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					                FEDERAL SUPPLY SERVICE
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                                    FSC GROUP 58 Part I
                    Professional Audio / Video, Telecommunications and
                                     Security Solutions

                                        SIN 58-1
             Recording and Reproducing Video and Audio Equipment, including
                          Spare & Repair Parts, and Accessories

                                FEDERAL SUPPLY CLASS 5820

                           CONTRACT NUMBER: GS-03F-0008L
 For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules click on the FSS Schedules
                            button at http://www.fss.gsa.gov.

CONTRACT PERIOD: NOVEMBER 14, 2010 through NOVEMBER 13, 2015

                     450 Wheeling Rd.
                     Wheeling, IL 60090
                     TEL: 847-459-5207
                     FAX: 847-459-5262

BUSINESS SIZE: Woman Owned, Small

1a. 58-1, Pages 4 to 19

1b. Lowest price item: Model EL-21 $80.00

2.   Maximum Order: $50,000.00

3.   Minimum Order: $100.00

4.   Geographic Coverage: Includes the Continental United States and District of Columbia.

5.   Point of Production: Wheeling, Illinois and Columbus, Ohio USA

6.   Discount from List Price: Prices listed herein are "net"; discount has been deducted.

7.   Quantity Discount:: 0%

8.   Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30 days

9.  Government Credit Cards: Government credit cards are accepted.
       9a. Government purchase cards are accepted below the micropurchase threshold.
       9b. Government purchase cards are accepted above themicropurchase threshold.
10. Foreign Item: Not applicable.

11a. Time of Delivery:                           Stock - 30 days ARO.

11b. Expedited Delivery:                         Overnight for products in stock.

11c. Overnight and 2-Day Deliver:                Overnight and 2-Day Delivery available for stock items.
                                                 Please contact contractor for rates.

11d. Urgent Requirements:                        When the Federal Supply Schedule contract delivery
                                                 period does not meet bona fide urgent delivery
                                                 requirements of an ordering agency, agencies are
                                                 encouraged, if time permits, to contact the Contractor
                                                 for the purpose of obtaining accelerated delivery. The
                                                 Contractor shall reply to the inquiry within 3 working
                                                 days after receipt. (Telephone replies shall be
                                                 confirmed by the Contractor in writing.) If the
                                                 Contractor offers an accelerated delivery time
                                                 acceptable to the ordering agency, any order(s)
                                                 placed pursuant to the agreed upon accelerated
                                                 delivery time frame shall be delivered within this
                                                 shorter delivery time and in accordance with all other
                                                 term and conditions of the contract.
                                                 Agencies may also contact contractor’s
                                                 representative to effect a faster delivery.
12. FOB Point(s):                                  Destination

13. Ordering Addresses:

                                                   JELCO, INC. / GSA
                                                   450 WHEELING RD.
                                                   WHEELING, IL 60090
4. Payment Addresses:

                                                   JELCO, INC.
                                                   450 WHEELING RD.
                                                   WHEELING, IL 60090

15. Warranty Provision:                            One year Limited Warranty , except as stated.

16. Exporting Packing:                             Not applicable.

17. Terms and conditions of Government
Commercial Credit                                  Card Acceptance: Credit cards are accepted.

18. Terms and Conditions of Rental,
Maintenance and Repair:                            Not applicable.

19. Terms and Conditions of Installation:          Contact Contractor.

20. Terms and Conditions of Repair Parts:          Contact Contractor.

20a.Terms and Conditions for any other services:   Not applicable.

21.List of Service and Distribution Points:

                                                   JELCO, INC.
                                                   450 WHEELING RD.
                                                   WHEELING, IL 60090
                                                   Tel: 847-459-5207
                                                   Fax: 847-459-5262

22. List of Participating Dealers:                 Not applicable.

23. Preventive Maintenance:                        Not applicable.

24. Environmental Attributes:                      Not applicable.

25. DUNS Number:                                   79-2077240

26. CCR Registration:                              CAGE CODE 3EBX7

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