Northern Christian Fellowship retreat is this weekend by i301aw


									                                Student Senate
                                General Assembly Agenda
                                Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Call to Order            5:04                    Marsha McMunn
Invocation                                       Stephanie Ash
Pledge of Allegiance                             Josh Blackwell

New Business
     Approval of the Minutes: Senator Strieter moves to approve the minutes and
       was seconded by Secretary Yaple. The vote passed with a count of: 16,-,-

Housing Representatives:
•   5 University Parkway: Elizabeth Spingola
           Good week, nothing fell apart
•   Affinity Housing: Taylor Fortune
           Meeting with hall council late this week or early next week- talk about improvements for
            next year
•   Brookhart Hall: Shea Pennington
           Bug problem on the first floor- ants and spiders
•   Founders Hall: Nicholas Jantzen
             Hall council meeting this friday
•   IFC: Steve Ankney: Absent
•   Klondike’s Den, Polar Place, Northern Commons: Kaitlin Brogley: Absent
           Working on setting up hall council meeting for next week
•   Lakeview and University Terrace: Vacancy
•   Lima Hall: Vacancy
•   Maglott: Vacancy
•   Off Campus: Caleb Davis
           No report
•   Northern House: Vacancy
•   Panhellenic Council: Leanne Clark
           No report
•   Park Hall: Nick Summers
           Met with committee no issues
•   Roberts Hall: Brandon Bourgeuis
           Planning to have one more council meeting before the end of the year
•   Stadiumview Apartments: Yerin Kim
           Have a key pad on the back entrance of stadiumview west

College Representatives:
•   Arts & Sciences: Victoria Secrist, Micah Hein, Cara Schroeder
           Outstanding faculty of the year dessert is on Monday
•   Business: Wilson Wu, Leslie Smith
           SIFE weeklong event- may second stock trading game for any major, third sallie mae
            speaker, fourth having a cookout on dickie lawn, fifth having a pitch competition, sixth
            having a blackout dance party
•   Engineering: Sarah Massella, Peyman Majidi
           Working on gift
•   Law: Matthew Mitchell and Jessica Wright: absent
•   Pharmacy: Robert Stahler, Jennifer Cornelius, Jordan Strieter
           Working on the newsletter
           On Monday state board of pharmacy will be holding meeting in college of law
           Next week is pharmacy week

Committee Reports
•   Academic Affairs: Kristofer Yaple
           If there are problems with summer registration let kris know
           Presenting continuous achievement awards at honors day
•   Athletics: Jojo Entsuah: Absent
           Game of the week will be ONU men and women’s track team’s conference this weekend
            at Mt. Union.
           Committee members should be expecting an email early next week to set up a date for a
            meeting about the mentoring program.
•   Campus Improvement: Stephen Saunier
           No report
•   Campus Organizations: Katy Dvorak
           Still working on welcome fest
           Committee please stay after the meeting
•   Communications: Matthew Rarey
           No report
•   Dining Services: Joe Stecyk
           Meeting with dave on friday
•   Finance: Eric Ambos
               Set schedule for budget appropriations
•   Housing: Crystal Boykin: Absent
       Housing Lottery:
               Round I – April 28th through May 3rd, 2011 (90 credit hours or more)
               Round II – May 4th through May 9th, 2011 (89 credit hours or less)
               *Roommate selection begins the day before your round starts and continues
                 throughout the entire round.
                 ·    Log-in to and click on your “myHousing” tab.
       Summer Housing
          Summer Session One
            7 Move In - Sunday, May 29
            7 Session begins - Tuesday, May 31
            7 Session ends - Friday, June 24
            7 Move Out - Saturday, June 25
          Summer Session Two
            7    Move In - Sunday, June 26
            7    Session begins - Monday, June 27
            7    Session ends - Friday, July 22
            7    Move Out - Saturday, July 23
     If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact the Office of Residence Life.
•   Judicial: Marc Snodgrass
                   Vacancies- lima, maglott, UT/ Lakeview
•   Multicultural: Neal Huang
                   United for awareness week schedule
                   Changed the water fountain that was gross in kinghorn
•   Newsletter: Katie Hozan
                   THANK YOU for turning in your articles- newsletter should head to the print shop
                   Dead week- dorm storm mandatory for housing reps
•   Parliamentarian: Allie Gaetano
               Have the changes in the computer
               Elections manual
•   Religious Affairs: Stephanie Ash
               Chapel selection going well- campus visits are scheduled Monday, Tuesday, at 9 am to
                speak with them and Thursday at 10am.
               Events: northern Christian fellowship- praise and worship service this Saturday at 6pm
               Chapel this wed will be Pastor Marcus
               The following week will be 24/7 prayer starting at Monday at 7am and will go until
                Thursday may 5th at 6pm- at the end of the week there will be a praying and fasting
               This weekend- Muslim student association having soccer tournament
               Northern Christian Fellowship retreat is this weekend
•   Senate Activities: Chelsea Bowers
            Coffeehouse is next Monday at 7 pm in Mac
            New people sign birthday list
            Marsha’s Birthday is this Sunday!
            Summer birthdays: you are cared about- Kris Yaple, Neal Yuang, Jenny Cornelius, Yerim
             Kim, Brandon Bourgeuis, Steve Saunier, Jordan Strieter
            Scavenger hunt is next Wednesday, immediately after GA
                 Dress down day!
                 I’ll be emailing out the teams this evening
                 The hunt consists of taking pictures, finding items and two additional fun
•   Technology Advancement: Corey Bettenbrock
    No reprot

Officer Reports
•   Advisor: Chad Shepherd
•   Treasurer: Dave Mangus
              Working on the budget
•   Secretary: Mary Lu Schaeffer
   Vice President: Josh Blackwell
             Come to baker’s farewell please!
•   President: Marsha McMunn
             Baker farewell
             Student Leadership Conference 9am on Sunday
                     Still need a driver to take doug back to airport

Suggestion Box
Dr. McCurdy is retiring- there is a meeting in HPPEC 151- free chicken and pizza today at 6pm
This Friday and Sat is relay for life
Oklahoma will be in Freed next weekend- Micah and matt
This Sunday is run for the roses in memory and honor of ONU students
Starting something new in the engineering college- feed my starving child- can in each
department office
Traffic appeals will be next Thursday at seven

Senator Bourgeuis moved to adjourn the meeting and this motion was seconded by Senator
Stahler. The meeting was adjourned at 5:33 om

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