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					                     2012 Request for Preliminary Proposals

The Toledo-Lucas County Housing Fund, Inc. (TLCHF) and the Lucas County Land Reutilization
Corporation (Land Bank) have entered into an alliance for a new funding round. We are pleased
to issue this joint application to solicit Preliminary Proposals for funding.

Land Bank is a community improvement corporation designed to strengthen neighborhoods
in Lucas County by returning vacant and abandoned properties to productive use. By
strategically acquiring properties, the Land Bank works to reduce blight, increase property
values, strengthen neighborhoods, and improve the quality of life for all Lucas County residents.

TLCHF is an independent county-wide nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors
that includes representatives from several community organizations as well as City and County
appointees. We envision Lucas County consisting of vibrant economically and racially diverse
communities and neighborhoods. The TLCHF is committed to facilitating the production and
preservation of housing within Lucas County.

2012 Priorities
This Request for Proposals is designed to assist in providing gap financing for homeownership
and rental housing projects in Lucas County. Priorities for this 2012 TLCHF / Land Bank Funding
Round (not ranked in any particular order) are:

   Infill new construction on vacant lots resulting from Lucas County Land Bank's demolition
   Rehabilitation of vacant and abandoned properties. Proposals 1) using property owned or
    in the process of being owned by the Land Bank; and/or 2) consistent with community
    plans are preferred;
   Rehabilitation of properties with historic significance;
   Proposals with significant recent private or public investment located near the proposed
    site that will benefit the development or the residents;
   New construction and rehabilitation for low and moderate income housing in
    communities with limited opportunities for affordable housing;
   New construction and rehabilitation for market rate housing in low and moderate income
    communities; and
   Home repair programs in targeted redevelopment areas.

2012 TLCHF / Land Bank Request for Proposals                                                   1
Eligible Applicants
Applicants may be non-profit or for-profit entities. Joint applicants (two or more entities
submitting a single proposal) must designate one entity to be responsible for fiscal
management and administration.

Eligible Activities
Under this RFP, the TLCHF / Land Bank will provide gap financing for the development of the
following type of projects:
     New construction or rehabilitation of housing for homeownership – including, for
      example, down-payment programs and gap financing for development;
     New construction or rehabilitation of housing for rent – gap financing;
     Housing projects to address home repair, energy conservation and modification of
      housing to facilitate accessibility (rental or home ownership).

Types of Assistance
 Grants are available to:
  o Non-profit development organizations for homeownership and rental projects. CDCs,
     special need organizations and other nonprofit housing development organizations are
  o Private for-profit housing developers for homeownership and rental projects.
 Loans are also available to both non-profit housing development organizations and for-profit
  developers. Loan terms and rates will be structured to meet the project's needs, but in no
  event will the loan term exceed five years and the amortization period exceed 30 years.
  Loans may be subordinated to other financing

Maximum Assistance
$200,000 or 1/3 of the project's total development cost, whichever is less.

Proposal Format
Applicants must submit seven (7) bound copies of the proposal plus a copy on a disk. Proposals
should be limited to six (6) pages of text, excluding the preliminary budgets, development team
resumes and the one-page Exhibit A. Qualified applications must include the following sections,
which should be clearly identified and submitted in the following order:

1) Project Summary
   Provide a summary of the project on the one-page Project Summary form (Exhibit A)
   available on the TLCHF web site.

2012 TLCHF / Land Bank Request for Proposals                                                  2
2) Project Description
   Describe the type of project and scope of activity being proposed, indicating:
    Project objectives and a brief project description.
    Type of housing being developed (new construction, rehabilitation, preservation).
    Population to be served by this development, including an estimate of the number of
      housing units to be sold or rented to each of the following income groups:
              Household income <30% of area median
              Household income >30% and <80% of area median
              Household income >80% and <120% of area median
              Household income >120% of area median
    Street address and neighborhood/community of each property in the project.
    Current ownership of each property.
    Site control status.
    Current zoning, use and occupancy status of each property.
    Any historic designation of subject properties.
    Summary of any anticipated “Green building” or sustainable design features.
    Describe any support systems / programs for residents, particularly proposals targeting
      lower income households, to ensure the sustainability of the housing.

