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					      OHS takes PRIDE in becoming lifelong learners. Preparing Responsible Students In a
                     Diverse environment while aiming for Excellence.
                                                                                                        Ms. Bass
                                                                                                        Room I3

     Dear Guardians of students in Ms. Bass’ Problem Solving class,

     To get the most out of education, all students and the teacher need to follow certain procedures and rules.
     They include, but are not limited to the list below. Please review them with your child and then sign and
     return the bottom portion of this form. The remainder is to be kept in the front of his/her math binder.

                                            Expected Classroom Behavior
            Students will not cheat on tests. This includes copying and letting their tests be copied. If any
             cheating is suspected both students will receive a score of zero or will be required to return before
             or after school to retake another version. In addition, they will have earned an unsatisfactory
             citizenship mark for that grading period.
            Students will not cheat on homework. This includes copying and letting their homework be
             copied. If caught, both students will receive a score of zero on the assignment.
            Every student is entitled to silence when taking a test. Therefore, students will not communicate
             with others in any way during tests. This includes passing notes and/or whispering!
            Students need to be prepared. They need to have their binder, paper, writing utensils, and
             calculators. (Calculators can be checked out from the school library if you choose not to
             purchase one.) The class will be taught assuming that students bring these at all times.
            Students will arrive on time to class and will begin work immediately. Any student not seated
             with their work out when the bell rings will be issued a tardy. This will be strictly enforced.
            Students will be required to present homework questions per semester in front of the class with
             prior notice. Failure to do so will greatly impact their Participation score.

                                               Bathroom Privileges
     Each student will get 2 bathroom passes per quarter. If students wish to go to the restroom more than
     twice they must use a renaissance card or make up five minutes before or after class.

                                                  Grading Policies
    Binders = 5%          Homework = 25%          Participation = 20%        Quizzes = 30%             Final = 20%

                                                    Grade scale
A+ 97.5-110%            B+ 87.5%-89.49%             C+ 77.5% - 79.49%          D+ 67.5% - 69.49%
A 91.5% - 97.49%        B 81.5% - 87.49%            C 71.5% - 77.49%           D 61.5% - 67.49%            F 0% - 59.49%
A- 89.5% - 91.49%       B- 79.5% - 81.49%           C- 69.5% - 71.49%          D- 59.5% - 61.49%
                                           Stamp Sheets
Homework will not be collected; only weekly stamp sheets. Assignments in which all questions
are attempted are worth 10 points; those with a small portion left blank are worth 8 points. If an
assignment is late, it is worth 5 points. Late work is accepted until the day the relevant stamp
sheet is due. Stamp sheets turned in after Tuesday will not be accepted unless prior
arrangements have been made.

Students need to keep all their work from the class in this binder – no loose papers – and bring it
to class daily. Binders will need 3 sections: one each for homework, notes, and tests. Binders
will be collected at random times throughout each quarter and must be brought to class daily.

                                             Absent Work
Students who miss work have until the following Monday to make it up, unless absent on either
Friday or Monday, in which case they have until Tuesday. It’s the student’s responsibility to
keep on top of this. A homework log is posted inside of the room. When applicable, worksheets
will be in the file box in the folder for the appropriate day of the week.

                                           Office Hours
 There will no official tutoring sessions. Students are encouraged to come in for help as soon as
  they don’t understand a concept. Ms. Bass will not be in her classroom before school. There
            will occasionally be conflicts and they will be posted on the whiteboard.

   Monday               Tuesday            Wednesday            Thursday              Friday
  Open Lunch          Closed Lunch          Open Lunch          Open Lunch         Closed Lunch
  2:05 - 3:20          2:05 – 2:30          2:05 - 3:20         2:05 – 3:20         2:05 - 3:20

                                           School Events
When students are given the opportunity to attend school functions during class, only those with
a C- or better will be given the teacher’s permission to do so, since students who are not passing
need every bit of instruction.

                                         Mailing Groups
If you or your child wishes to receive occasional updates or information, please include your
email addresses below. Please keep in mind that if the teacher can’t read them (or tell numbers
from letters), she can’t use them.

                       ESLRs – Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
                                     Students will be…RED…
                   Ready for college and career opportunities upon graduation.
                          Engaged learners achieving academic growth.
              Diligent participants in a community, both within school and beyond.

Please detach and sign below. To be added to the class’ email group, include your address.

        By signing you agree that you understand the information on the syllabus above.

  ________________________          _______________________         ______________________
     Student’s printed name            Guardian’s signature          Guardian’s email address

       ______________________          ______________________        ________     ________
          Student’s signature            Student’s email address       date        period

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