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									                         THE NETWORK
                                                September 2011
St. Andrew’s mission is to create a growing community of Christian faith where we worship through word
 and sacrament; recognize and experience God’s grace for all and are nourished to serve and minister to
               others. Wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.

This month’s cover article is about the Stewardship                  extravagant giver!
Campaign.                                                            Sometimes when I feel a loss for words, I ask God
By now I hope you have had the chance to look                        to help me by leading me to a quote from someone
through the Stewardship package and are taking the                   else to explain what I feel and think. I found this
time to prayerfully decide what your commitment                      quote from one of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis,
to the Mission and Ministries of St. Andrew's can                    and I'd like to share it with you.
be for October, 2011 to December, 2012. (The                         “I do not believe one can settle how much we ought
reason this is a 15 month pledge period is because                   to give. I am afraid the only safe rule is to give
we are "resetting" the pledges to determine if we                    more than we can spare. In other words, if our
can bring Fr. Paul and Lucas to full time                            expenditure on comforts, luxuries, amusements,
positions.) If you have already returned your                        etc., is up to the standard common among those
commitment card in the mail, my heartfelt thanks.                    with the same income as our own, we are probably
We are asking that all cards be returned by Aug.                     giving away too little. If our charities do not at all
28. If we haven't received your card by Aug. 31,                     pinch or hamper us, I should say they are too
someone from the Stewardship committee will                          small. There ought to be things we should like to do
follow up with you. We sincerely hope that                           and cannot do because our charitable expenditures
everyone who received a Stewardship package will                     excludes them.” — C.S. Lewis (1898-1963),
return a card even if the only box you can check is                  English author and scholar
that you will pray for St. Andrew's.                                 Blessings to all,
For me, stewardship is the acknowledgment that                       Kathy Andres, Stewardship Chair
God is the owner of everything and I am merely                       Weekly Worship Schedule
His manager. I find it easier to give when I think
about all the blessings in my life and the more I                    Sunday    8:00 a.m. Spoken Holy Eucharist
give, the more I am blessed. Often I have                                      10:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist
conversations about how much a person should                         Wednesday 12:30 p.m. Holy Eucharist
give. I believe everyone can give something
(remember the story of the Widow's mite) and it is                   Please help us with our liturgy on Sunday. We are
important to start somewhere. Take baby steps if                     asking that parishioners kindly wait to enter the
you need to. Start by giving even a small amount                     nave (church) during Scripture readings, prayers
regularly, then learn to give proportionally                         and sermon until they are completed. Your help is
increasing gradually to a full tithe, and eventually                 greatly appreciated!
you will want to go beyond the tithe and become an
Website updates:                                              Vaughan for more information – and also the article
Photos from the Picnic at Diane’s Farm have been              further down in this newsletter.
added to the website                                          Sunday September 11th @ 10:00am – Homecoming                          Sunday
Kevin Blest & Richard Hollinger                               Homecoming Sunday, September 11th:
Volunteers Needed:                                            This year our annual Homecoming will be celebrated on
Acolytes: St. Andrew’s has a STRONG need for                  Sept. 11, following the 10:00 AM service. It is a
Acolytes at this time. Currently, we only have 6              wonderful time to welcome everyone back from their
Acolytes on the schedule. Adults and children in 5th          summer holidays, catch up on church news, and become
grade or above are more than welcome to volunteer.            acquainted with any new members that have joined the
Please contact Fr. Paul if you are interested.                St. Andrew’s family.
St. Andrew’s Facebook page:                                   Our celebration will begin immediately following the
St. Andrew’s Facebook page has been deactivated. The          worship service with a fellowship dinner. The
Facebook page was not being updated on a consistent           Hospitality Chairs have planned a delicious meal and
basis, and nobody knew who was moderating it. We              will need your help preparing the various recipes, as
would LOVE to get the page back up and running, but           well as serving the dinner and cleaning up. There is a
we need a Facebook Page Manager. We would also be             sign-up sheet on the table in the narthex listing the
co-moderators (posting photos that we have been sent          various areas help is needed and copies of the recipes
for the newsletter). What the Facebook Page Manager           we will be serving.
would be mostly responsible for is updating the status        Please check the list and sign up to help in some way
message and making sure the News Feed posts are               (we are not opposed to anyone signing up in more than
appropriate for a “Church” page. If interested, please        one area - preparing a recipe, helping to serve). If you
contact us at                       are unable to help at this time, we warmly invite you to
Thank you. Kevin Blest & Richard Hollinger                    join us to partake of the meal, your presence is always
Family Photo Wall:                                            welcome and important to us.