3) Neighborhood Context
   Is the project consistent with any existing community redevelopment efforts or plans? Does
   the project support recent and/or planned private or public investment in the community?
   Is the project a strategic reuse of a site within the neighborhood? Please describe.

4) Preliminary Budgets
   Submit preliminary budgets for your project.
    A preliminary Development Pro Forma for homeownership developments and rental
      developments, which identifies the use of funds, total development cost and the sources
      of funds. Show how TLCHF / Land Bank funds would be used.
    For homeownership developments, a Home Sales Analysis to demonstrate affordability
      for households at the targeted income.
    For rental developments, an Operating Budget to provide operating costs and cash flow
      over a 15 year period.

   If applicable, provide status of all funding commitments received and a list of pending
   applications with dates of submission and expected awards. Indicate how the project will be
   financed during the construction phase.

5) Preliminary Timetable
   Provide a preliminary timetable with key benchmarks identified by target date. At a
   minimum, include projected application dates and approval dates for other funding sources
   assumed, design benchmarks, zoning approvals, bidding, construction start and completion.

2012 TLCHF / Land Bank Request for Proposals                                                3
   The timetable MUST include your best estimate regarding the anticipated date that the
   project will need the TLCHF / Land Bank financing.

6) Development Team
   Provide a brief description of each member of the development team currently identified,
   such as developer, attorney, contractor, architect, and consultant. If a partnership is being
   created describe the structure and identify which member will be responsible for fiscal
   management and administration.         Provide a summary of other related housing
   development activities that each team member is undertaking or has undertaken.

   Team Member Resumes – please also include a resume of each identified member of the
   development team as an attachment.

   Please note that major changes to the development team are considered material changes
   to the project. Pending and approved applicants are required to notify TLCHF / Land Bank
   of such changes. Major changes to the development team could result in the TLCHF and
   Land Bank reassessing their commitment.

7) Meeting TLCHF / Land Bank Priorities
   Briefly describe how your proposal meets 2012 TLCHF / Land Bank priorities as outlined

Proposal Submission
Proposals must be delivered no later than 4:00 PM, Thursday, December 6, 2012
       Lucas County Land Bank office
       One Government Center, Suite 580
       Toledo, Ohio 43604

Proposals received after the deadline will not be accepted and will not be reviewed.

Subsequent to review, the TLCHF / Land Bank Committee may request a meeting with each
applicant to discuss their preliminary proposal. Based upon the results of this meeting and a
review of the preliminary application, selected applicants may be requested to provide
additional information/detail for portions of their application.

The TLCHF and Land Bank assume no liability for costs incurred in proposal preparation. The
TLCHF and Land Bank reserve the right to accept or reject proposals or to seek additional
information from any applicant. The TLCHF and Land Bank are under no obligation to award all
available funds through this RFP.

2012 TLCHF / Land Bank Request for Proposals                                                  4
Progress Reports – successful applicants will enter into a grant agreement with the TLCHF or
Land Bank. This agreement will include a requirement for periodic progress reports as a
condition for continued funding.

Briefing Session
All interested parties are encouraged to attend a briefing session regarding the
application and review process scheduled for:
       Thursday, October 11, 2012
       10:00 AM
       One Government Center
       12th Floor Conference Room
       Toledo, Ohio 43604

TLCHF's consultant staff is available to answer questions about the TLCHF funding and
application. All questions regarding the application should be in writing and e-mailed to TLCHF
co-managers Martin Jarret or Paul Tecpanecatl no later than November 29, 2012.

   Martin Jarret, Jarret Consulting Services
    (419) 255-2921

   Paul Tecpanecatl, Poggemeyer Design Group
    (419) 244-8074

Martin Jarret and Paul Tecpanecatl, will post questions and responses on the TLCHF web site:

2012 TLCHF / Land Bank Request for Proposals                                                 5

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