Submission of water samples for stable isotope measurement by 53O56BDZ



              Submission of water samples for stable isotope measurements
                     Applied Isotope Science (AGg) and Isotope Science Laboratory (ISL)
                                            University of Calgary

     All samples must be free of debris and excess sediment (leaves, twigs, algae, sediment etc.) and
should be field filtered to a minimum 0.45m pore size.

Notes on sample collection:
   For dissolved nitrate and dissolved sulfate isotopic analysis, field filtration to 0.45m pore size is
     critical as it removes bacteria which can compromise both 15NNO3- and 34SSO4= values.
   Bacterial activity will not affect 18O or DH values
   High flowing groundwater wells are often clean enough that no filtration is necessary if only 18O
     and DH are required
   Oil & gas production well waters should be collected so that they are as free of petroleum products
     as is possible
   To minimize the number of bottles used, a single, large (1 liter or 500 ml) sample can be
     submitted. We will sequential analyze 18O & 2H, 13CDIC and 34SSO4 by removing aliquots as needed.
     Samples for 15N & 18O of dissolved nitrate should be collected in a separate bottle.
   Collecting and retaining a duplicate of each sample (incase of loss during transport or transfer to
     the ISL) is always a good idea

Notes on sample submission:
   Completion of an ISL - Sample Submission form is mandatory
   Always use waterproof labels and markers when labeling sample bottles/vials
   Use abbreviated sample IDs (12 characters or less)


    Refrigerate samples for transport to the ISL (cooler with icepacks is fine). Dissolved nitrate
     samples can be frozen
    If samples can be kept cool and transported to the ISL within a few days, NO biocides are
    NO biocides should ever be added to dissolved nitrate samples

      All samples must be submitted to the ISL via the lab manager. Contact Mr. Stephen Taylor,, 403-210-6003 for all enquires, submission forms and shipping address.


Isotope             ISL technique        Quantity          Container                           Comments
of                  sensitivity          Required for
Interest                                 Isotopic analysis
   OH2O &           Minimum 2 ml         A single 20 ml is       Standard high density         Minimally coarse filter sample in
  HH2O              needed for 18O       sufficient for both.    polyethylene (HDE) or         field. Flush sample bottle a
                    measurement.                                 nalgene botles with tight     minimum of 3 times with sample.
                                                                 fitling caps. More critical   Fill vial to capacity and cap
                    2                                            is the cap liner.             tightly. Avoiding evaporation of
                        HH2O analysis
                    requires 0.5 ml                              Polyethylene cone liners      sample via poor sealing cap is
                    minimum.                                     or rubber liners are best.    main concern. Wrapping a small
                                                                 Avoid cap liners made         strip of parafilm or tape around
                                                                 with any part of pulp         the cap skirt and bottle neck
                                                                 (cardboard) as they will      helps stop the caps from
                                                                 swell and compromise          loosening during transport
                                                                 cap tightness.                and/or storage.
     CDIC           30 ppm [HCO3-] is    Minimum of 50 ml is     Standard HDE sampling         Minimally coarse filter sample in
(dissolved          measurable.          required.               bottles with proper           field. Flush sample bottle a
inorganic carbon)
                                                                 sealing cap.                  minimum of 3 times with sample.
     Sdissolved     0.06 ppm [SO4=] is   Depends on [sulfate]    Standard HDE sampling         Field filter to 0.45m. Flush
   =                measurable, but a    content of water.       bottles with proper
SO4                                                                                            sample bottle a minimum of 3
                    separate 1L sample   Ultimately we require   sealing cap.                  times with sample. Supply [SO4=]
                    must be supplied.    ~0.5mg clean                                          data if known.
                                         BaSO4 ppt. If you
                                         know your [SO4] you
                                         can calculate the
                                         minimum volume to
                                         collect. Otherwise,
                                         500 ml to 1 liter is
                                         typically sufficient.


   N&           ~1 ppm [NO3-] is   20 ml.             Standard HDE sampling   Field filter to 0.45m. Flush
18              measurable.                           bottles with proper     sample bottle a minimum of 3
      -                                               sealing cap.            times with sample. [NO3-]
                                                                              compositional data is required
                                                                              prior to isotope analysis.
                                                                              Samples may be frozen to
                                                                              preserve. NEVER add biocide.


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