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									                                Student Senate
                                General Assembly Agenda
                                Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Call to Order                                 Mike Hamper
        Meeting called to order at: 5:05 PM
Invocation                                    Zac Esterline
Pledge of Allegiance                          Marsha McMunn

New Business
     Approval of the Minutes
           o      Minutes approved.
     Constitution Changes – Articles 4 – 9
           o      Parliamentarian Gaetano read through the changes that were made
               to the constitution. Parliamentarian Gaetano moved to accept Articles
               4-9. Motion seconded by Senator Strieter. By a vote of 16-0-0; motion
               passes. The constitution will now go before the student body for
               voting during elections.
     Racquetball Club for Approval
           o      Secretary Dvorak moved to accept the Racquetball Club as an
               organization. Motion was seconded by Senator Hall. By a vote of 16-0-
               0. Motion passes.
     Election Information
           o      Secretary Peprah announced individuals who are currently running
               for positions. He is also looking for individuals to help with election

Housing Representatives:
•   5 University Parkway: Elizabeth Spingola- No Report
•   Affinity Housing: Wilson Wu-
            Additional vacuum cleaners will be added to Affinity
•   Brookhart Hall: Vacancy
•   Founders Hall: Nicholas Jantzen- No Report
•   IFC: Steve Ankney-
            Spring Rush has begun. Bids will be released after Spring Break
•   Klondike’s Den, Polar Place, Northern Commons: Kait Brogley- No Report
•   Lakeview and University Terrace: Nathan Mirolo (ABSENT)
•   Lima Hall: Anthony Bless (ABSENT)
•   Maglott: Emerson Babington (ABSENT)
•   Non ONU Off Campus: Robert Stahler- No Report
•   Northern House: Vacancy
•   Panhellenic Council: LeAnn Clark- No Report
•   Park Hall: Eric Ambos
           Introduced Park Hall Council to General Assembly.
           Next meeting will be next Wednesday at noon
•   Roberts Hall: Brandon Bourgeois
           Hall Council meeting at 6PM
           Introduce one member of his hall council.
           Would like to start decorating some of the bulletin boards in Roberts Hall
•   Stadiumview Apartments: Yerin Kim- No Report

College Representatives:
•   Arts & Sciences: Vacancy, Victoria Secrist, Cara Schroeder
           Student Advisory Board Meeting will be next week
•   Business: Robert Rudary (ABSENT), Travis Edington (ABSENT)
           No Report
•   Engineering: Allan Hall, Robert Milos
           No Report
•   Law: Andrew Wick (ABSENT), Zach Moore (ABSENT)
           No Report
•   Pharmacy: Josh Blackwell (ABSENT), Jennifer Cornelius, Jordan Strieter
           Pharmacy Chili cook-off will be next week
           Working on the newsletter

Committee Reports
•   Academic Affairs: Vacancy
•   Athletics: Amanda Caudill (ABSENT)
           Trying to create a Student Group for basketball games and volleyball games.
•   Campus Organizations: Katy Dvorak
           No Report
•   Communications: Matthew Rarey
           No Report
•   Dining Services: Joe Stecyk
           Met with a committee and discussed several ideas.
           Working on changes with meal plans for semesters, creating a twitter account, and
            providing nutritional facts.
•   Finance: David Mangus
           No Report
•   Housing: Crystal Boykin
           No Report
•   Judicial: Kwaku Nsiah Peprah
           Presidential debate will be more of an question and answer session since there is only
            one set of candidates
           The session has been scheduled for Friday at 5pm. It will be in the Wishing Well.
•   Multicultural: Kendra Hearn
           Cultural Conversation - "A Discussion on the Observance of the Dr. Martin Luther King.
            Jr. Holiday" Thursday 11:45-12:45, HML 301
           UFAW meeting - Friday, Jan. 21st 5-6pm in Mac 202
           BSU's Fashion Show - Friday, Feb. 4th at 7pm in Mac Activities, dance til 11pm
•   Newsletter: Courtney O’Banion (ABSENT)
           Articles are due next week, January 26th. Would like a minimum of 400 words per article.
•   Parliamentarian: Allie Gaetano
           No Report
•   Religious Affairs: Zac Esterline
           VIM’s last meeting is the 31st of January.
•   Security: Benjamin Sheperd
           No Report
•   Senate Activities: Paige Dirmeyer
           Kudos from Klondike – This Monday at 7pm. We will need some volunteers to set up the
            room on Monday between 5pm and 7pm.
           We also are requesting Senators to please bring a dessert to share.
           If you have not replied via email or e-vite, please be sure to let Paige or Marsha know
            today whether you will be at Kudos.
•   Technology Advancement: Justin Rentz (ABSENT)

Officer Reports
•   Liaison: Chad Shepard
        o    No Report. Will be MIA the following two weeks.
•   Secretary/Treasurer: Chad Cadwell
        o    T-Shirt Tuesday is next Tuesday
•   Vice President: Marsha McMunn
        o    From ReStore to the Runway tonight at 7pm
        o   Marsha is the Senate candidate. Please be sure to come and support ReStore!
•   President: Mike Hamper
           Continuous Achievement Scholarship is available as of today
           Next week is a lot of changes with By-Laws

Suggestion Box
       During long weekends, possibly see that some buildings remain open to
        allow students a place to study.

Secretary Mangus moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Senator Milos. Meeting
adjourned at 5:32 PM

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