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									                                             Student Senate
                                             General Assembly Agenda
                                             Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Call to Order                                      Mike Hamper
Invocation                                         Mike Hamper
Pledge of Allegiance                               Kelly Morman

New Business
-Organization Approval:
                o     Northern Knights Chess Club: APPROVED, 1st: Nikki Stan, 2nd: Josh Blackwell
                o     21st Amendment Society: APPROVED, 1st: Nikki Stan, 2nd: Nathan Mirolo
                o     -First Round of Budget Appropriations
                            After much debate, the appropriations were approved. 1 st: Madelyn
                               Otcasek, 2nd: Sean Kazmierczak. 18-1-3 vote.
                o     -College Reps Roles and Responsibilities:
                            It was noted that the lettering was wrong and will be fixed.
                            In letter B subsection a, it was suggested that “and back to the Secretary of
                               Academic Affairs” shall be added at the end. (I didn’t catch the motions…)
                            In letter B, it was suggested that subsection d should be removed. 1st: Bob
                               Milos, 2nd: AJ Hall.
                            In letter B, it was suggested that subsection e be removed until further
                               notice. 1st: Andrew Adamus, 2nd: Nathan Mirolo.
                o     University Disciplinary Board nominations were taken and Mike said he would
                      email those selected at a later date.
                o     The committees have been finalized and are available on the agenda.
Housing Representatives:
•   5 University Parkway: Vacancy
•   Affinity Housing: Amanda Caudill
               No Report
•   Brookhart Hall: Arielle Ambrosy
               No Report
•   Founders Hall: Sarah Massella
                   Assembled Hall Council
•   IFC: Jay Meyers
               No Report
•               Klondike’s Den, Polar Place, Northern Commons: Isaac Schütz
            No Report
•            Lakeview and University Terrace: Vacancy
•   Lima Hall: Will Proctor (absent)
•   Maglott: Paige Dirmeyer
            No Report
•       Non ONU Off Campus: Sean Kazmierczak
            No Report
•   Northern House: Keynan Jones (absent)
•   Park Hall: Zachary Esterline (absent)
•   Roberts Hall: Joe Stecyk
            Set up Hall Council
•   Sorority Housing: Shannon Bruewer (absent)
•   Stadiumview Apartments: Robert Milos
            Sending email to set up Hall Council
•   Stambaugh Hall: Sarah Lamphear
            Wireless and cell phone reception in basement are bad.
            Adriane updated on the situation: IT is looking into wireless, but cell phone service can’t be

College Representatives:
•   Arts & Sciences: Niki Heidelberg, Nathan Mirolo , Sonia Dhaliwal
            Sundae on Monday with the new dean Nov 2, 5-6:30: ice cream social with booths for
             freshman outreach and Q&A.
            Mathile opening was a success.
•   Business: Christine Lockhart, Robert Rudary
            No Report
•   Engineering: Allan Hall, Peyman Majidi
            ECD Weekend Nov 6-7 to keep alumni’s active.
•   Law: Madelyn Otcasek, Emily Dicke
            Ohio Secretary of State talk made Lima News.
            Dean’s Lecture with Barbara Black.
            Icelanders visiting this weekend to discuss legal system.
            Looking to boost H1N1 awareness.
•   Pharmacy: Josh Blackwell, Ben Brocious , Megan Kunka
            Pharmacy Council Nov. 14

Committee Reports
•   Academic Affairs: Anca Istoc
            Academic Forum, informational gathering discussing semester switch, class offerings,
             scheduling, and linked classes.
•   Athletics: Andrew Adamus
            Email concerns, questions, or comments to
•   Campus Organizations: Nikki Stan
        •    Roster Collections starting soon
•   Communications/Newsletter: Jamienne Scott (absent) & Callie Crum (absent)
•   Dining Services: Chad Cadwell
        •    Committee Meeting This week
•   Finance: Collin Morelock
        •    Concerns were noted and will have a meeting to discuss them.
•   Housing: Jenni Cornelius
        •    Housing Reps - Please get hall council forms in
        •    Will be having a meeting with Mike to discuss making hall council an organization.
•   Judicial: Adam Schwiebert
        •    Vacancy petitions are available and due by 11 pm Monday to the Senate office.
•   Multicultural: Kendra Hearn
        •    Round Table Meeting; events/ goals:
        •    ASU Chopsticks Night Nov 3 in the Ballroom, MSA Saudi Day Nov 4 5-7,
        •    Thanksgiving Dinner Nov 15 Affinity Commons 7 pm
        •    WSO meeting Oct 29 7 pm in the Multicultural Center,
        •    Email time preferences for more Cultural Conversation hours.
•   Parliamentarian: Alex Habbouche
        •    No Report
•   Religious Affairs: Robert Allen
        •    No Report
•   Security: Matt Wiseman
        •    Traffic Appeals Nov 5 in Mac 204 at 7 pm
•   Senate Activities: Marsha McMunn
        •    Birthdays were celebrated!
•   Technology Advancement: Zach Ferres Absent), Ryan Lowry (absent) & Justin Rentz (absent)

Officer Reports
•   Advisor: Adriane Bradshaw
        o     H1N1 update: within the last two weeks, three influenza A diagnoses (contains H1N1 strain),
             two for sure H1N1 because they got tested at home. Symptoms and treatment of regular and
             swine flu are the same, so diagnosis is not very important.
•   Secretary: Melissa Straub (absent)
        o     Email if you will be absent or if you would like something on the agenda.
•   Vice-President: Kelly Morman
        o     No Report
•   President: Mike Hamper
         o    Anca Istoc resigned because of an important internship, and Mike will appoint someone for
              the next GA.

Suggestion Box
No suggestions were given

     New Senators could pick up their t-shirts at the end of the meeting.

1st: Josh Blackwell, 2nd: Arielle Ambrosy.

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