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Dec. 4, 2009                                                                                     Contact:

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                      Ken-Tool® Introduces the Nineteen-Five™

                Tire Mounting and Demounting Tool Set for 19.5" Truck Tires

AKRON, Ohio (Dec. 4, 2009) - Ken-Tool, a leader and innovator in tire-service tools, announces the
Nineteen-Five, a tire mounting and demounting tool set designed to make changing 19.5" truck tires
easier and safer.

This specially designed tool set takes the hassle out of changing 19.5" truck tires, which are notoriously
difficult to mount and demount due to their thick beads and high ply-rating internal construction.

This year, 19.5" truck tires have accounted for more than eight percent of new OE vehicle fitments and
10 percent of all OE replacement commercial truck tires sold.

The Nineteen-Five (# 33195) Includes:

       (2) Two Nineteen-Five Bars (# 33199) for mounting and demounting tires, measuring 38-inches
        each in length and only 3.5-pounds in weight

       (1) One patent-pending Bead Holder (# 33196) for 19.5" aluminum wheels, measuring 7-½ -
        inches in length

       (1) One Solid Brass Bead Holder (# 31710) for steel wheels

       (1) One patented Leather Aluminum Wheel Protector pad (# 31810), which protects rims from
        marring and scratching

The tire bars are uniquely designed to work on the hub-side of the wheel where the hub protrudes
above the wheel's rim. The unique tip designs at the end of the bars aid in the manipulation of the tire,
and require less physical effort from the tire technician.

The Nineteen-Five tools and Bead Holder for aluminum wheels are forged from high-grade carbon steel
and are heat-treated for long-lasting strength and durability. They are then powder-coated to protect
against rust and corrosion for a long, trouble-free life.

For more information about the Nineteen-Five tool set and to watch the video demonstration of the kit
in-use, visit

About Ken-Tool
Ken-Tool is the leading manufacturer of tire service hand tools in the world. Headquartered in Akron,
Ohio, Ken-Tool has been providing the tire industry and automotive aftermarket with quality products for
more than 87 years.


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