The specific purpose of our current activities is to identify the talented Engineering students from our region of Ohio by s90P2am8



                             SPECIAL NOTICE !!!
  For University of Toledo Engineering Co-op and Intern Students
   Auglaize, Mercer, Shelby, Darke, Logan, Van Wert, Miami, and
                          Allen Counties.
Congratulations on your decision to pursue a career in Engineering! The Minster
Machine Company, located in Minster Ohio, within Auglaize County is one of the
premier manufacturers of high-speed material forming presses in the world. This
global market position for providing high-speed, precision, very reliable machine
tools in a high shock environment, translates into a continuing need for many
talented future Engineers to meet the interesting and challenging engineering
opportunities within our organization. As a result, the Minster Machine Company
has developed an Engineering Student Opportunities Program (ESOP), and
is currently in the process of contacting all college students from the surrounding
Minster area, that are known as majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical
Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Aeronautical
Engineering, Metallurgy, and Chemical, or Civil Engineering.

The specific purpose of our current activities is to identify the talented
Engineering students from our region of Ohio, whom are interested in being
considered as candidates for, Spring 2006, Summer 2006, and Fall 2006,
semester Co-op or Intern positions with Minster.

  If you are interested in becoming eligible for any of our potential student
opportunities, please send us an e-mail advising us of your potential interest,
including your Home Address and Telephone Number, and I will send you our
program “Feedback Response Form” and “Administrative Form” for your
completion as soon as possible. If you also wish to enclose resume information
with your e-mail, please feel free to do so.

As economic conditions continue to improve and more Engineering student opportunities
become available, selected candidates will be directly contacted by phone or mail, to
arrange for an interview. Due to the overwhelming response to this program by area
Engineering students, assignment to these positions will be very competitive. However,
please note that your Feedback Response Form, Administrative Form, (and any other
information you provide) will be kept on file, as you progress through your Engineering
education. As a result, you may be contacted at some time in the future as you proceed
through College, as further full time and part time Engineering Co-op and Intern
opportunities become available.
The Minster Machine Company has been a technology leader in our industry for over 110
years, and also has a long history of providing opportunities and challenges for well over
150 Engineering students in the past, many of which continued their careers with Minster,
and are the current leaders within our organization.

The Minster Machine Company has also worked with the University of Toledo
Engineering Co-op Office for many years, and as a result, we have several local area
Rockets working at Minster. Currently, our engineering opportunities include Research
engineering, Development engineering, Design engineering, Manufacturing engineering,
Electrical Controls engineering, and Technical Sales and Applications engineering, and
Advanced Technologies engineering opportunities.

Please note that I have also posted several “Position Description Documents” for your
review, to help you define your areas of career interest with The Minster Machine
Company. For further information about Minster, please also see

 Thank you very much for your response to this request. We look forward to receiving
your e-mail advisement and any other reference information you choose to provide, as
soon as possible.
Best Regards,

Daniel A. Schoch P.E.

If you are from Auglaize, Mercer, Shelby, Darke, Logan, Van Wert,
Miami, and Allen Counties and are interested in being considered for a
position with the Minster Machine Company, please contact Daniel Schoch at:

The Minster Machine Company
Engineering Manager; Advanced Technologies/ARC
Ph. 419-628-2331 Ext. 2344


Thank you.

Melissa A. Emery
Associate Director, Career Management Center
Computer Science & Engineering,
Civil Engineering & Engineering Technology
University of Toledo, College of Engineering
Phone: 419.530.8057
Fax: 419.530.8056
@ LCCC: 440.366.4342

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