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									                                Student Senate
                                General Assembly Agenda
                                Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Call to Order                                  Mike Hamper
        Called to order at-
Invocation                                     Marsha McMunn
Pledge of Allegiance                           Marsha McMunn

New Business
     Approval of the Minutes will be next week for the meetings on December 15,
       January 5, and January 12
     Panhellanic Council representative.
          o      Leanne Clark came before senate to fill the position. Secretary
              Pepra moved to accept Leanna Clark for the position. By a vote of 13-
              0-0. Leanne Clark is our newest representative.
     Organization Approvals
          o      David Frank came before Senate for the organization American Civil
              Unions Club. Secretary Dvorak moved to approve the organization.
              Motion seconded by Senator Streiter. By a vote of 13-0-1. Motion
              passes. Senator Wu abstained.
          o      Ohio Northern University Soecity for Human Resource Management
              came before Senate in hope to become an approved organization on
              campus. Secretary Dvorak moved to approve the organization. Motion
              second by Senator Streiter. By a vote of 14-0-0. Organization is
     Reading of the Constitution, Articles 4-9
          o      Parliamentarian Gaetano came before Senate to read articles 4-9 of
              the constitution.
     Reading of the Bylaws, Articles 8-13
          o      Parliamentarian Gaetano came before Senate to read Artciles 8-13
              of the Bylaws.

Housing Representatives:
•   5 University Parkway: Elizabeth Spingola
            Heat in the building is malfunctioning.
•   Affinity Housing: Wilson Wu – No Report
•   Brookhart Hall: Vacancy
•   Founders Hall: Nicholas Jantzen
               Hall Council will meet again next week
               Maglott would like more longue sitting
•   IFC: Steve Ankney (ABSENT)
•   Klondike’s Den, Polar Place, Northern Commons: Kait Brogley – No Report
•   Lakeview and University Terrace: Nathan Mirolo (ABSENT)
•   Lima Hall: Anthony Bless (ABSENT)
           Senator Bless, after meeting over the standard three meetings will be impeached from
            his position. A panel will be created to start the investigation.
•   Maglott: Emerson Babington (ABSENT)
•   Non ONU Off Campus: Robert Stahler- No Report
•   Northern House: Vacancy
•   Park Hall: Eric Ambos- No Report
•   Panhellanic Council: Leanne Clark- No Report
•   Roberts Hall: Brandon Bourgeois
           Will be meeting with Hall Council soon
           Met with the Dean of the Law school in response to Recycling Proposal
•   Stadiumview Apartments: Yerin Kim (ABSENT)

College Representatives:
•   Arts & Sciences: Victoria Secrist (ABSENT), Cara Schroeder, Vacancy
           No Report
•   Business: Robert Rudary (ABSENT), Travis Edington (ABSENT)
           No Report
•   Engineering: Allan Hall, Robert Milos
           Started the exchange to the Google Servers today
•   Law: Andrew Wick (ABSENT), Zach Moore (ABSENT)
           No Report
•   Pharmacy: Josh Blackwell, Jennifer Cornelius, Jordan Strieter
           Pharmacy Council meeting was yesterday
           Started work on the Quarterly Pharmacy Newsletter

Committee Reports
•   Academic Affairs: Vacancy
           Academic Affairs Meeting today
           Discussion is still in process about vacation days for semester switch.
           Discussion about Easter break was held, with most Senators wishing for a two day
•   Athletics: Amanda Caudill
           No Report
•   Campus Organizations: Katy Dvorak
           Roster Collection
           New Recognition Packet
•   Communications: Matthew Rarey
           Flyers for petitions and elections have been made and will be put up through campus to
            advertise elections
•   Dining Services: Joe Stecyk
           Committee Meeting will be next Wednesday
•   Finance: David Mangus
           Committee meeting after meeting
•   Housing: Crystal Boykin
           Dorm in a Box- Very quality material for affordable prices.
           Recycling Project Update- 930 bins will be purchased.
•   Judicial: Kwaku Nsiah Peprah
           Petitions are due January 17 by 11pm to the Senate Office
           Elections are January 24-26. We will need non-candidates to staff the table. Please sign
            up when you can work.
•   Multicultural: Kendra Hearn
           January 18 - 7:00 pm in the McIntosh Ballroom - Eric Byler will present his
            documentary film 9500 Liberty followed by a question-and-answer discussion.
           Unite for Awareness Week Committee - please email me if you're interested! k-
           Black History Month Events - please mark your calendars!
           CASE Meeting 1/14 - 12pm in Mac 205
•   Newsletter: Courtney O’Banion
           Articles for the Newsletter are due on January 26 to Courtney.
•   Parliamentarian: Allie Gaetano
           We are on schedule to finish the revisions to the Constitution before elections and the
            bylaws, including substantive changes, before the end of this quarter
•   Religious Affairs: Zac Esterline (ABSENT)
•   Security: Benjamin Sheperd
           No Report
•   Senate Activities: Paige Dirmeyer (ABSENT)
           Kudos from Klondike venue changed to the Ada First United Methodist Church because
            the pipes burst at the FAME Center
•   Technology Advancement: Justin Rentz (ABSENT)
           There was a webstu meltdown yesterday, so websites have been set back to their latest
            restore point, which was a while ago. That is why the ONU website went down
                   This includes the Senate website. News updates will be restored shorty, but
                    petitions have been made available again for those interested under “Join

Officer Reports
•   Liaison: Chad Shepherd
        o   No Report
•   Secretary/Treasurer: Chad Cadwell
        o   No Report
•   Vice President: Marsha McMunn
        o   No Report
•   President: Mike Hamper
           Laundry Proposal Update- Should be about 40$ a year for Unlimited use of the machines
            added into the Room and Board.
           IFC/Panhel positions within Senate are looking to change ways so that they are better
            utilized. They will be holding duel-roles within both organizations. They will be
            announcing public events and voicing outcomes. They will speak about recruitment
            issues and announce membership. The executive boards of IFC and Panhellenic council
            may potentially appoint the position.

Suggestion Box

Meeting moved to adjourn made by Senator Hall, Seconded By Senator Bourgeois , Meeting
adjourned at 6:13PM

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