OCTEO FDF Survey by i301aw


									Capital University                           Name___________________
Helen Bluth, Director
Office of Field Services                     University________________
Jim Wightman, Licensure Officer

Please respond to the following questions regarding your institution’s
Education Program.

   1) What are the basic requirements for acceptance into your Education

      _____ GPA (enter the required minimum GPA)

      _____ Passage of Praxis I (check if appropriate)

      _____ other (please specify, and if a score/grade is associated with
      the requirement please list the criteria)

   2) May students who are missing one requirement (or more) petition for
      admission to teacher education?

      _____ Yes _____ No
   If yes, please explain the procedure:

   3) Are there separate requirements in order to student teach?

      _____ Yes        _____ No
      If yes, mark the applicable items below.

      _____ GPA (enter the required minimum GPA)

      _____ Passage of PLT

      _____ Passage of Praxis II

      _____ Disposition forms from previous field experience

      _____ Other (please specify)

   4) Is there a limit to the number of times a student can apply to the
      program or take examinations?

      _____ Yes _____ No
      If yes, what are the restrictions?

5) When a decision is made to remove a student teacher from his/her
placement, who is involved in the decision?

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