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									                      ON LINE
                      The Rotary Club of Sevenoaks Amherst
                      Vol. 2 July 2008

The President

Another new year in Sevenoaks Amherst!
Not much appears to have changed but let’s hope we can move forward being even more
positive and along the way having a lot of fun.
For those who didn’t make it to Club Assembly and those who dozed off, I have included a
shortened version of my report. For those who were there it hopefully will emphasize a few
of my aims for the year. We need more Fellowship and Fun. Hopefully this will be a good
year. Also attached is a summary of the comments from our ADG.
Looking back over the past twelve months I must admit I have really enjoyed it. The best bits
have certainly been the support and friendship! I would like to thank everyone in the Club for
their help. However, this is the way it should be as it is our Club. One of the things I would
like to achieve during the next year is ensuring that everyone contributes, takes part and
benefits from their Membership. The Board is there to offer some direction and coordination
– we need your ideas
Membership will be a word you hear a lot of and I certainly would like to see our numbers
grow over the next year. Marcel has recently joined us and hopefully now has met all our
Members, I trust he will enjoy being a Rotarian in ‘Amherst’.
The list of social events is already quite long and this will be added to in the near future.
Please don’t forget that the RI Convention is in Birmingham next June and we are promised
visits from both Amherst Ohio and Roubaix Est.
Please forward your ideas for the future to any Member of the Board!


Club Assembly
(President’s report abridged)

Well here we are again another year; one which I hope will be even more successful than last
We are honoured to have our Assistant District Governor here this evening – Stewart
Grainger has joined us.
As we discussed last week, last year was (I think) a good year and I think we will struggle to
improve but let’s give it a go.
As you will realize, we had such a good team organizing things last year, so I have cheated a
bit. I have persuaded most of them to stay on. I will also have additional help later in the
year with Bill standing in for me more and more.
Last year I said my main aim for the year was to return to the basics, which are Fun,
Fellowship and Service. I thought some of these had been lacking in the past. We achieved

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this aim and I certainly intend to continue along this path again. One advantage of doing a
second year is that events can be planned in advance and flow through. As you are aware we
already have a lot of the year planned and social events set up.
I would like to see regular social events take place again both within the Club but also outside
the Club. It is important that as many people as possible take part in these events.
We start the year with a new member. Marcel has joined us from Holland and hopefully he
will be made very welcome. However, we have also recently lost one member.
We continue this year with the Board structure and are following the recommendations of the
“Club Leadership Plan” again. We seem to have got used to this and it seems to be working
As you should all be aware there are eight members of the Board that will meet monthly and
discuss the overall running of the Club. The day to day business of the Club will be handled
by Coordinators who will form task groups to run individual events etc. You will hear from
these Coordinators later. The business meetings are for all and it is important that Members
take part and contribute; it is your Club, the Board are only here to give some direction.
As I have said the year is already shaping up well and we have the Quiz of Quizzes next
week. There is another open air concert later in July and a possible race meeting/concert at
Lingfield in August. In September we have a trip to the Hospice in the Weald. October sees
us going Bowling and at the end of that month twenty of us will go to Eastbourne for the
District Conference. In November we go Thursford for the weekend and there will be a
Christmas Party in December. In between we have our 30th Anniversary on 13th September,
the day before the Cyclo Sportif. There will also probably be a raid on the Roubaix Club just
before Christmas. That’s not bad for a start.
Next year, 2009, there will be a Partners Evening Dinner & Dance and almost certainly we
will get an invite from Roubaix for a trip over to them, probably in April. There is also the RI
Convention in Birmingham next June. Already we have been told that the French will be
sending a serious party as will Ohio. We need to plan for this and possible host some of our
fellow Rotarians in Sevenoaks after the conference?
John Wilton is our District Governor this year and he will make a visit fairly early on, but

Board Meeting
2nd July 2008 at St. Julian’s

    Matters arising

               Generator for school in Gambia; £490.00 requested; District Simplified
                Grants (from District 1120) are not available for "international projects".
                Matching Grants (ex-RI) start at £5,000 and the bureaucracy involved in
                applying for that amount of money renders the application untenable.
               Membership evening to be arranged by Eric.
               Hospice visit; date confirmed as 25th September.
               Club Directory; update for 2008/9 from Simon.
               Rotary Dictionaries, a label is required for the title pages before distribution to suitable
                recipients, Tony has this in hand.
               Social event 2009 – Eden Project/ Geology weekend, deferred until spring.
               NTI SISA, a Belgian society providing Education and support for infants,
                children and adults in Ecuador, we will progress to further a joint effort with
                Roubaix and to seek Rotary Foundation support.

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                Roubaix wish to retain the link with us but seek suitably aged Rotary
                 relationships for their children; we will seek to provide a link with a suitable
                Conference attendance discussed, hotel confirmed.
                The Scheduling of future club meetings is to be tightened.

