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									Scholarship    Description                              Deadline                            Deadline
#1            AES Engineers      This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of your    October 5, 2012
               Scholarship       character, as determined by answering one of the
                                 essay questions in 1000 words or less. Apply online

#2            Greater Akron      Two scholarships will be awarded to one male and          October 13,
              Soccer Officials   one female soccer player in the Akron area.                  2012
#3                               This scholarship is available to students who have a       October 25,
              Horatio Alger      2.0 or above GPA, extracurricular activities, critical       2012
               Association       financial need and have exhibited integrity and
              Scholarships       perseverance inovercoming personal adversity. Apply
                                 online at

#4              Coca Cola        Scholarships are available to seniors who                  October 31,
               Scholarships      demonstrate leadership, commitment to the                    2012
                                 community and academic achievement. For complete
                                 details and to apply online at www.coca-

#5              Ohio Society     Qualifications for this scholarship are based on          February 1,
               Daughters of      academic excellence and financial need. No                   2012
               the American      association with DAR is required.
               (DAR) Wings
                 of Eagles

#6               National        Scholarships are available for students majoring in       February 15,
                  Society        history, political science, government, economics,           2012
               Daughters of      nursing, medical, music, business, education and
               the American      chemistry.

#7              Young Arts       The National Foundation for advancement in the            October 19,
                 Awards          Arts is offering scholarships to talented students in        2012
                 Program         the following categories: Cinematic Arts, Dance, Jazz,
                                 Music, Photography, Theater, Visual Arts, Voice, and
                                 Writing. Students may apply to one or more
                                 categories. Apply online at

#8            Fireside Essay     Walsh can nominate one student for this scholarship      November 30,
               Scholarship       that recognizes outstanding Catholic High School             2012
                                 seniors who are daily “putting their faith into
                                 action”. Financial need is not a consideration. See
                                 Mrs. Robinson, Room A5, if you are interested in this
#9        AXA          Scholarships will be awarded to students who      December 1,
       Achievement     are well rounded, determined to succeed and          2012
       Scholarship     have demonstrated achievement at a job, sport
                       or extracurricular activity. Apply online at
                       December 1, 2012.

#10    University of   Students interested in attending the University   December 1,
       Cincinnati’s    of Cincinnati will be considered for this            2013
       Cincinnatus     scholarship based on academic abilities,
           XVI         creative skills and leadership potential.
       Scholarship     Requirements are a completed admission
                       application at, a
                       transcript and official test scores from the
                       testing agency.
#11   Elks National    Requirements include work experience,             December 7,
       Foundation      community service, leadership and extra              2012
      Most Valuable    curricular activities.

#12      Mensa         This organization is committed to the pursuit      January 15,
       Education &     of excellence in the areas of intelligence. The       2013
        Research       scholarship is available to every Walsh Jesuit
       Foundation      senior. For complete details and to apply
                       online see

#13   National Co-Op   This scholarship program applies to numerous      February 15,
       Scholarship     schools including Kettering University, RIT,         2013
         Program       University of Cincinnati, University of
                       Massachusetts Lowell, University of Toledo,
                       and others. Requirements are acceptance to
                       the college or university and a 3.5 or above
                       GPA. For complete details, list of schools, and
                       to apply online see

#14      BigSun        All student athletes currently involved in a      June 21, 2013
       Scholarship     sport are eligible for this scholarship. Apply
                       online at
#15       PFAB         The Performing and Fine Arts Booster Club         December 3,
       Scholarship     once again is offering three $1,000 Walsh            2012
                       Jesuit High School tuition scholarships for
                       current seniors. The scholarship will be
                       awarded to the students who best exemplify
                       commitment and dedication to furthering the
                       arts at Walsh Jesuit.
                       Applications will be reviewed by a selection
                       committee, comprised of one member of the
                     Walsh Jesuit Board of Trustees, one alumni
                     parent, and a community representative
                     involved in the Arts. No current PFAB or
                     Walsh Jesuit parent will be involved in the
                     selection process.
#16        Ohio      Females attending Ohio University are eligible       February 15,
        University   for this scholarship. The criteria are an               2013
      Women’s Club   unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above, at
        of Greater   least a 25 ACT and/or 1140 SAT. See College
        Cleveland    Guidance or for an
       Scholarship   application and complete details.
#17      B. Davis    This scholarship is available to all seniors. The   March 27, 2013
       Scholarship   requirement is to discuss, in less than 1000
                     words, “what you consider to be the most
                     important issue that society has to deal with in
                     the next 10 to 20 years and why the issue is
                     important”. For complete details and to
                     submit your essay see
#18    Abbott and    – Interested seniors need to complete a 500 to      June 14, 2013
         Fenner      1000 word essay on “What have you done
       Scholarship   outside the classroom that demonstrates
        Program      qualities sought after by the post secondary
                     institution that you are hoping to attend? Also,
                     which of these qualities means the most to
                     you?” For complete details see

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