If your photo is not on the wall in the Parish Hall, please   Thanks for your help. If anyone has any inquiries or
contact Julie Czapla to arrange a time to have your           questions, please contact:
picture taken, or if you already have a photo that you        Sharon Parham (614-829-6121)
would like posted on the wall, please get the photo to        Sandy Heren (740-927-3977)
Fr. Paul.                                                     Diane Tussing (740-862-4007)
News from the Knitting Ministry:                              Foyer Groups:
The Knitting Ministry of St. Andrew’s quietly continues
its work by providing items such as handmade prayer           The word foyer comes from a French word for
shawls to so many in our parish and beyond. Please            hearthside.
consider being a part of this vital ministry. Even if you
don’t know how to knit, that’s okay – we will teach you.      The foyer group movement was started in England and
Please see Joan Deisler for more information.                 is continued in many Episcopal parishes. For
                                                              generations, Episcopalians in America have welcomed
Happy Birthday to:
Matthew Weibel 9/1                                            old friends and newcomers to gather in our homes to
Maggie McCarty 9/1                                            celebrate a meal.
Sharon Parham 9/6                                                              What are Foyer Groups?
Lucas Weiss 9/7                                               Make-up
Rich Goehring 9/7                                             They are small groups of 6-10 persons sharing simple
Mary Patterson 9/9
                                                              meals and fellowship.
Joe Cessna 9/12
Kevin Blest 9/14                                              Groups are made up of singles, couples, young people,
Anna Steffenson-Ross 9/19                                     retired folks, etc., in other words a cross section of the
Justin Gartin 9/22                                            parish.
Derek Knoblauch 9/23                                          The groups are put together randomly in order to add an
Tim Vaughan 9/22                                              element of spontaneity, such that each of us might have
Louise Young 9/26                                             the opportunity to get to know others in the parish who
Dates to Remember:                                            may be outside our normal circle of acquaintance.
Saturday September 10th – 8:30am – 4pm A.C.T.S.               Newcomers to the parish are especially invited to join
Pickerington Sign up in the Narthex, and see Tim              one of the groups.
Purpose                                                                family is encouraged to personalize their
The purpose is to provide a fun opportunity for our                    hosting turn according to their interests. Just
parish family to mix and meet each other and become                    chatting and nibbling is fine too!!!
better acquainted on a regular but informal basis for               Whether, the gatherings are “grown-ups only”
purely social reasons.                                                 or “include kids”, is largely left to the
     - to enjoy one another’s company                                  individual group. Hosting a meal for just the
     - to develop new friendships and deepen old ones                  adults allows for undistracted conversations,
     - to have casual fellowship and a refreshing meal                 while including children unquestionably livens
Out of the meetings, friendships develop among people                  up the evening. The groups should also be
who might not have any other opportunity to meet and                   mindful that some homes are no longer “child
get to know each other.                                                proof”, causing unnecessary anxiety for both
Foyer Groups are not a House Beautiful tour, they’re                   parents and hosts. The group should attempt to
not a Martha Stewart showcase, and they’re not an Iron                 strike a comfortable balance.
Chef cooking competition.                                      Time Frame
They are casual gatherings where the focus is on               This session has the sign-up in August and runs
fellowship and friendship, conversation and                    September-December. Some decide to move the last
conviviality. We meet each other where we live, and            meeting to January due to Christmas schedules.
accept our surroundings as they are just as God does.          The next session sign-up is in January and runs from
Format                                                         February-May.
      Each group meets monthly for four consecutive
         months for a simple meal and relaxed                               Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!!!
         conversation in the homes of members.                 Susanne Steffensen
      Each group sets their own schedule of when to
                                                               A.C.T.S. Pickerington:
         meet. It is advised to bring calendars to the         Tim Vaughan contributed this article, describing what
         dinners to determine the next meeting.                A.C.T.S. is:
      The meetings last around two to two and one-                         A New Outreach Opportunity
         half hours.
                                                               Recently St Andrew’s was approached to participate in
      Typically, the host provides the main course            a new outreach opportunity here in Pickerington. It is
         and beverages while the other members fill in         entitled
         the rest of the meal such as appetizer, bread,                        ACTS in Pickerington
         salad, side dish, and/or dessert.
                                                               ACTS stands for Active Christians Transforming
      There are several alternatives to a sit-down            Society. It is about coming together from many
         dinner. You could plan a menu of finger- and          different churches to reach out into our local
         fork-food that can be eaten from plates held on       community.
         laps while sitting on sofas, chairs, or the floor…    This is based on a similar movement in Grove City, to
         or arrange for the group to meet at a local           get as many churches as possible to come together to
         buffet-style restaurant, or reserve the picnic area   perform community outreach within a specific
         at a county park and host a cookout.                  community.
