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Executive Profile by s90P2am8


									Joseph B. McNew
(469) 999-7888                                                     Lucas, TX

  Tactical Business Management & Operations Senior Executive
     Exceptional record of boosting organizational performance using the best
        elements from Lean Methodologies to attain significant and lasting
           improvements in cost, delivery, profitability and satisfaction
       Versatile leader experienced in all phases of technically complex
            manufacturing programs from design to maintenance

     Leads with integrity, setting new benchmarks for performance while
           motivating teams to succeed beyond all expectations
        Generating up to $150 Million in revenue for major corporations,
              including Boeing, Rockwell Collins and Raytheon
 Experienced leading all phases of program management from design &
production, to integration & delivery, to maintenance & follow on business
  Determined executive with a passion for bringing increased profitability
 through innovative problem solving and creative concepts and programs

Personal Note
   Some bring to the party an extraordinary toolbox of technical expertise. Others have unmatched
skills to empower people to perform and produce beyond what they think they can. I have mastered
both of these areas. I have the technical expertise to work with and understand the superior
technical minds of our time, while mastering the critical skill of leadership. I have developed a high
level of emotional intelligence, that rare ability to monitor my own feelings as well as those of others,
discriminate among them and use this information as a guide to ensure people are given the best
opportunity to succeed.
   My vast diversity of experience has provided an invaluable foundation for the leadership successes
I have enjoyed. I have learned to value hard work and maintain an irreproachable work ethic. I have
invested thousands of hours studying different personalities and leadership skills and learned that
people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I adhere to this creed,
remain positive and uplifting, and joyfully serve as mentor to young people to teach leadership and
core life skills.
  I have been recognized for the vision to see where business could be in the years ahead, and
possess the technical expertise to see that vision to reality, the charisma to motivate the team, the
respect to get others to buy in to this vision, and the experience to sidestep the pitfalls along the
  Can you use a leader like this to grow your organization? I am ready to explore your business
                                                                                          — Joe McNew
Select Accomplishments
   Won a 5-year $10M contract for maintaining the AN/APQ-174B Radar system by developing new
    contracting methods for Raytheon that continued to meet Federal Acquisition Regulation and
    Raytheon requirements
   Secured the successful turnaround of a failing program for electronic warfare and electronic
    intelligence equipment and systems, and made significant improvements in metrics and methods of
   Managed program budget of $75M per year with a remote team of 60-100 professionals across
    three states
   Successfully negotiated the transfer of a Boeing facility, which included a 60-foot anechoic chamber
    designed specifically to test Electronic Support Measures System antennas, from Texas to Ohio
    with the cooperation of the Governor of Ohio
   Retained 66% of Boeing employees after a move across states by superior communication
    throughout the buildup to the move and by persuading Boeing Corporate Management to offer
    relocation incentive packages to every employee
   Sponsored and led a Six Sigma project to reduce testing time of a radar system from 118 to 68
    days, leading to over $4.5M improvement in profit throughout the program. Selected as a finalist to
    qualify for the President’s Award
   During CY 2011, as leader of Raytheon’s Radars and Seekers business, exceeded planned
    bookings by 17% or $13.7M, exceeded planned sales by 2% or $1.6M, exceeded planned profits by
    32% or $3.5M, and exceeded planned net cash by 85% or $6.9M
   Achieved 17% average profit despite DoD cuts and increased scrutiny contractor performance
   Grew a repairs and spares business from startup worth $5M to $25M in 4 years without a single
    missed delivery in 34 consecutive months, with record lows established for repair turnaround times
   Resolved international export and import issues by meeting guidelines and obtaining necessary
    certifications for state departments and foreign countries
   Successfully managed $100M to $150M in revenue annually as the senior manager of program
    management in the surveillance radar business
   Negotiated subcontracts, authored proposals, and resolved obsolescence issues for manufacturing
    of internal and external subcontracted material for the PAC-3 (Patriot Advanced Capability-3)
    Missile Seeker
   Secured alternate source for components of critical flight items and achieved certification from
   Prepared department for acquisition by completely separating from the rest of the businesses
   Developed separate IT infrastructure and Defense Security Service processes and procedures
   Negotiated with labor unions to avoid losing valued staff to the acquired business
   Implemented new risk review methodology in line with Boeing corporate tools
   Coordinated production, obsolescence, and capability improvement upgrades for various products,
    including APY-10 Maritime Radar, the APS 148 SeaVue family of Maritime Radars, LANTIRN multi-
    mode/Terrain Following Radars, and the Harpoon missile seeker
   Evaluated supply chain, engineering, manufacturing, quality, and reliability for improvement
   Secured new business, shortened negotiation times, and increased customer satisfaction across
    the board

