interest in item 10 on the Agenda – Planning – B/12/0047 as the
applicant is known to both personally plus Cllr Lee wished to inform members that he had visited the site
with the applicant.

36/12 Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
It was proposed by Cllr Fitzgerald, seconded by Cllr Smith and agreed by the remainder that the notes from
the meeting on the 16th February 2012, previously circulated were a true account of the meeting and
should be recorded as the minutes.

37/12 Police Matters
12 crimes had been reported since the last meeting:
3 x thefts of catalytic convertors – undetected
1 x theft of heating oil - undetected
1 x criminal damage to a vehicle – under investigation
1 x assault – arrest made
1 x criminal damage – under investigation
1 x theft of gates – undetected
2 x arson – hay bales – under investigation
1 x significant criminal damage – 2 arrests made
(Cllr Rush arrived)
1 x assault – arrest made

The Police informed members that there had been arrests made in Horncastle for metal thefts and there
was an on-going initiative to stop the theft of metal.

(Cllr Foster arrived)
(Police left the meeting)
38/12 Viewpoints on questions from members of the public
No public attended

39/12 Report from the minutes of the previous meeting
a. Finally, the contractors have been in and sorted out the soil in the new park.
   It was resolved, however, that the park should not be opened until the play equipment is installed to
   give the newly sown grass seed time to start to grow.
b. Letter sent to Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership – this is on-going at the moment whilst a date
   mutually convenient to all parties is reached.
c. Letter of support and an undertaking to pay the money requested (£10000 plus £2435.62 third party
   funding) sent in with the application to WREN from the Town Hall Committee. However, the Chairman
   of the Town Hall Committee said that should they be successful in gaining funding from WREN the full
   amount may not be needed (i.e. £12435.62).
d. A request for an additional grit bin has been sent to LCC for Marketstead Estate.
e. Letter of thanks has been sent to Mr and Mrs Brown on their retirement from Kirton Brass Band for all
   their efforts with the Last Night of The Proms over the years.
f. Letter of confirmation sent to the Secretary of Kirton Brass Band that the Parish Council will organise
   any future Last Night of the Proms.
g. Pot holes on Sentence Crescent reported to LCC ref: AF764638
h. The Playing Field Committee has resolved to order additional equipment for the park to be installed at
   the same time as the other equipment is installed.
i. Clerk met with representatives from the Royal Mail – they will assess the village and make a decision as
   to whether an additional post box in the centre of the village will be installed.

40/12 Correspondence received which the Council are invited to resolve on
a. Boston Borough Council – Footway lighting – the Borough has decided not to make any changes to the
   current arrangement after comments and observations received.
b. Frampton Parish Council – support in Kirton’s endeavours to make the junction of the A52/B1192 safer.
c. Best Kept Village Competition
   It was resolved unanimously to enter the two villages separately.
d. LCC – proposed Highway Works – Jan – March 2012 – Kirton, Edinburgh Drive – completed, Kirton End
   – Donington Rd Gas works – Mar – April 2012 – started.
e. Boston Mayflower - Diamond Jubilee Celebratory Grant – up to £100 available to those organising
   Jubilee events. This was given to Cllr Rylott to apply for the community group organising the event at
   Kirton Holme.
f. Lincolnshire County Council – Lighting of Junction A52/B1192 Station Road
   Highways policy says that the criteria are not me to illuminate the junction. It was proposed by Cllr
   Brookes that members could arrange a site visit with Highways and see whether lighting and signing up
   the junction could improve it. Clerk to arrange.
                                                                                              Action Clerk
41/12 Matters for the attention of Lincolnshire County Council
a. Kirton Holme
   The Jubilee beacon has been completed and a site found to house it. The plans for celebrations for the
   Jubilee are on-going in Kirton Holme.
b. Other matters for/from the County Council
   The no parking order for Kyme Mews has now gone through committee as proposed. It is likely not to
   be implemented until October as all the legal aspects regarding decriminalising parking are being put in
   place for the County Council to take over the issuing of parking tickets.
   At the last Parish Council meeting Cllr Brookes was asked how the No Parking order was advertised, this
   was as follows: advertised in the local paper (Boston Target or Standard) and on lamp posts near to the

