Resume Tips - DOC

					                               Resume Tips
  These resume-writing guidelines apply to every individual, regardless of the
               industry, professional level or job of interest.

You should …

     Customize your resume
         o Tailor resume for each position.
         o Focus on employer's needs, identifying how individual skills &
           accomplishments meet/exceed their requirement.

     Practice brevity - keep it short
         o Make resumes one to two pages long.
         o Write qualifications & accomplishments in concise bullet points that can
             be read quickly.
         o Select words with care and avoid run-on sentences. Read every sentence
             out loud. If you find yourself gasping for breath, break the sentence in

     Showcase your achievements
         o Mention at least two or three of your top achievements within the top third
           of page one–this is the most valuable real estate on your resume.

     Use action words
         o To add life to your resume, use bulleted sentences that begin with action
            words like prepared, developed, monitored, presented, etc.

     Match your resume with the position
         o Review want ads for positions that interest you. Use the key words listed
            in these ads to match them to bullets in your resume.

     Make it readable
        o Select an easy-to-read font & type size–no less than 11 points.
        o Leave some white space, rather than a full page of text, with no breaks.
        o Use a standard font if sending resume via e-mail. And, to preserve
             formatting, send the resume as an attachment, rather than cutting and
             pasting into the e-mail text box.

     Edit & proof your resume
         o Read resumes carefully–check spelling, grammar and punctuation.
         o Send to friends, a mentor or a career counselor to review.

     Think quality
         o Use good quality paper stock.
         o Select white or cream-colored paper.

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