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            Chapter 4 Growth of the Thirteen Colonies (1607-1770) Section 3 France and Britain Clash
Britain and France
•Two of the ____________________ powers in Europe
•Competed for ____________________ and empire
•All over the ____________________
•____________________ caused bitter feelings between French and British colonists in North America
•Bitterness increased when the British tried to enter the ____________________ Valley
•The ____________________ controlled this area
•The French did not want to share the ____________________ trade
Hostility Continues
•British fur traders built a ____________________ at Pickawillany
•The French attacked the fort and sent the British ____________________ out of Ohio
•French troops started raiding ____________________ and New York
•New Englanders captured ____________________
•To the disgust of New Englanders, Britain ____________________ Louisbourg to the French
Native Americans Take Sides
•France and Britain knew that the ____________________ of the Native Americans would be important
•France had more Indian ____________________ than the British
•The French just wanted fur, they did not want to take Indian ____________________
•French traders often ____________________ Indian women
•Also followed Indian ____________________
•French ____________________ converted many Indians to Catholicism
•Indians helped the French by raiding British ____________________
•Example- Hannah Duston

The Iroquois Confederacy
•Most powerful group of Native Americans in the ____________________
•New ____________________ area
•Initially five ____________________- Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, and Oneida
•Others later ____________________ or were conquered
•1722- ____________________ joined
•English referred to them as the ____________________Nations
The Iroquois
•Remained ____________________ with France and Britain
•____________________ with both
•Played the British and French against each other
•Controlled the ________________________________________ area
•Mid 1700s the Iroquois came under ____________________ when the British moved into the Ohio Valley
•Leaders gave certain trading rights to the British and reluctantly became their ____________________
•This upset the balance of ____________________ between France and Britain
American Colonists Take Action
•____________________ planed on settling the Ohio Valley
•Fall of 1753- Virginia’s Governor Robert Dinwiddie sent a ____________________ into the land
•Named ________________________________________
•Washington was ____________________ years old
•He was told to tell the French that they were ____________________ on land that Great Britain claimed
•Washington was to demand they ____________________
France’s Response to Washington
•Washington delivered the ____________________
•Washington said later, “that it was their absolute design, or plan, to take possession of the Ohio, and by God
they would do it”

Washington’s First Command
•Spring of 1754- Washington was a lieutenant ____________________
•Washington was sent back to the Ohio country
•With a ____________________ of 150 men
•Was to build a ____________________ at Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers (Pittsburgh today)
•Washington arrived and found the French were already building Fort ____________________ on that spot
Washington’s Fort
•Washington built a small post called Fort ____________________
•British were greatly ____________________
•The inexperienced troops ____________________ a French force
•The British quickly surrendered and returned to ____________________
•Washington’s account was published and he became ____________________ in the colonies and Europe
•He was defeated at Fort Necessity, but he was seen as a ____________________for attacking the French first

Albany Plan of Union
•Representatives from several ____________________met in Albany, New York (June 1754)
•To discuss the threat of ____________________
•Also find a way to defend themselves against the ____________________
•And persuade the ____________________ to support the British
•Ben ____________________ presented his Albany Plan of Union
•Called for a ____________________ colonial government
•Not a ____________________ colonial assembly approved the plan
•No colony wanted to give up any of its ____________________

Franklin’s Response
•“Everybody cries, a ____________________ is necessary; but when they come to the manner and form of the
union, [they] are perfectly distracted”
•Albany meeting ____________________ to unite the colonists in fighting the French
•Soon a full scale ____________________ erupted
Essential Question
•Why did conflict arise in North America between France and Great Britain?
-France and Britain were competing world wide for ___________________ and empire. This competition
intensified in North America when the two nations struggled for control of the ___________________ River
valley, which the ___________________ considered their territory.

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