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                               GARY BRUMBAUGH, Master/President
                             16303 Village Parkway, Fredericktown, OH 43019-9585
                                 Phone: 740 . 694 . 1669  Fax: 740 . 694 . 1679

May 13, 2009

Dear Worthy Secretary,

First of all, I want to inform everyone that we now have a locking type mail box by the OSG office driveway. Please
use our street address of 16303 Village Parkway, Fredericktown, OH 43019-9585 This new address has already
been used on your Quarterly Report envelopes, roster, website and on other communications. DO NOT use the old
post office box 121 nor the plus four digit zip code 0121 any more!

As we are well into our Grange year, I am asking all Granges members to support our Grange programs, both by
participation and by monetary donations. Our organization has much to offer its members, and our directors do a
wonderful job of providing events for all. I encourage all members to take advantage of what is available. Information
and registration forms are in the Ohio Granger and on our website (See letterhead) under 'Forms'. In order to better
implement these programs, I am also asking Granges to please donate to the various departments. Please send all
donations for the Deaf, Family Activities (formerly CWA), Junior, Lecturer, Legislative, and Youth departments to the
Ohio State Grange office with checks made out to Ohio State Grange. Please note that this now also includes the
Deaf Activities donations, as this department’s funds are being held here along with all other departments.

Also, when donating to the camp, PLEASE make checks out to Ohio Grange Charitable Foundation and send them to
Jenny Miller, Treasurer, 13076 Williamsburg Avenue, Uniontown, OH 44685

The Delegates at last year’s session voted that ‘Subordinate Granges shall pay the dues of their members who are on
active military duty’. I apologize for not getting this information to you earlier this year. The OSG Executive Board has
determined the content of that resolution to be “The Subordinate (Local) Grange will pay the quarterly dues for all of
their members during any quarter in which those member are serving on active military duty.” This should be
retroactive and include the March 31, 2009, quarter. This is only a small way we can show our gratitude to those who
help keep our country free! This sacrifice is very minor compared to theirs.

For your information also, at last year’s session it was voted that ‘The Ohio State Grange require only an annual
report of each Junior Grange be made at the end of the June quarter accompanied by current specified fees’. These
new forms will be going to the Junior Leaders soon.

Speaking of quarterly report forms, I’m asking you to make sure that you are using the new 2009/2010 Subordinate
quarterly report forms. The correct ones have “(Circle year) 2009 2010” on the upper right hand corner. If you
have any old reports stating “Year ______” on the upper right hand corner, throw them away! Also, when you
calculate, please follow the instructions on the report form and the accompanying instruction sheet The dues amount
is different from 2008 and before. For the March 31 quarter, we have received several old reports and a few new
reports using last year’s report's calculations! The new quarterly report forms and instructions are also on our website
(See letterhead) under 'Forms' then 'Secretary'.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me. Wishing you the best in your Grange
endeavors, I remain,


Gary Brumbaugh, Master/President
Ohio State Grange

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