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									Design Outcome
My Billboard

Concept Statement

Designing a user-friendly environment through tourism

Aspect of life: Tourism

System of life: Watersports

What it will look like

Located on the harbour of Hobart, Tasmania, the Hobart Harbour Jet
will operate all year round offering thrill rides to the adventurous. This
will be the first of a multistage process encouraging people to come to
Hobart and see what it has to offer. Hobart will be renowned for its
enthusiasm and thrill seeking environment, with pristine harbour views
and extensive conservation and rehabilitation in the neighboring
mountains. The city will promote natural wellbeing of everyday life and
to get outdoors and live life by offering jet boat thrill rides on the

How it will work

To launch the new era of thrill seeking in Hobart, an extensive
advertising campaign will be set up to help promote the city for its
enthusiasm towards the natural environment and what it has to offer.
The billboard will be set up along main highways and roads across
Australia as well as being used in other promotional material such as
magazines, television and bus shelters. The billboard portrays an
image of fun and excitement, of family and wellbeing and of thrills and
leisure. A simple question at the bottom of the billboard makes the
viewer question there own life and whether they are doing enough for
their own wellbeing, thus being drawn to Hobart.

How it relates to Assessment One and additional personal

Studies have shown that since the 1950’s, today’s generation are
earning three times as much money as their previous generations but
this is at a cost. The statistics show that money and happiness do not
go hand-in-hand. In fact, the more money you earn, the more likely
you are to be unhappy. You see, it all depends on what and how you
do with your life. If you work for the money, then chances are you will
not be as happy as you could be, where as if you work because you
simply love the work, then chances are you have found your spot in
life. This has to be encouraged.

Climate change will happen. It is an inevitable. The effects from
climate change will affect Tasmania, bringing heavier, more frequent
rains and hotter, drier days. This means that there will be an increase
in   water   supply   and   also   a   warmer   climate   making   outdoor
experiences more enjoyable.

If we combine the need for happiness, increased water supply and a
warmer climate, this makes an ideal location for water activities on the
harbour of Hobart.

From the research gathered from assessment one, I have been able to
gain an insight as to a certain outcome with Hobart. There will be
heavier and more frequent rainfall. The skies will be restless, bringing
a subtropical feel to Tasmania.

Tourism will play a huge part of Tasmania’s economy. They need to
grasp at this as an opportunity rather than a problem and look to
creating a method which brings people to the outdoors and allows
them to put technology, which has ultimately caused climate change,
back in the cupboard. Natural wellbeing plays such a huge part of our
lives and is so often overlooked or clouded with misjudgment. If
people are encouraged to step outside and enjoy the outdoors,
hopefully our understanding of the environment and the effects we are
causing to it will become clearer.

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