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					                             Ohio River Basin Alliance
                    Steering Committee Conference Call Minutes
                                 February 3, 2012


Steering Committee Members:          Carolyn Hefner, Chair, WV Conservation Agency
                                     Mark Kessinger, USACE Huntington District
                                     Fred Nyhuis, Marathon Petroleum
                                     Jerry Schulte, ORSANCO
                                     Dr. Charles Somerville, Marshall University
                                     Mike Steinmaus, Monday Creek Restoration Project
                                     Gerald Sutphin, Ohio River Historian

Working Group Leaders:               Dr. Harry Stone, Battelle

Support Staff:                       Trena Bradshaw, USACE Nashville District
                                     Ryan Fisher, USACE Pittsburgh District
                                     Mark Kessinger, USACE Huntington District

Guest:                               Sam Dinkins, ORSANCO

Carolyn was a little late getting on the call so Mark called the meeting to order and welcomed the
newest member of the Steering Committee, Mr. Jerry Sutphin.

Update on Nashville Conference

Trena reported the cost for 2 lunches and 2 continental breakfasts with a 24% service fee and
taxes came to $141/person based on 100 attendees. To minimize the AV costs, she is planning to
provide laptops and projectors. She added that in order to get the $107/night room rate that
reservations had to be in by March 2nd. DECISION: The Committee then voted to charge a
registration fee of $150/person.

Watershed Member Sponsorships

Chuck offered on behalf of the Marshall University College of Science to pay the registration fee
for 10 watershed members from various watersheds throughout the basin. ACTION 1: Mark
will work to get the registration up and running on the ORBA website next week and

mention the scholarships for watershed members. Harry suggested that ACTION 2: Mark
also send the information about the scholarships out to the watershed list the Corps put
together. ACTION 3: Mike offered to send the information about the conference to the
Appalachian Environment and Energy Partnership’s membership as well. ACTION4:
Carolyn added that she would also send the information out to the watershed resource
agencies in West Virginia and contact someone in Tennessee to see if they will get the word
out to their watershed resource agencies as well.

Letter from the Chair

ACTION 5: Next week Mark will send out Carolyn’s “Letter from the Chair” to our
membership list announcing the conference. In addition, ACTION 6: Trena will contact
the Tennessee state agencies to invite them to the conference.

Agenda Topics for Nashville Conference

The Committee then went over a template laying out the timeslots for speakers and gave an
update on several possible topics for the Nashville agenda:

       Topic                                      Speaker                 POC
Environmental Sustainability           Leigh Ann Baird, Ingram Barge      Fred will confirm
2010 Nashville Flood                   Bob Snead, Nashville Corps         Trena will confirm
USGS New Nutrient Loading Model        TBD                                Jessica
Economic Dev thru Water Tech           Alan Vicory, Stantec               Harry will confirm
AEEP Watershed Roundtable              Panel Members TBD                  Mike will assemble
USDA Sustainability Projects in ORB    TBD                                Jessica/Carolyn
Decision Mgt Investment Model          TBD                                Jessica

Next Meeting

Our next call will be on the morning of Friday, February 17th, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. EST.

Respectfully Submitted,


Mark D. Kessinger


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