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                              Members Summary for OPSI PSO – ECRI Institute Features

Feature               Differentiators

ECRI Institute-       Speed, Depth, Sustainability, Ease of Administration
Unequaled Depth and      • Patient safety our primary mission for 40 years
Experience               • Developed/ implemented web-based Pennsylvania Patient Reporting System, the largest volume patient safety
                             reporting system in the country, contract renewed in 2008
                         • Analyzed over 1 million adverse events
                         • 350 person staff-physicians, nurses, risk/quality managers, statisticians/data analysts, clinical scientists, patient
                             safety engineers, others
                         • “Back-Office” to many state/regional federally certified PSOs representing 600 – 700 hospitals
                         • Partnered with rL Solutions to deliver data capture solution, specialized software solutions since 1993
                         • Evidence-based Practice Center designation by AHRQ
                         • WHO Collaborating Center for Patient Safety, Risk Management and Healthcare Technology
                         • Developed and implemented the National Guideline Clearinghouse/National Quality Measures Clearinghouse
Technology Platform      •   ECRI Institute; Web-based – no hardware expenses/no maintenance/no additional staff required
                         •   Two easy methods for data capture
                                       Web-based form entry
                                       File uploads form Commercial or homegrown hospital event reporting systems (mapping may be
                         •   rL Solutions clients using Risk MonitorPro (RMPro) provided with data mapping files to get data into OPSI PSO
                         •   Protects hospitals’ investment in frontline event reporting – no need to change systems already in place!
                         •   Full, frontline Risk MonitorPro (RMPro) System available on a hospital-by-hospital basis, aligned to PSO
                         •   Access to de-identified data from all participating OPSI PSO members
                         •   Secure communication allows members to submit special PSWP documents (e.g., RCAs, quality studies, FMEAs)
Customizability          •   Custom reports available
                         •   When deployed at an individual facility, field customization available with rL Solutions RMPro
Taxonomy                   •   AHRQ Common Formats have been enhanced by ECRI Institute and rL Solutions
                                        Additional event types
                                        Additional contributing factors
                                        Additional root cause/corrective action fields
                                        Additional fields to account for CMS Healthcare Acquired Conditions and National Patient Safety
                                        Conditional branching logic (enhancing workflow through the forms)
                           • Data entry available by AHRQ defined categories and/or by NQF Events
                           • Committed to updating system to reflect AHRQ updates to the common formats
                           • Committed to ensuring alignment with Privacy Protection Center/Network of Patient Safety Databases
Learning and Analysis      • FAQs about PSES and other topics, webinars/training, stakeholder reports
and Program Support        • Learning and Analysis – Quarterly national and statewide Patient Safety Advisory, RCA independent
for Hospitals, Health          critique/feedback, patient safety audio conferences/webinars, professional web-based networking, case studies,
Systems, Associations          sharing/disseminating de-identified lessons learned
Secure & Confidential   Secure web portal houses:
                           • Event reporting mechanism
                           • Real-time facility and aggregate reports
                           • Secure upload/communication mechanism for RCAs and other patient safety work product (PSWP)

Core/Standard reports      •    Robust suite of real-time reports run from web portal:
                                        Facility level
                                        Health system aggregate
                                        State/regional aggregate
                                        National ECRI Institute aggregate
                                        NQF events/CMS Healthcare Acquired Conditions/National Patient Safety Goals
Support & Analytics        •    ECRI Institute Technical Helpdesk team; programmatic support
                           •    ECRI Institute patient safety analytic team support
                                        RCA review, feedback
                                        Patient Safety Webinars
                                        ECRI Institute national Quarterly Patient Safety Advisory
                                        State/Regional PSO Quarterly Patient Safety Advisory

                               For More Information on OPSI PSO: or 614.221.7614


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