   Treasurer’s Report.
                The accounts for June give a picture of the end of Rotary year. The position
               on the accounts, and for reporting to the Club Business Meeting, is as

  General.       At the beginning of the year there was £1,604 in the account plus £1,275 in
                 the International Fund. At the end of the year there is also nearly £1,600, but
                 nothing in the International Fund; this was overspent by over £400 because of
                 the large number of Roubaix members attending.
                 (I will zero the other columns in the General account records for next year by
                 transferring all the surpluses/deficits into the ‘General’ column.)

  Charity.       There was £1,062 in the account at the beginning of the year, including £175
                 for Foundation. At the end of the year there is nearly £3,000, including £460
                 for Foundation. This includes £700 for the Gambia project and about £700
                 for the Spring House outing; both of these will probably not be spent this
                 year but the funds carried forward. Basically there is about £1,000 available
                 for further donations in next year.

                        The Club has donated about £8,500, and £800 to Foundation,
                 during the year from the Charity account.

                 2006. £2,260 has been donated this year; £ 309 was transferred to the
                             Club Charity account. This account has been ‘closed’ and will
                             not be reported next year
                 2007. £478. Awaiting tax rebate for Gift Aid. £27,000 has been donated;
                        £3,000 was transferred to the Club Charity account.
                 2008 £4,873 and increasing as entries come in. £1,555 has been transferred
                        from the PAYPAL account to the HSBC account but has yet to be
                        transferred to the Club account.

   Brief Reports.
               a. Malcolm. We have received a negative response from Tesco to our
       request to hold a ‘Children in Need’ collection.
               b. Tony has received a letter of thanks from Amherst School for the donation
       in respect of the Schools contribution to the ‘Young Achievers’ evening.
               c. There would be no practice interviews at either Bradbourne or Wilderness

   Date and Time of Next Meeting. 1st September, 7.00 pm at Colin’s offices.


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July 2008

01.07.08                    District Handover, Eastbourne
02.07.08                    Club Assembly (confirmed with DG)
09.07.08                    AMHERST EVENING
10.07.08                    Quiz of Quizzes
16.07.08                    Sue Brimlow – Climate Change
23.07.08                    Club Speaker – Brian Lawrence
30.07.08                    PARTNERS EVENING – Magda Sweetland, University of the 3rd Age

August 2008

04.08.08                    Board Meeting
06.08.08                    Business Meeting
13.08.08                    AMHERST EVENING
20.08.08                    Speaker – Nicola Rutherford, re School French Trip
27.08.08                    Club Speaker – Edward Oatley

September 2008

03.09.08                    Business Meeting
10.09.08                    PARTNERS EVENING - 30th Anniversary Sevenoaks Amherst Rotary Club
14.09.08                    Cyclo Sportif
17.09.08                    Speaker – Ray Dixon, Rotary Club of Bexhill & GSE members re Australian
24.09.08                    MEETING CANCELLED
25.09.08                    Visit to Hospice in the Weald

               YEAH......... WE'RE COOL MAN!
            That's encouraging news for us all! earlier in the year we made a
            donation to the Young lives Foundation towards a new minibus and we
            have had a "Thank You" card from YLF showing a picture of the bus with
            a selection of signatures from the young people benefitting from it.
            Among the greetings is one from John who writes:

            "Thanks for the green machine. Lovin the bright green. TOTALLY


            Quiz of Quizzes

            It seems barely possible but the Quiz on Thursday 10th was No. 14.
            Douglas started the competition in 1995,the original venue being Holmesdale Cricket Club
            but after a short while the venue became too small and the Quiz was moved to Sevenoaks
            Rugby Club. Unbelievably they didn’t want to serve beer during the summer months so
            Chipstead Sailing Club became the venue and has been so ever since. Its an attractive venue ,

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plenty of parking, lots of room for us in the Club House and most importantly a friendly and
helpful Club Staff
 I don’t recall a Quiz there when the weather has been less than perfect. Even in this wet
summer the setting sun reflecting off the lake made it necessary to draw the curtains
The contestants are a loyal bunch, many of the Pubs send a team year after year. On
Thursday, in one team two of the members(ladies) have been at every quiz since the first at
The Royal Oak, Shoreham won the Cup when it was first presented in 1996, and they won
again in’97. The Nelson Arms won in 2000 and 2001 and again in 2004 otherwise various
Pubs have topped the table over the years.
The winner this year was the George . Sevenoaks Amherst Club ran them a close eighth!!.
Well it wouldn’t be polite of us to win would it. (That’s their excuse anyway.)
With Pubs closing or turning into restaurants future competitions are likely to attract a variety
of contestants. Certainly when Douglas closed the 2008 Quiz with “ See you all next year”
there was no doubt that the event is still a runner. It doesn’t make a huge amount of money
but is a very welcome addition to the Club’s charity account and is an enjoyable evening for



More ecclesiastical bloopers

Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of
   several new members and to the deterioration of some older ones.
  Scouts are saving aluminium cans, bottles and other items to be
  recycled. Proceeds will be used to cripple children.
  Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased
  person you want remembered.
  The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment
  and gracious hostility.
  Potluck supper Sunday at 5:00 PM - prayer and medication to follow.
  The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They
  may be seen in the basement on Friday afternoon.
  This evening at 7 PM there will be a hymn singing in t he park
  across from the Church. Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin.


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