Dear Parents, by AAjwoYgM


									Dear Parents,                                August 2012

      Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year at Timberstone Jr.
High. It should be a wonderful year full of exciting times for you
and your child. My name is Gail Brenner, and I will be your
child’s Algebra I teacher for this school year. Please read through
the Algebra homework policy and procedure sheet.

      Sylvania Schools has adopted the POWERSCHOOL grade
book program that allows parents access to their students grades on
line. You will be given information on how to create a username
and password to access your child’s account. I will expect parents
to monitor their child’s grade throughout the school year. Please
let me know if you do not have computer access so that other
arrangements can be made to inform you of your child’s progress.

            I have a website of:
that will include the weekly homework, dates of tests and quizzes,
and any general topics of interest that come up. I would also like
an e-mail address of a parent or guardian for each student so I can
contact you directly if necessary during the school year. Please
neatly print your e-mail address on the accompanied signature
form. My e-mail is if you have
any questions or concerns.

      In late April, students will take the 8th Grade Ohio Math
Achievement Test. It will be based on the Standards that the
students will need to pass for the Ohio Graduate Test. Students
will be starting an Ohio Graduate Test notebook, in which they
will put notes and work pertaining to each Standard. Students will
study from this notebook to prepare for the 1st Semester Exam, the
OAA achievement test, the 2nd Semester exam and the tenth grade
OGT test.
One of the greatest features about our series is that there is a
website designed to support the textbook and be able to view the
textbook on-line. On this website you will find help with
vocabulary, extra examples, self checking quizzes and practice.
Many students found this site helpful as another way to get help on
homework problems and to study for quizzes and tests. The
website is: .

      To access their on-line textbooks, go to ,
and click on Success Net Login in the bottom right corner of the
Course Contents box. The username is: algstudent (all one word
and no capitals) the password is: algebra12 (all one word no,
capitals). Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Student
Center and your Algebra book will appear. Then, type in the page
number you want and hit enter.

      I hope to see you on Tuesday, September 11th, from 7:00 –
9:00 pm at Timberstone’s Open House. That night you will have
the opportunity to follow your child’s schedule, becoming
acquainted with the building and meeting both the faculty and

     I am available during A+ every day and some days before
school from 7:40 – 8:00 am for extra help. Please have your son or
daughter see me after class to arrange a time if needed. If you
have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact
me by phone at 419-824-8680 ext. 4358 or by email at .

     I am positive this will be a terrific and successful year!

Gail Brenner

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