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                      Handbook as of: 11/11/2008
                                   Table of Contents
WELCOME LETTER                                                              1

TEAM PURPOSE AND STANDARDS                                                  2-4
     Purpose of the Club                                                    2
     Coaching Standards                                                     2
     Code of Conduct for Wrestlers                                          2
     Discipline policy                                                      2
     Be a Good Teammate                                                     3
     Set Goals                                                              3
     The Wrestler- The Champion                                             4

WRESTLING EQUIPMENT                                                         5-6
    Wrestling Apparel                                                       5
    Warm-ups                                                                5
    Caring for Singlets                                                     5
    Equipment Donation program                                              5
    Where to Purchase Wrestling Equipment                                   6
    Purchasing Spirit Wear                                                  6

HOW PARENTS CAN HELP                                                        7-9
     Be on time- Drop off and Pick-up of child                              7
     Health and Hygiene                                                     7
     Parents and Spectators                                                 8
     Ohio Youth Wrestling League- Expectations for Parents and Spectators   8
     Performance Anxiety                                                    9
     Volunteering                                                           9

THE WRESTLING SEASON                                                        10-13
     Quick Facts                                                            10
     Technique and Instruction                                              10
     Practices                                                              11
     Weight Management                                                      11
     Wrestle-offs                                                           11-12
     Competitions                                                           12-13

MISCELLANEOUS                                                               14
     Scoring                                                                14
     Team Banquet                                                           14
     Wrestling Camps/Open Mats                                              14
     Websites                                                               14
                                 Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                      Youth Wrestling Club
                 “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”

Dear Parents,

       Welcome to Willoughby Parks & Recreation Youth Wrestling Club.

        Your child has been registered and placed on the coach’s roster. All practices will be held at South
High School in the wrestling room located above the gym. The coaches will be teaching basic wrestling
skills and emphasizing sportsmanship throughout the season.

       The coaches primary concern is the safety of the children and that the children enjoy participating
and learning the sport of wrestling. Coaches will be stressing teamwork, cooperation, following directions,
and getting along with others. Emphasis will be on encouraging all the children to do their best.

       Our program rule is try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport. We hope everyone
enjoys their wrestling experience.

       Please take the time to read through this handbook. This handbook provides an overview of this
program, wrestling in general, and expectations for coaches, parents, and wrestlers. This handbook will be
a useful tool whether you are a first year wrestling family or an experienced wrestling family.

        The coaches are looking forward to teaching and developing your child’s wrestling skills. Let’s have
a great season!

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                                 Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                      Youth Wrestling Club
                 “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


Purpose of the Club

 To expose children to the sport of wrestling.
 To encourage fun and enjoyment through teamwork, competition and socialization.
 To develop a higher level of experience for each child before beginning wrestling at the middle school.
 To develop and foster a sense of responsibility and loyalty towards teammates and community.
 To strengthen wrestling at Willoughby Middle School and South High School by establishing basic
  fundamentals that which can be built on.
 To develop community awareness and enthusiasm for wrestling.

Coaching Standards

   Be of good, solid moral character.
   Enjoy working with children.
   Have plenty of patience and enthusiasm.
   Gain parental support through effective communication.

Code of Conduct for Wrestlers

1. All wrestlers are expected to follow the instructions of the coaching staff.
        Wrestlers will stay only in practice area.
        No food or glass containers should be brought to practice area.
        All wrestlers should conduct themselves as young gentlemen.
2. A wrestler’s attendance and participation at practice is vital to his success and the success of his
        Every effort should be made to be on time for practice, participate fully and remain for the entire
3. Sportsmanship is a MUST.
        All wrestlers are expected to handle victories and set-backs in an appropriate manner.
        Treat all teammates, opponents, coaches, parents and officials with respect.
4. Please keep in mind that your school work is more important than wrestling.
        Budget your time wisely, so homework and studying are done before practice.
        At some time in your life wrestling will end but your education must last a lifetime.

