Top 5 resume goof ups

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					Top 5 resume goof ups
Resume writing can be nightmarish yet you need to put your best foot forth while drafting it out. Find out top five
resume writing mistakes you should avoid in your resume.

Your resume is your gateway to your dream job. None the less, some job aspirants manage to
make a blunder with their resume writing. Read on to find out the most frequent mistakes
potential employees make while drafting their resume.

1. Inappropriate format.

Thumb rule of resume writing is information should be prioritized as per their level of
relevance. It is often found that job seekers keep their academic information at the top
followed by work experience details. In fact it should be just the opposite. Employers are
looking for real people who can deliver results. Your experience will give them a sound idea of
your capabilities.

Indian job market is extremely competitive. Getting jobs in India is tough. Brush all these out
from your resume and you stand a good change of grabbing your dream profile.

2. Not cross-checking the information.

Every piece of information on your resume reflects who you are. Information such as academic
records and work profile at previous employers are the top most areas of error. Your resume
should provide enough information for the employers to understand the kind of work profile
you have been handling. You can look for resume samples on portals that exclusively feature
jobs in India. It will give you a keen insight from the employers’ view point.

3. No spell check.

That’s quite obvious yet most often overlooked. Spelling errors on your resume reflects your
casual approach towards work and is far from being professional. Spelling goof ups can be
easily ironed out with a quick spell check. Submit resume only after a spell check, it hardly takes
a minute.

4. Loosely written hobbies & achievements.
Every one in five resumes have travelling as a hobby. That’s not sheer coincidence. Another big
mistake is to put your achievements in pointers rather than elaborating on it in a few lines. It’s
easy for the employer to make out how much efforts you have made for resume writing. To
grab the cream jobs in India, be genuine about your interests and set a unique impression of

5. Overlook information asked by the employer.

Usually employers ask job seekers to provide current CTC, salary expectation, willingness to
travel and shift to a new location and other such job specific information. Often job seekers
forward the same resume without heeding to employer’s specific information needs. Again, this
shows your laid back attitude and you might just miss out on that lucrative career opportunity.

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