    Joseph B. McNew                             (469) 999-7888                                  2 of 4
Key Skills
       Bidding & Negotiation                                 Operations Management
       Business Development                                  Organizational Development
       Business Process Reengineering                        Problem Resolution
       Cost Reduction                                        Profit Optimization
       Capital requirements planning                         Project Analysis
       Change Management                                     Project Planning & Management
       Client Management                                     Proposal Development
       Consolidation / Integration                           Quality Control
       Continuous Process Improvement                        Regulatory Compliance
       Contract Negotiations                                 Risk Management
       Financial Analysis                                    Safety Standards
       Human resource management                             Strategic Planning
       Inventory Control                                     Strategic Sourcing
       International Sales                                   Systems Integration
       Material Procurement                                  Team Building & Leadership
       Mentoring & Coaching                                  Union Negotiations

Industry Exposure & Experience
   Accomplished in business and project development, operations and finance; able to see the big
    picture as well as the smallest details and factor in both as needed
   An inventive, methodical leader with a true passion for helping struggling businesses completely
    turn around fortunes
   Six Sigma specialist with Program Management certification and enduring client relationships within
    the military and civilian defense sectors
   Special expertise in electronic intelligence, surveillance radar, manufacturing obsolescence, IT
    infrastructure, and Six Sigma principles
   Experienced in identifying areas of waste and excessive costs and increasing productivity and
    gross profits through strong management, training, and oversight of staff
   Consistently increase shareholder value with high-quality products and services delivered on time
    at the lowest possible cost while creating and maintaining an environment and culture of excellence
   Known for balancing the variables of people, communications and process, leading with integrity,
    setting new standards for performance while motivating individuals and teams to succeed
   Superior communication and presentation skills with experience covering the entire lifecycle of
    programs or businesses
   Completely adaptable, can make things work with or without the right tools at hand. Respected for
    outstanding ability to consistently identify key problems, analyze them, identify practical solutions
    and implement them
   Advocate of cross-training to inspire individual performance, adding a new level of commitment and
    long-term loyalty resulting in teams of exceptional unity and skill

    Joseph B. McNew                              (469) 999-7888                                 3 of 4
Career History
Raytheon Company, McKinney, Texas                                           2009 – 2012
Leading American defense contractor offering electronics, mission systems integration, and
sensory systems with $25B in sales
Senior Manager, Program Management

Rockwell Collins, Richardson, Texas                                         2008 – 2009
Pioneer in the design, production, and support of innovative aerospace and defense solutions
for clients in 27 countries
Principal Program Manager

The Boeing Company, Huntington Beach, California                        2000 – 2008
World’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and
military aircraft with presence in 70 countries
Senior Manager, Program Management (2005-2008)
Site Manager, Corinth, Texas (2000-2005)

Education & Development
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
 BS, Engineering Technology

   Lean/Six Sigma Specialist
   Earned Value Management Specialist (EVMS) Certified
   Program Management Certification
Active Secret DoD Clearance and Read in Secret NATO Clearance

    Joseph B. McNew                       (469) 999-7888                            4 of 4

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