Discipline Policy

This will be a non-issue for 95% of the kids on the team. Inevitably, there are a handful of situations where
this will come into play. We are here to teach and encourage the kids to help them improve their wrestling
skills at practice and competitions. We are not here to be babysitters for them. The more time we spend on
discipline issues takes away from the kids who want to learn. These situations will be dealt with quickly.
1st time= Verbal Warning
2nd time= Suspended from 1 practice
3rd time= Suspended from 2 practices and 1 league meet
4th time= Removed from team.
       Any physical attack on another wrestler may result in immediate dismissal from the team.

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                                 Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                      Youth Wrestling Club
                 “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


Be a Good Teammate

Wrestling is primarily an individual sport especially when you are in competition. However, it does have
team elements to it. Here’s where you can help to be a good teammate:

 Be a good drilling/practice partner. The goal as a practice partner should be to help your teammate
  become a better wrestler by giving proper resistance when working on moves. Don’t be a flopper and
  don’t fight them when they are trying to learn the moves. If your partner is not getting the move then try
  to show them or ask a coach to come help. Keep in mind, if your partner is not getting better then
  you will not get better either.

 Push each other in practice and push yourself. There will be days when you may not have it. However,
  push yourself enough to help your partner get better that day. If you are not putting in the effort then
  it prevents your teammate from improving that day.

 During live wrestling in practice, wrestle with the same effort that you would in a competition match. If
  you properly practice like a winner, then you and your partner will experience many successes
  in competition.

 Every wrestler has experienced some self-doubt in their abilities from time to time. Pick each other up
  with words of encouragement. Keep each other motivated to do better.

Set Goals

We encourage our youth wrestlers to set goals for the season. For the little kids, it is not necessary but it
may be fun to see what they are thinking and what they would like to accomplish in wrestling this season.
For the older kids, one or two goals would be appropriate. The goals should be goals that are reasonable to
attain. It is recommended that goals not be based on wins and losses. For example, your wrestler should
not set a goal to be undefeated this season. Rather, a better goal would be to set a goal for the number of
matches that they are going to wrestle this year.

Your wrestler does not have to share their goals with the coaches, but we would prefer to be aware of your
child’s goals. If we know their goals, then we can work with them to help them achieve their goals.

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                                  Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                       Youth Wrestling Club
                  “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


The Wrestler- The Champion


No one is born a champion. Every champion must pay the price,
and the price is never small. It is the investment in one’s future
that builds the inner strength of the champion. This investment of
time, sweat, effort, sore muscles, bruised egos, frustration, more
sweat, exhaustion and at some times even tears. While others sit
idle and enjoy short term pleasures, the champion is hard at work,
focused on the future.

The sport demands everything you’ve got and often returns little.
No dreams of fame and fortune. No glamour. No glory. No
celebrity status. No chance of going pro. Yet the investment
continues, with faith, trust and respect for the coach’s vision amid
the exhilaration and heartbreak of competition.
Wrestling has many champions. They are not just the first place
winners, for it is not the victory that makes the champion it is the
investment. The greater the investment, the greater the

Wrestling is the sport of champions.

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                                   Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                        Youth Wrestling Club
                  “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


Wrestling Apparel

Have your child dress appropriately for the activity. Typical clothing will include T-shirt, shorts, socks and
indoor tennis shoes. Optional equipment would be wrestling shoes and knee pads. Because of the cold
weather, it is recommended that each child wear a stocking hat with their coat following practice. Headgear
is strongly recommended for practice and is mandatory for all league matches.

  Change shoes on the edge of the mat or on the bench.
  Do not wear your outdoor shoes on the wrestling mats.
  Do not wear Team Future singlets to practice.


Each child will be given a hooded sweatshirt which they will wear to competition and can wear to practice.
These are yours to keep. We ask that you wear your warm-ups for as many seasons as possible to help
minimize costs for the program. We will make every effort to make sure that your child gets new warm-ups
every couple of years. If your child needs needs new warm-ups prior to this timeframe, then you may
purchase a set or if there are used ones available then you may have a used one.

