Ohio River Basin Alliance Steering Comm Conf Call Minutes 2 Mar 2012 by s90P2am8


									                             Ohio River Basin Alliance
                    Steering Committee Conference Call Minutes
                                  March 2, 2012


Steering Committee Members:          Fred Nyhuis, Marathon Petroleum
                                     Jerry Schulte, ORSANCO
                                     Dr. Charles Somerville, Marshall University
                                     Mike Steinmaus, Appalachian Energy & Envir Partnership

Working Group Leaders:               None

Support Staff:                       Trena Bradshaw, USACE Nashville District
                                     Mark Kessinger, USACE Huntington District
                                     Ryan Fisher, USACE Pittsburgh District

Partnering with AEEP

During the last call the Committee voted it was okay for AEEP to list ORBA as the “featured
partner”. Carolyn Hefner contacted Mike Steinmaus just to make sure that by being the featured
partner does not mean ORBA will necessary take a position on certain issues that AEEP may
take. Mike noted that AEEP understands ORBA’s position.

Update on Nashville Conference

Trena and Mark then reported on the Nashville Conference.

Rooms – Trena said so far 25 people have reserved 58 room-nights of the 100 set aside in our
room block. Trena re-emphasized we don’t have to book a minimum number of rooms.

Registrations – Mark reported we have 26 registrations so far and 5 of those are from watershed

Reception – Trena is checking on a room at the Gaylord for the reception while she is waiting to
hear back from Ingram on their sponsorship. Another option is to go downtown to Jack’s BBQ
or the Wild Horse Saloon.

Work Group Note Takers – Trena said she and Mark, along with Brandon Brummett, Dave
Meadows and Ryan Fisher, are all available as note takers in each of the working group

Photographer – Mark reported Beth Cade can take photos.

AV – Trena is purchasing the screen packages at the Gaylord, but to minimize the AV costs she
is planning to provide projectors. She asked the Committee members to consider bringing their

Speaker’s Gifts – Trena will check with the gift shop at the Gaylord on speaker’s gifts of
approximately $15-$20 each.

Agenda - Trena and Mike and Dvon Duncan are still working to finalize the Watershed Panel.
Chuck Somerville contacted OSU but was unable to secure a speaker on global climate change.
After some discussion the Committee asked Trena to check on the “Safe Tool Flood Preparation”
topic. ACTION 1: Trena will check on the topic of the “Safe Tool Flood Preparation” to
fill the climate change slot. Also, it was mentioned that the Ingram Barge speakers asked to be
moved to the afternoon. ACTION 2: Jerry Schulte will ask Alan Vicory if it is ok to move
him to the morning slot so we can put Ingram Barge in the afternoon slot.

Introduction of Speakers – Mark reported that Carolyn said she would be happy to introduce
Mike Brown. We are still waiting to determine who will introduce John McCormick.

ACTION 3: Mark still needs to get with the Working Group Leaders send out a reminder
to our membership on the latest working group topics for discussion at the Nashville

Next Meeting

Our next call will be on the morning of Friday, March 9th, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. EST.

Respectfully Submitted,


Mark D. Kessinger


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