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									                   Lancaster Select Soccer Association
                         September 18, 2007 – 8:00pm
                    Clark-Behrens Insurance Meeting Room

President: Steve Heimberger
Vice President: Tim Galecki
Secretary: Winnie Boyle
Treasurer: Chris Dryden
MOSSL Rep: Steve Blower
Coaches: Christy Fay, Tony Santino

Called to Order By: Tim Galecki
Called to Order Time: 8:00pm

    August minutes were distributed by Winnie Boyle.
    Changes to Augusts’ minutes: Under New Business changes Steve Blower to
      Scott Blower.
    Tony motioned to accept the minutes.
    Motion was 2nd by Christy
    Motion was voted upon and carried.

Treasurer’s Report:
    The new website will be and will be $79 dollars
      for the next 2 years and the bill has already been paid.
    Keep the Revolution money where it is currently for now. If there is no
      Revolution team in spring, transfer balance to Lions. Changes need made to the
      Treasury report.
    All money for the Lions team has been turned in.
    Steve needs to have money paid to him for the website bill and the new nets.
    There was a bill sent to LSSA from August of 2006 for $426.00. We need to
      figure out whether the bill has been paid and if not pay it ASAP.
    Steve motioned to accept the report.
    All money for the Wildcats had been turned in.
    All but one has paid from the FURY team.
    Motion was 2nd by Christy Fay.
    Motion was voted upon and carried.

MOSSL Report:
   Nothing to report from MOSSIL.

                   Lancaster Select Soccer Association
                         September 18, 2007 – 8:00pm
                    Clark-Behrens Insurance Meeting Room

Team Report:
    LIGHTNING (U15 boys) – No Report.

      WILDCATS (U12 boys) 2-0-1; Lost 6 players the season. 4 players went to
       football, 1 to Pickerington and 1 to Texas. The team has zero subs, but they are
       doing well. A complaint will probably be filed against a ref because he was last
       coming back from a 30 min. storm warning.

    HAWKS (U11 boys) – 1-2-1; Tony is gong to file a complaint about a ref to John
      Brunney. One of the refs helped out really well and explained rules. Tony had
      to have a parent help ref a game.

      FUSION (U15 girls) – 0-3; All the games have been close with one point loses.
       They have really improved this season and the girls are having fun. The team
       may possibly have a new player. The coaches need to determine how to get her
       carded for the team and what to charge for the season.

      FURY (U12 girls) – 1-2-1; The team is scoring as many goals as they are giving
       up. Our backs are weak and we need to work on getting them better at helping
       the keeper.

      LIONS (U9 boys) – 0-3; The team has not yet scored this season. The boys are
       doing better and having fun.

Old Business:

New Business/Discussion:
ODP Information:
Why should talented players compete for places on US Youth Soccer/ Ohio
South Youth Soccer's Olympic Development Program teams?
The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program has been in existence
for over 30 years and has established a track record for quality and
commitment in elevating the best players to the national teams
On the women's side in particular, ODP is the most widely recognized
pipeline to the national teams. For example, every member of the
current USA World Cup squad was a member of a state ODP team at one
point in their careers.
With over 30 years of experience, US Youth Soccer is the most organized
youth soccer organization in the world. This experience means top
quality programming, top quality administration, and top quality
professional coaches working closely with national team coaches to make

                  Lancaster Select Soccer Association
                        September 18, 2007 – 8:00pm
                   Clark-Behrens Insurance Meeting Room
the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program the best vehicle
American soccer have to offer for player advancement.

Why should OSYSA players attempt the ODP process if they may not be not
national caliber? Two reasons: training and exposure.
The OSYSA Olympic Development Staff is not under pressure to win games
and therefore better positioned to teach the "international" game.
This approach includes teaching players to understand how to control
and change the games' rhythms: by opening or constricting space; by
dribbling or circulating the ball at speed; and by combining in small
groups. This style of play brings inherent risks that often result in
loss of possession and loss of goals, but players who aspire to higher
levels must understand and apply this knowledge or pay the price of
eventual exclusion. The second main benefit of ODP participation is
exposure to college coaches. The regional camps are amongst the most
important dates on the recruiting calendar and the identification
process begins as early as the freshman year for the major schools who
now receive verbal commitments from sophomores! Typically around 100
college coaches,including all the major schools in the Midwest, attend
the region II camps in July to ID players. Many smaller schools (the
so-called Mid-majors) also attend regional camp looking for second and
third-tier state team players because they cannot attract or afford the
elite performers who often commit to a university in their sophomore
year of high school! Given the sheer volume of players in the United
States, having "ODP" on a resume is almost as vital as having a solid
SAT or ACT score! Simply, the ODP acts as a national filter system and
"ODP state team" players have established a status and credibility that
college coaches recognize and appreciate as being superior for the more
competitive states: Ohio North and Ohio South routinely combine to
place approximately 20% of all regional pool players in both boys and
girls programs.

For more information about ODP please go to this link:

To register please go to the following link:

If you are a coach or know a coach who should be involved in ODP please
go to the following link:

     If you are born in 1996 is the cutoff age group. Scott and Tim and Chris will sign
      up there kids to attend and Scott is willing to help car pool.
     John Brunney is sending a ref schedule to Steve every week.
     The Hunter Trace goal is not to put it in a Lancaster Parks soccer field. Steve
      Conrad will not allow the goad to be on the field. Winnie has the goal now. A
      vote was taken to give Winnie the goal with no lialibility to fall on LSSA.
      Scott motioned to give Winnie the goal.
      Steve 2nd the motion.

                   Lancaster Select Soccer Association
                         September 18, 2007 – 8:00pm
                    Clark-Behrens Insurance Meeting Room
        Motioned was carried.
        **NOTE: This is a note to let everyone know that I Winnie Boyle will not hold
        LSSA responsible for any liability for the soccer goal I received from LSSA.
     Steve is willing to help anyone that wants to help paint the field.
     LSSA needs to get some high school girls on some teams and have the coaches
        from the high schools coach the teams. Will said he would help assistant coach.
        We need to find out the rules that pertain to having the high school kids be in
     Question of the evening: Why is Tony’s wife with him and we are all wondering
     Tony is a good contact for money. (Money Bags)
     The website is outdated and needs updated badly.
     Tony’s team needed 14 pairs of youth small socks. We will hold the extra socks
        for next year.
**We will be moving the meetings to every third Wednesday instead of Tuesday
starting in October.

Meeting Ending Time: 9:30pm
Meeting Ended By: Scott motioned to end the meeting and Christy 2nd the motion.
Next Meeting: October 17, 8:00pm @ Clark-Behrens


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