 Make sure to put your child’s last name in the hooded sweatshirt.

Caring for Singlets

Singlets are the property of Team Future. In order to get a singlet, your deposit must be on file at the
Recreation Department. Singlets are to be returned when your child is done competing for the season. If
the singlet is not returned then your deposit check will be cashed or your credit card charged. Singlets can
be returned to the Recreation Department or to the Coach.

 Do not wear team singlets to practice.

To properly care for the singlets, please follow the instructions below:

                                        DO NOT USE BLEACH
                                             HANG DRY

Equipment Donation Program

In order to keep costs down as much as possible for everyone, we ask that you donate any previously used
equipment that is in good condition such as warm-ups or wrestling shoes. This way we can hand them out
to those who request them. First priority will be given to families that donate items. After that, it will be first
come, first serve. Currently, there is an inventory of wrestling shoes and warm-ups. Please fill out the form
and return to the Coach.

 We do not accept headgears. We recommend that you purchase these new.

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                                Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                     Youth Wrestling Club
                 “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


Where to Purchase Wrestling Equipment

You can purchase wrestling equipment at most sporting goods such as Seasonal Sporting Goods in Mentor,
Dunhams in Willoughby, or Dicks Sporting Goods in Mentor.

Purchasing Spirit Wear

We will have forms to fill out so that you can purchase Spirit Wear to show your support for Team Future.
We encourage parents, siblings, fans, spectators to wear their Willoughby Wrestling gear to our youth

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                                 Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                      Youth Wrestling Club
                  “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


Be on time- Drop off and pick-up of child

Please if you plan to drop your child off for practice you can do so no earlier than 6:20 pm. Pick-up
following practice will be promptly at 8:00 pm. If you wish to stay and watch the practice we welcome and
encourage your presence. Our coaching staff is looking forward to working with your child and having a
great and successful season.

 Please be on time. No earlier than 6:20 pm and no later than 8:00 pm.

Health and Hygiene

It is important that we take precautions to ensure the health and safety of our wrestlers and coaches. There
is a great deal of physical contact in wrestling and we wrestle in a confined area. The wrestling mats are
cleaned before each practice.

Any type of virus or infection will spread quickly in the wrestling room amongst the wrestlers and coaches so
we ask that you please do the following:

 Do not walk on the wrestling mats with your outdoor shoes. Either change shoes before walking on the
  mats or walk on the mats in your socks. If you see somebody walking on the mats with their outdoor
  shoes on, then please kindly remind them to stay off the mats.

 If your child does not feel well or has a cough/cold/runny nose, etc. then it is better to keep them out of
  practice. If they want to watch, then that is fine. Please error on the side of caution.

 Please be aware of any exposed skin irritations on your child’s body such as open sores, rashes, etc.
  Again, please error on the side of caution. Coaches reserve the right to hold your child out of practice.

 Keep your child’s fingernails trimmed. Many cuts and scrapes to other wrestlers are caused by
  excessive fingernail length.

 Hair must be a maximum of collar length.

 No jewelry, watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings etc are permitted. If you are unsure, do not
  wear it.

It is recommended that you wash your child’s practice clothes after each practice. In addition, it is also
recommended that your child bath or shower after practice. At a minimum, make sure your child washes
their hands when they get home after practice.

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                                Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                     Youth Wrestling Club
                 “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


Parents and Spectators

Cheer for and encourage all team players whether it be practice, scrimmages or matches. The coaches will
provide verbal directions for each wrestler following their performance. Remember, afterwards the best
thing you can do as a parent is praise your child for their effort and trying their best. Or if you saw
something they did well during the practice or match such as a skill, technique, etc. be sure to mention how
well they performed and how proud you are of their effort. Please leave constructive criticism for the
coaching staff. Help us keep their enthusiasm for their efforts and for sports growing.

 Wrestling is an emotional, exciting sport especially when your own child is wrestling. Please remember
  that there are people around you in the stands so please exercise sound judgment when cheering,
  moving in the stands, etc.