    PC Appleby has informed Cllr Brookes that nearer to the time of the double yellow lines being put in,
    the Police will hand deliver to houses immediately in the vicinity a leaflet explaining what is going to
    happen and the consequences of parking on double yellow lines and this will be in a couple of

    The planning application for the Tyre Recycling Site at Sutterton is still on-going so nothing to report

42/12 Planning applications:
B/12/0047 – Construction of a detached two bedroom house at Land to the east of 7 Willington Road,
Kirton - NO OBJECTIONS to development, however, concern was raised that the parking could be extremely
tight and only one car would be able to park in the parking slot shown on the plans, any additional vehicles,
or larger vehicles would have to park on Willington Road adding to the numerous vehicles which already
B/12/0056 – Construction of 2no. Fishing lakes and associated site works to be used and managed in
association with the existing training facility and open to members of the public at The House Fist Steps
Training Ltd, Far Drove, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

43/12 Accounts for payment
It was proposed by Cllr Fitzgerald, seconded by Cllr Smith and agreed by the remainder that the accounts as
per payment sheet no. 12/12 dated March 2012 should be paid.

44/12 Town Hall
Members were informed that the Town Hall committee should hear whether their WREN application was
successful by mid-April.

The Clerk informed members that the street light outside the Office side of the building needed to be
changed as a replacement cover could not be sourced. It was agreed unanimously to change the whole of
the head of the light.

The lights to the side of the Fire Station have been changed – they needed new units as the others were

Members agreed to trial the new type of CCTV camera suggested as an improvement to the existing type.
This is to be reviewed again in the future. (Vote 10 for, 1 against, 1 abstention – carried).

45/12 Cemetery
The lease is reported to be almost complete and should be ready for signing in April.

46/12 Reports for Various Bodies
Cllr Carter reported that a gully had dropped outside the Youth Centre on High Street – Clerk to report to

Cllr Bourne reported that he has approached local businesses with regards to getting the verge at the
roundabout on A16/Station Road sponsored (with planting) and may also be able to get the roundabout
sponsored too. This is on-going.
                                                                                              Action Cllr Bourne
Cllr Turner reported that the old Fire Station is still an eyesore. Cllr Foster offered to speak to the resident
and ask for it to be tidied up.
                                                                                               Action Cllr Foster
47/12 Parish matters
a. Recreation Project

     The contractors have finally sorted out the ground at the new Park. It was resolved that this should be
     kept closed to villagers until the play equipment is installed at the beginning of April.
b. Inspection Rota
     Cllr Hannay will continue for the time being. Nothing to report at this time.
     (Cllr Hannay left the meeting)
c. Pensioners Xmas Dinner
     Cllr Ransome informed members that unfortunately the college has let her down on catering for the
     Christmas Dinner. Members resolved to address ideas nearer to the time.
d. Last night of the Proms
     There will be a meeting of the committee to discuss the 2012 event.
e. Kirton in Bloom – discuss and set prizes
     Mr Richard Reed of Richard Reed Builders has offered to sponsor the Kirton in Bloom this year. Cllr
     Allen will speak to Mr Reed again and suggest that he purchases vouchers to use as prizes. 1st prize to
     be a voucher for £30, 2nd for £20 in the 2 categories.
                                                                                               Action Cllr Lee
     It was proposed by Cllr Turner that the parish Council purchases ‘window boxes’ for the war memorial
     area. It was resolved unanimously that the Clerk should purchase 6.
                                                                                                 Action Clerk
48/12 Date & time of the next Parish Council Meeting
The next Parish Council Meeting will be held 19th April at 7.15 pm in the Christ Church Hall, Kirton Holme
with the public forum at 7.00 pm. There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman thanked those
in attendance and declared the meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

Dated :                                                                  Chairman:


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