      The primary goal of Foyer Groups is to extend           The movement in Pickerington is being spearheaded by
         and deepen ties within the parish by giving           3C Church. Together with us, Grace Lutheran,
         people a chance to get to know one another            Sycamore Creek, Epiphany Lutheran and Seton Parish,
                                                               the community is going to do a two prong project on
         better, and that is most easily accomplished
                                                               Saturday Sept 10, from 8:30 am until 4pm. You do not
         through conversation. There is no requirement         need to commit for the whole day, two or three hours
         for structured debate or religious experience         would be greatly welcomed.
         (well, it would be nice if you say grace before
                                                               The first prong is baking (something we do well). We
         eating!). However, if the group is so inclined,       will come together with baked goods, package them up
         you could play a party game after dinner, or you      and deliver them along with notes from all of us to those
         could arrange to attend a movie together and          who serve our community, including the three fire
         then discuss it afterward over the meal. Each
stations, the police, and the Sheriff’s Department, to say   southern coast in San Pedro de Macorís in the
thank you for serving.                                       Dominican Republic. They try to send updates on a
The second prong is to help out in our community             monthly basis whenever possible. Here is their August
parks. This prong is divided into three sections.            message:
One- Painting. The shelters in both Sycamore Park and        Lessons from a birthday party
Victory park, benches, equipment, etc.                                Santa slowly said, “Bien” [“Good” in English],
Two – landscaping. This includes cleaning up the             with a bemused and somewhat mischievous expression -
unruly shrubs and weeds, trimming back trees and             an expression that means she has more to say.
bushes.                                                               Santa and Maximinia, the Clinic’s community
                                                             health coordinators, had completed a series of
Three – Carpentry. Both the shelters need some minor         workshops for the 13 community health promoter
repairs and the roof on the gazebo in downtown               groups. I had asked Santa how the workshops had gone.
Pickerington needs to be replaced.                           The workshop topic was about planning projects, setting
We would like to have a least ten people from each           goals, developing objectives and aims, doing
church participating. If you feel called to do any of the    monitoring, and making evaluations - generally a dull
four sections, please sign up on the sign-up sheet in the    and boring topic.
Narthex or see myself or Father Paul for further                      Of course, the health promoters use goals and
information. If you are interested in being a project        objectives, monitor progress, and evaluate results all the
chair in any of these areas, please let me know. This is     time in their daily lives - but they don’t use that formal
not only a great opportunity to serve our community,         terminology. Thinking about a birthday party (goal =
but also to interact with other churches in the area.        please the birthday girl or boy), Santa and Maximinia
                                                             can illustrate all the concepts (even including the
The hope is to get other churches involved by setting the
                                                             evaluation: quantitative = how many people came to the
example. This is a once a year project and we are
                                                             party? or qualitative = is the birthday girl or boy
looking at next June 23 or 30 for a bigger undertaking.
                                                             happy?). It has been a clever and engaging teaching
Going into people’s homes who are disabled or elderly
                                                             method that makes the ideas easy to grasp within the
who might needs some minor home repairs or
                                                             health promoters’ everyday experiences.
landscaping, helping those who cannot help themselves,
                                                                      At the end of the workshop, the health
branching out throughout the community to serve as
                                                             promoters split into small groups to design a “practice
God has called us, to be his hands and feet.
                                                             project” for their community complete with goals,
Youth Retreats:                                              objectives, and a monitoring and evaluation plan.
Genesis 9 – December 9-11th, 2011 – a junior high                     Now back to Santa who continued, “The health
retreat, and the cost is $35                                 promoters have left these workshop with a set of
Exodus 9 – March 30th-April 1st 2012 – a senior high         realistic and doable project outlines for real health
retreat                                                      problems in their communities - cholera, mosquitoes,
More information can be found on                             problems with health department services, water                                   drainage - and they are excited about their ideas! This is
                                                             going to be very interesting to watch.”
Recycling News:                                                       These recent workshops (more than previous
             Annual Report for 2011                          ones on topics like diarrhea or vaccinations) equip the
Month Name       Tons Total                                  health promoters to plan and develop programs for their
January           0.89 4.45                                  communities. It is another step toward their autonomy
February          0.91 4.55                                  and self-actualization - a step they seem ready to take.
March             1.43 7.15                                  This is going to be interesting.