Ohio Youth Wrestling League- Expectations for Parents and Spectators

1. Always be positive in words and positive in actions.
        a. No foul language
        b. No negative gestures
        c. No open criticism
        d. Keep emotions in check.
2. Cheer for your child, not against your child’s opponent
3. Stay seated in the bleachers. Do not come down to the mats or the mat area.
4. Parents and other spectators should have no contact with referees or table workers.
5. Let the coach do the coaching while your child is wrestling.
        a. Give the coach time to talk to the wrestler after the match.
        b. Never criticize the coach in front of your child.
6. If you have an issue to discuss with the coach, unless it is an emergency, talk with
   the coach when the meet is over.
7. Be positive with your child
        a. Win or lose, always say something positive
        b. Win or lose, always offer a handshake or a hug.
        c. Never tell your child he or she lost because of the coach’s decisions.
        d. Never tell your child he or she lost because of the referee’s decisions.
        e. Always encourage, never belittle.
8. Monitor your other non-wrestling children
        a. Know where they are
        b. Keep them safe
9. Keep winning in perspective.

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                                  Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                       Youth Wrestling Club
                  “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


Performance Anxiety

Our youth wrestlers are practicing to learn wrestling techniques and strategy and that is easier for them to
do in the comforts of our practice room.

However when your child attends competitions, a big hurdle for many of them to overcome will be just to get
out on the mat to wrestle. The match results are a secondary concern.

The fear that your child may have when they look out into the stands from the mat and see hundreds of
people looking back at them can be intimidating and scary. Your child will feel like everyone is looking at
them and watching their match. In actuality, very few people are watching their individual match besides
you, the coaches, and maybe some other parents and teammates.

This can be difficult for kids at any age and experience level, but it tends to be more of an issue for first year
wrestlers or younger kids. Keep encouraging your kids to get out there, be positive and upbeat.

                                 Here is what it looks like from the stands.


We will need 3 volunteers each week to help with our league meets, fundraising, or various administrative
tasks that may come up during the season. At league meets each week, we will need some people to work
at the score tables and to assist with either set-up (if we are the morning session) or cleaning up (if we are
the afternoon session).

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                                Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                     Youth Wrestling Club
                 “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


Quick Facts

 Season starts in November and concludes at the end of February with an end of season team banquet.
 Practices are held at Willoughby South High School in the upper gym on Tuesday and Thursday nights
  from 6:30-8:00 pm
 Our team is part of the Ohio Youth Wrestling League-Mentor Division
         o 7 Sundays beginning in Mid December and concluding with a combined Sectional
             tournament/All Start tournament on the last Sunday in January.
         o Competitions are held at Mentor Memorial Middle School
         o We will be scheduled either in the morning session or afternoon session. Sessions last
             approximately 3.5 hours.
         o No costs to participate except an adult admission charge each Sunday. There is a
             concession stand available.

Technique and Instruction

Below is the Willoughby Parks & Recreation Wrestling Club curriculum to be covered throughout the season
practices. Areas that have an asterisk (*) should be covered on a regular basis as the season unfolds.
Generally, we will focus on high percentage low risk technique and wrestling strategy.

Before our league season starts, some of our local wrestling referees volunteer their time to come up to one
of our practices to go over the rules with the kids, referee some matches, and answer questions.

TECHNIQUE                                                TECHNIQUE
NEUTRAL                                                  TOP POSITION
     footwork*                                                bar arm
     penetration                                              cradles
     stance*                                                  half nelson*
     step*                                                    spiral
                                                         BOTTOM POSITION
TAKE DOWNS                                                    sit-out
      double*                                                 stand-up*
      single*                                                 switch
      snap down
      spin                                               ADDITIONAL
      sprawl*                                                  1 / 4 nelson
BREAKDOWNS                                                     whizzer
     far knee – far ankle
     near arm - deep waist*
     waist & far ankle*

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                                  Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                       Youth Wrestling Club
                  “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”



Below is a guideline for a typical practice.

