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									Geog 520 Homework III: Horizontal map of rainfall associated with major floods in U.S.

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Floods cause an annual mean property loss of $5300 million in the United States. Floods are
generally caused by heavy rainfall which lasted for several days or a couple of months. In this
homework we’ll learn how to re-construct the scene for a significant flood event in history,
especially the associated rainfall distribution. The following map shows all the major U.S. floods
in the 20th century, and the more detailed information are listed in the following table. Please
choose three events and plot the associated rainfall map.
Choose three flood events which occurred between 1948-1998, find how much rainfall was
associated with each event.
Flood Starting        Ending       Affected area  Longitude    Latitude  Maximum
event    Mon/Year     Mon/Year                    range        range     Rainfall (in)

For each event:

1. Go to the NOAA PSD data search website:

3. In the “Variables” window, select “Precipitation”. Then click “Submit”.

4. In the first table (CPC .25x.25 Daily US UNIFIED Precipitation), go to the last raw (Monthly
Monthly mean) and click “Make plot or subset”.

5. Under “Other dimension values”, input the “begin” month and “end” month of the flood. Then
under “Plot output options” choose “plot on a white background” and “Fill/shade”. Then click
“Creat plot or subset of data”.

6. Read the plot and fill the above table.

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