Key Events in North America 1750 s to 1820 by i301aw


									          Key Events in North America 1750’s to 1820
                         A map activity
Map Colors
Spain = yellow
France = red
Great Britain = green
United States = blue
Mexico = purple
Map A:
Great Britain, Spain and France all claimed parts of North
America and some even claimed the same parts
Map B:
P1: The French and Indian War 1754-1763
     P2: Between Great Britain and France
     P2: Causes
          P3: Both countries claimed the Ohio River Valley and
          the profitable fur trade and they both claimed the
          profitable fishing industry in Canada
     P2: Indians fought for both the French and the British
    P2: It was called the 7 years war in Europe
    P2: Great Britain won the war, France lost and also lost its
     claim to any lands in North America
    P2: Results of the war
         P3: Only Great Britain and Spain were left with land
         Claims in North America
         P3: Treaty of Paris 1763
              P4: All wars are concluded by a legal document
              called a treaty that outlines who gets what
              P4: Treaty of Paris forced France to give up its
              land claims in Canada and all land east of the
              Mississippi River to Great Britain, and all land
              west of the Mississippi River went to Spain.
              Spain gave up Florida to Great Britain.
Map C:
P1: The American Revolution 1775-1781
    P2: The British colonies in North America rebelled against
    Great Britain with help from France and Spain
    P2: Causes of the American Revolution
    P3: Great Britain was taxing the colonists more to
    Help pay for the French and Indian War and the cost
    Of maintaining a standing army in the colonies
P2: Results of the American Revolution
    P3: The colonies became a Republic – the United
    States of America
    P3: U.S. claimed land and settlers spread to the
    Mississippi River
    P3: Spain allowed immigration into the Louisiana
    Territory in order to boost population
    P3: Spain took advantage of the weakness of Great
    Britain and retakes Florida
Map D:
P1: 1789 The French Revolution Begins
    P2: Causes
         P3: France was deeply in debt because of the French
         And Indian War and the help they gave to the
         Colonists during the American Revolution. The French
         Government was almost bankrupt.
         P3: The poorest people in France had to pay most of
         the taxes and they resented it.
    P2: The Revolution ended when Napoleon Bonaparte, a
    military hero during the French Revolution, took over the
P1: Napoleon’s forces eventually took over most of western
P1: In 1800 Napoleon also “retook” Louisiana from Spain.
Map E:
P1: In 1803 Napoleon Bonaparte from France sold Louisiana to
the United States for $15 million. – The Louisiana Purchase
    P2: It doubled the land size of the United States.
    P2: The border dispute known as “the Neutral Ground”
    Occurred when the United States and Spain could not
    agree on the border between the U.S. and New Spain. The
    diplomats decided not to decide on the border. It became
    a haven for the lawless.
    P2: More settlers came to “Texas”.
P1: War of 1812
    P2: Causes
         P3: After the Revolutionary War, Great Britain
         refused to completely leave the United States
         P3: Britain backed the Native Americans in their fight
         to hold onto lands wanted by the U.S. settlers
         P3: Britain impressed about 10,000 U.S. sailors and
         P3: Britain attacked Washington, D.C. burning the
         White House, Capitol, and other government
         P3: Battle of New Orleans was decisive victory for U.S.
    P2: Results
         P3: Treaty of Ghent ended the war
          P3: Battle of New Orleans was fought 2 weeks after
          war was over
          P3: Lasted for 2 years with no real winner

Map AB:
P1: 1819 – Adams-Onis Treaty
    P2: Settled the border dispute
    P2: U.S. gave up all claims to Texas. It belonged to Spain.
    P2: U.S. got Florida from Spain.
    P2: U.S. got the Neutral Ground.
Map AC:
P1: 1820-1821 War of Mexican Independence
    P2: Political problems in Spain weakened the government.
    P2: Mexican rebels seized the opportunity to fight for
    Mexico’s independence from Spain.
    P2: Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821.
          P3: Caused the death of many Tejanos in Texas
          P3: Hurt the economy of Texas
          P3: Increased the U.S. interest in colonizing Texas.

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