6:30-6:40 Warm-up
6:40-7:20 Technique and instruction
7:20-7:40 Live wrestling
7:40-7:50 Some type of fun game or race
7:50-7:55 End of practice meeting
7:55-8:00 Change and leave

Note: Any day that school is cancelled or closed, Youth wrestling will also be cancelled.

 Make sure your child brings a pair of shoes to change into at practice
 Please bring a water bottle with their name on it to each practice (please fill it with water only)
 Please make sure that your child goes to the restroom before coming to practice

Weight Management

In wrestling, wrestlers are placed by their weight into weight classes. This allows them to wrestle against
kids that are about their same size. Before competitions, your child will weigh-in so that we know which
weight class that they will compete for that day.

We do not support or condone weight loss to make a weight class at the youth level. The only acceptable
method of weight control is by natural, healthy methods to make a particular weight classification.

Each competition will have their own weight classifications but for our Ohio Youth Wrestling League, these
are the weight classes below:

         46, 49, 52, 56, 60, 64, 67, 70, 73, 76, 79, 82, 86, 90, 95, 102, 110, 120, 130, 145, 160, 180

In order to be on our team, your child must weigh at least 40 lbs and at or below 180 lbs.


The wrestle-off process is a process used to determine the number one wrestler at a particular weight class.
At the youth level, this is not that important to determine. However, for the sectional tournament at the end
of our league season, we will need to determine the number one wrestler for each of our weight classes
(excluding 46 and 49).

To be eligible for the wrestle-off process:
 Wrestler must have wrestled in at least 4 out of 6 league meets; and
 Must have made the weight for that weight class or lower at least 4 times; and
 Must be able to compete at the District tournament the following week; and
 Must be in good standing with the team.

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                                 Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                      Youth Wrestling Club
                  “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


Wrestle-offs (cont.)

The process is subject to change as the season develops. Beginning in Mid-January, we will start wrestle-
offs for those wrestlers that want to wrestle in the sectional tournament. We will have head-to-head
wrestling matches in the practice room to determine the number one wrestler at each weight class.
Coaches will referee the matches. A coach or parent will keep time and score. No coaching will be
permitted during these matches and no cheering is permitted.


Competitions are optional for your child. You do not have to wrestle in competitions in order to be on the
team. However, we strongly encourage the children to participate in our team competitions so that they can
develop their skills. Listed below are the different types of competitions throughout the season:

                   Ohio Youth Wrestling League Season at Mentor Memorial (OYWA)

The league season starts in mid-December and concludes at the end of January with a Sectional/All-Star
tournament that is run on the same day. League meets are held every Sunday for 7 weeks (excluding
Sunday near Christmas) at Mentor Memorial Middle School. There are approximately 12 teams in our
league and each Sunday teams are scheduled either for the morning session or the afternoon session (see
schedule). Sessions last approximately 3.5 hours and matches are run on 3 or 4 mats. The goal each
Sunday is to get each wrestler at least 2 matches. Wrestlers are matched up against other wrestlers based
on weight and skill level as much as possible. Coaches from all teams are trying to create as many equally
competitive matches as possible for the kids. This is not an exact science so please be patient. Wrestlers
will need to check-in and weigh-in each Sunday.

Each Sunday, the opening round is a dual match against another team. After the dual matches are over,
the kids are paired together and the all-star rounds begin. Periods in the dual match are 1-1-1 all in the
neutral position. The all-star periods are 1-1 all in the neutral position and there is no overtime.

At the sectional tournament, each team may have 1 wrestler per weight class compete in this tournament.
The top 4 place winners in this tournament advance to the District tournament held the following week at
Austintown Fitch High School. The top 4 place winners at the District tournament advance to the State
tournament (Akron Firestone High School) held the following week.

Wrestlers not competing in the sectional tournament will automatically compete in the all-star tournament.
Each team can have multiple wrestlers in each weight class.

All wrestlers that place in the top 4 at the end of the season tournament will receive an award.

There is no charge for your child to compete in the league meets or league tournament. However, there is
an adult only admission charge each Sunday. The adult admission charge for the Sectional/All-star
tournament will be slightly higher than the admission charge to the league meets.