April             1.05 5.25                                  Keep praying, Michael
May                .88 4.40                                                         Community Page
June              1.04 5.20                                  This page will be used for announcing anything
July                .97 4.85                                 community related, not necessarily church-related.
Total:            7.17 $35.85
C’mon, we can do better than that!                           Guitar Lessons:
                                                             Bill Barker is volunteering to give guitar lessons on
Message from the Dohn’s:                                     Wednesday at 6pm for about a half-hour at St.
For those of you who are not aware, Anita and Michael        Andrew’s. The cost is $10 a session. For more
Dohn are physicians serving as SAMS missionaries             information, please contact Bill Barker at 614-920-
with La Iglesia Episcopal Dominicana at the diocesan         9316.
Clínica Esperanza y Caridad. They live along the
Thank you note from PFC Philip Arthur:                      Job Seekers & Networking:
Dear St. Andrews: Thank you so much for the nice            Connecting People and Jobs
package. It was a good surprise and very much               By Richelle Thompson
appreciated. Its always nice to get stuff from back         This forum is designed to allow job-seekers and
home. I appreiate your kind gesture and prayers during      employers to connect. Job seekers are encouraged to
this difficult time for me and my family. My unit is        post 2-3 paragraphs about their skills and the type of
slowly starting to come back from Iraq and all have         jobs they are seeking. Include an e-mail in the text of
returned safe. Once I return to Ohio, I will be sure to     your comments so a potential employer has contact
visit St. Andrews with Julie, Jon and the boys. Take        information. Employers: Post job openings here -- or
Care and God Bless, PFC Philip Arthur, Fort Hood            share information about employment opportunities.
Texas (Brother of Julie Czapla)                             Job Blog: see Diocesan Website
Episcopal Relief and Development program:          we
Netsforlife – Healing a hurting world                       do/jobsnetworking.html
If your next door neighbor or family member was dying
and you have the means to do something. Would you? I        Keep in mind: (also mentioned earlier in the
bet you would. What if it is someone you don’t know,        newsletter)
would you help? I bet you would too. Most human             The Outreach Program – we still need school supplies
beings are honest and decent people, willing to help        – please try to bring them to Church. The boxes may be
people in need. Sometimes, we can only watch                collected within the next couple weeks. The list of
helplessly as a loved one is taken away from us in an       school supplies needed, and what has already been
untimely fashion. But here is an opportunity to do          collected, can be found on St. Andrew’s website at

Fact: Nearly one million (1,000,000) people die yearly      Acolytes are still needed – Adults and children in 5th
of Malaria fever                                            grade or above are more than welcome to volunteer.
Fact: Approximately 3.3 billion (yes, billion with a “B”)   Please contact Fr. Paul if you are interested.
people live in areas where Malaria is a constant threat.
Fact: 90 per cent of all malaria death occur in Africa      Photos for Parish Wall: If you need a photo taken,
Fact: Most of these deaths are children under five years    please contact Julie Czapla. If you already have a photo
of age.                                                     you would like to contribute, please give the photo to
Fact: Malaria can be cured with prompt diagnosis and        Fr. Paul.
proper treatment but most people who are affected have
no access to proper healthcare.                             E-mail list:
                                                            Currently, we send out the newsletter and several
This is where we as God-loving Episcopalians come in.       announcements during the week via e-mail. If you are
This is an instance we can help to prevent unnecessary      currently getting the newsletter via e-mail, and would
death. This is one area we don’t have to stand by           prefer getting a printed copy, please let us know so we
helplessly, while people die. Netsforlife is a program      can make sure your name gets on the mailing list for a
where the Episcopal Relief and Development partners         printed copy. Now is the time to make the change
with other organizations to eradicate malaria. Yes,         before the holidays arrive. Send us a quick e-mail at
prevention is key but Netforlife cannot do it alone. The if you would prefer
goal is to deliver seven million nets over three years to   getting a printed copy of the newsletter. Thank you.
people in areas where the disease is prevalent.             Richard Hollinger & Kevin Blest
Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease that kills over 3000
people every day. If this was to happen in the US, this
would be a pandemic. There would be general panic and       We hope everyone had a happy and safe
people would want something done about it. Yet, we go       summer. At this time, we remember our
about our own way, unaware of the vast number of
people who die every day, every year from this terrible
                                                            servicemen, at home and abroad, and give
but preventable disease.                                    comfort to the families with the knowledge
                                                            that we keep our Servicemen at home and
To learn more about Netsforlife, please visit               abroad in our thoughts and prayers at all . A little goes a long
way.                                                        times.

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