Trego by P-CcbPublishing


Life in the Territory of Montana before it became a state, was fast and short. Fast because you had better grab onto your future, before it became your past. And those that weren’t fast to defend themselves, their life was almighty short. Trego, was an example of the fast. Fast with his fists, fast with his twin .44’s and fast to fall in love with the right woman. Raised by his Father, in the wilderness of Northwest Montana, not knowing his Mother he learned love and compassion from the nature that surrounded him. He also learned that civilization was far more dangerous than a Grizzly Bear. Trego journeyed out into that wilderness called civilization several times before his Father died, learning its ways in order to survive. His compassion for all living things marked his personality. Even showing compassion for the most dangerous carnivore on earth: The Human.

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