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                                 Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                      Youth Wrestling Club
                  “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”


Competitions (cont.)

                                             Exhibition Matches

During the season, we schedule at least one opportunity for our youth team to wrestle on the same night as
our high school team. Our youth team will wrestle another team prior to the high school match. The youth
session will last approximately an hour. This will be held either on the Willoughby South main gym floor or it
will be an away match. We encourage all youth wrestlers and parents to stay and watch the high school
wrestlers compete in their match. This is a popular event with the wrestlers and is a fun night of wrestling.
There is no charge for youth wrestlers but there may be an admission charge for parents.

                                   Grade School Championships (OAC)

This is for the more advanced wrestlers in the youth program. There are district qualifying tournaments held
at the end of January and throughout February. The top 4 at a district qualifier will compete in the State
tournament held at roving site each year usually at a college university. There is no cost for youth wrestlers
to enter these tournaments. However, parents will be responsible for all expenses such as admission,
lodging if necessary, etc.

                                         Open/Novice Tournaments

Open/Novice tournaments are held each Saturday or Sunday throughout the wrestling season.
Tournaments designated as novice are generally for wrestlers who are in their first or second year of
wrestling. Coaches are not required to be at Open/Novice tournaments. Coaching your child at these
tournaments will be your responsibility. However, when there are many kids from our youth team attending
open tournaments, then it will be likely that at least one of our coaches will be there and would be willing to
help if needed. Costs for these tournaments are your responsibility and generally range from $10-$20 to
enter. You are responsible for making sure that your child is properly registered.

                                       South High Wrestling Matches

We encourage our youth wrestlers and parents to attend South High wrestling matches. Generally, the
wrestling team will have 3-5 home matches throughout the season. We try to make at least one of the
nights a “Family Night” event to encourage everyone to come out and support the team.

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                                 Willoughby Parks & Recreation
                                      Youth Wrestling Club
                  “Try your best, wrestle hard, play fair, and be a good sport.”



Takedowns (when from a neutral or standing position one wrestler is able to bring the other to the mat
and gain control) are worth (2) two points.
Escapes (when the bottom wrestler is able to break free from the top wrestler and revert back to a neutral
position) are worth (1) one point.
Reversals, (when a wrestler on the bottom is able to reverse the control so that the opponent is on the
bottom) are worth (2) two points.
Back points (also called near fall) are awarded when one wrestler comes close to pinning the other (i.e.
exposing the other wrestler's back) and are worth (2 or 3) two or three points depending on the length of
time that the opponent's back is exposed.
Penalty points can be awarded when the opposing wrestler performs illegal moves or is penalized for
excessive stalling.
Team points awarded in a dual match
Pin, Forfeit, or Disqualification= 6 points
Technical Fall (Win by 12 pts)=    5 points
Win by 8-11 points=                4 points
Win by 7 or less points=           3 points

Team Banquet

At the end of the season, we have a team banquet and hand out awards. This is a fun night and a great
way to the end season on a positive night. We encourage all wrestlers, parents, and siblings to attend.

Wrestling Camps/Open Mats

During the off season, there are many wrestling camps held throughout the summer that are good to keep
your wrestler thinking about wrestling, learning and developing new skills, and meeting new friends. Costs
for camps can run anywhere from $50 to $200 based on length of camp and level of instruction.

Also, there are open mats held throughout the year where kids can go and practice with other wrestlers
from other teams to get some extra wrestling practice. Willoughby South has open mats and Coach Trinetti
can provide the details if you are interested. Generally, there is no charge to participate in open mats but if
there are charges then these charges are your responsibility.


Youth Wrestling Website       http://www.willoughbywrestling.com
City of Willoughby            www.willoughbyohio.com/parks.htm
Ohio Youth League             http://www.ohioyouth.com/
Ohio Grade School             http://www.ohiogradeschoolwrestling.com/
List of Tournaments           http://www.ohiowrestler.com/

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