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									                                 Student Senate
                                 General Assembly Minutes
                                 Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
Call to Order            5:03                Marsha McMunn
Invocation                                   Marsha McMunn
Pledge of Allegiance                         Josh Blackwell

New Business-
     Approval of the minutes Senatro Strieter moved to approve the minutes. The motion
        was seconded by Senator Clark. The motion passed with a vote of 25,-,-
     Steve introduced people who were written in for housing representatives
                 Senator Hein moved to approve the new housing representatives and the
                motion was seconded by Senator Stahler. The motion was passed.
                 The two new housing representatives for Lima Hall and University
                Terrace were sworn in
     Budget Appropriations round 1 and 2
                 Budget appropriations sheets were passed out- they will be collected in
                the end
                 Questions were asked for round one and answered
                 Secretary Ambos moved to approve round one of budget appropriations.
                The motion was seconded by Senator Strieter. The motion was passed with a
                vote of 26,1,-
                 Questions were asked for round two and answered
                 Secretary Ambos moved to approve round two of budget appropriations.
                The motion was seconded by Senator Pennington. The motion was passed
                with a vote of 24,1,1

Housing Representatives:
•   5 University Parkway: Vacancy
•   Affinity Housing: Sarah Tobias, Jessica Durham
           Emaile HR and have the list
•   Brookhart Hall: Lisa Burns
           Will be speaking with HR
•   Founders Hall: Chandlar Swanson, Jason Luthman, Lauren Titus
             Intend to follow up with HR
             Have created office hours
•   IFC: Tom Otroba
           Sig Pi and Delts still have coin operated washing machines, will be working to change it
•   Klondike’s Den, Polar Place, Northern Commons: Shea Pennington
           Had a cookout yesterday for the residents
•   Lakeview and University Terrace: Mitchell Thayer
           No report
•   Lima Hall: Domonique McKee
           Met with HR
•   Maglott: Joseph Railey, Shelby Core
           Emailed HR and got email list
•   Off Campus: Caleb Davis
           No new business
•   Northern House: Vacancy
•   Panhellenic Council: Leanne Clark
           October 12th will be begals with panhell
           Oct 24th-28th is national alcohol awareness
•   Park Hall: Shyla Woodyard, Austin Germann
           Emailed HR and waiting to hear back
•   Roberts Hall: Ray Foster
           Will be setting up office hours
•   Stadiumview Apartments: Brandon Bourgeois
           Sent email to SV HR to get constituent contact info
           Will be setting office hours soon
           Problem with propping doors open
           Stone trash can knocked over in back of SVW
           Brocken cigarette tray by bench in front of SVW
           Bed frame in hallways of SVW finally removed
           Have communicated above issues to the HR

College Representatives:
•   Arts & Sciences: Micah Hein, Cara Schroeder
           Student advisory board met yesterday- polos and t shirts will be sold
           Quizbowl is Oct 27th at 6pm in MacActivities
           October 29th there will be a luncheon to talk about current issues
•   Business: Wilson Wu, Leslie Smith
           Dean’s advisory council just got three new freshman and a senior
•   Engineering: Sarah Massella, Peyman Majidi
           All class reps are in place and attended the meeting yesterday
           This month will be putting together fundraiser for JEC
•   Law: Matthew Mitchell and Jessica Wright- absent
•   Pharmacy: Robert Stahler, Jennifer Cornelius, Jordan Strieter
           Pharmacy council meeting this morning
           Dinner with Dean on Sunday
           Successful homecoming- did spin art with the kids
           KE is selling leather portfolios for ONU- they are $15

Committee Reports
•   Academic Affairs: Kristofer Yaple
           No report- won’t have a meeting until Oct 24th
•   Athletics: Jojo Entsuah
           Thanks for coming to the game last weekend
           Speaking to Simmons about problems in Kinghorn
•   Campus Improvement: Stephen Saunier
           Meeting with George
•   Campus Organizations: Katy Dvorak
           Roster Collection started, due Oct 28th: student-l's going out every day and faculty-l's
            every other week. After deadline, organizations who didn't respond will be contacted
           Groups seeking approval: date is October 27th
•   Communications: Matthew Rarey
           Will be starting coffee house flyers
           Will be changing bulletin board
•   Dining Services: Joe Stecyk
           Will get a meeting time for committee
•   Finance: Eric Ambos
           Budget appropriations- thank you
           Budget appropriations appeals- first one will be next week
•   Housing: Crystal Boykin
           Housing reps orientation october 16th
•   Judicial: Steve Ankney
           Nothing new to report
•   Multicultural: Neal Huang
           Have over 100 foreign students seeking degrees
           Hispanic heritage month dinner
•   Newsletter: Katie Hozan
           Ideas for articles
           Meeting with committee after GA
•   Parliamentarian: Allie Gaetano
           No report
•   Religious Affairs: Vacancy
•   Senate Activities: Chelsea Bowers- absent
           Next Wednesday, 10/12. Is our senate bonding/ volleyball supporting game- bring an
            old white or orange shirt to GA next week to decorate quick for the game
           The coffee house with President Dan is 10/24
•   Technology Advancement: Vacancy

Officer Reports
•   Advisor: Adriane Bradshaw!!!
           Sorry I’m late; there is a guest on campus!
           Tomorrow will be the student celebration for the president and his wife! Dinner will be
            served at 5pm
           Friday at 1 in the gym will be the investiture
•   Treasurer: Dave Mangus
                  Working on the budget
•   Secretary: Mary Lu Schaeffer
                  Congratulations for having almost everyone being here!!!!!!
•   Vice President: Josh Blackwell
                  Committees are finalized so secretaries, please introduce yourself to those
                 individuals who are in your committee
                  Google calendars- I will be making them available university wide
                  Short bios for the website for next GA- examples are on the website now
•   President: Marsha McMunn
           Exam schedules- there will be 30 minutes between exams is this enough time?
                 Intent is to take a max of two exams a day- 30 min between will be a worst case
                 The hour for a meal would be nice

Suggestion Box
           Email bios to Mary Lu
           In Mac can there be more hand sanitizer?

           IFC will be handing out Beagles on the 12th in Dickie at 7:30am
           ONU Apartment Trick or treat – anyone willing to help out?
           Newman club is selling t-shirts
           Lisa Burns’ Birthday is today!

Senator Swanson moves to adjourn the meeting. This motion was seconded by Secretary Huang. The
meeting was dismissed at 5:58pm.

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