JOB RESUME WRITING GUIDE

What is a job resume? This entry will discuss matters of resumes to guide you. Put simply
resume is a formal document personal about yourself for consideration or selection of a
position. It is also a document 'advertising themselves' (not for public consumption) written
on a regular basis for the purpose of consideration for the job or career opportunity.

 It also includes documents that present achievement and performance of self as well as a
document that can introduce and connect you as an applicant with a prospective employer. In
addition, job resume can also be defined as a measurement tool and self-assessment may
reflect the attitude of creativity and your perceptions of life & career potential.

In writing job resume or background, it is important for early action candidates before
ditemuduga.Resume also an important document that is used if the employer in order to help
facilitate the process of identifying the selection of candidates for interview.

Resumes also serve to introduce yourself to the interviewer to more effectively and
cepat.Segala important information contained in a resume is very useful in achieving success
later in the interview. After this we will discuss some aspects you need to know in
preparation and resume writing work.

Here are the details of information to be available in the job resume:

      The name and personal information
      Address correspondence.
      educational background (upper middle).
      Achievement in education.
      Participation in co-curricular activities.
      Award as well as a certain success.
      Experience / training practices (if any)

specific skills and talents.

Next you choose the look and the type of resume you consider appropriate to meet your
needs. Sample resume work, I will give the post more later. At the end of all write your
resume so that the result is satisfactory to you and attract attention majikan.Setelah the final
result must be typed resume work on paper that fit and quality eg on paper (A4 - 80 grams).

An essential component that is usually included in the resume is in between

      Full name (as per IC)
      latest photos (passport size)
      Personal details (date & place of birth, marital status)
      Address (including postcards)
      Permanent address (if different from no. 4)
      Objective of employment (if already identified and must be consistent with the
       position applied for)
      ducational background (leave primary education, higher qualifications are preferred).
      Working experience (including temporary work & internship).
      Co-curricular activities and associations.
      Membership of professional bodies (if any), and a standard membership.
      Involvement of society / community.
      Publications (if any).
      Status and skills across languages.
      Other skills (typing, computer).
      Driving license (standard / grade).
      Interests & favorite (hiking, swimming, drawing).
      Reference 2 people who know you (not relatives)

Style Language In Job Resume Writing

What about style selection of language you would use in resume writing work. Remember
that! use good language style can reflect your skills and creativity in the level of writing and
speaking skills. Resumes should also be attractive, well-organized and uses language and
style appropriate expressions, simple, simple but clear and complete maksudnya.Dalam
resume writing should also be avoided spelling errors. So always recalls your resume so that
there are no defects or errors.

Weakness Resume Work

Avoid resume of your work has aspects of vulnerability. Want to know what is meant by
weakness resume? Weak resume is a resume that is too long and detailed. In addition, the
weakness resume writing can also be seen through the simplistic and less dense for example
only lists the components of a resume without supported by robust information. Resume also
modified to meet the requirements of the post advertised. As I said earlier, spelling mistakes
and poor quality typing a key weakness in resume writing work.

There are several weaknesses resume include:

      given incomplete information
      Format less messy and not typedPoor grammar
      style language
      Using old English spelling system

Job Resume & Cover Letter (cover letter)

Tips resume next job - Resumes sent to the employer must be accompanied with a covering
letter (cover letter). Complete covering letter has 3 main sections beginning, middle and end.

Describe the initial part introduce yourself and explain why you are writing to them. Tell of
the middle part of the qualifications, experience and skills (make sure it is compatible with
the organization)
Meanwhile, the closing of stress centers around your interest to work with the company and
provide complete mailing address and phone number.

Hopefully these tips can guide and help you in resume preparation work.

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