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									                  Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
                 Graduate Course Schedule – Fall Semester 2012

Engi 9095        Introduction to Marine Cybernetics                       R. Bachmayer

Engi 9100        Engineering Graduate Seminar                             L. Lye

Engi 9113        Phase Behaviour of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids            L. James

Engi 9117/6602   Offshore Petroleum Geology & Technology                  S. Butt

Engi 9119        Compact Process Equipment Design                         Y. Zhang

Engi 9121        Advanced Safety and Risk Engineering                     F. Khan/S. Ahmed

Engi 9395        Engineering Management Project                           A. Hsiao

Engi 9411        Probabilistic Methods in Engineering                     N. Khakzad-Rostami

Engi 9420        Engineering Analysis                                     G. George

Engi 9496        Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems               G. Rideout

Engi 9516        Similitude, Modelling and Exp. Data Analysis             L. Lye

Engi 9520        Solid and Structural Mechanics                           K. Munaswamy

Engi 9601        Environmental Pollution and Mitigation                   C. Coles

Engi 9614        Renewable Energy & Resource Conservation                 C. Coles

Engi 9625        Environmental Impacts of Offshore Oil & Gas Operations   K. Hawboldt

Engi 9627        Environmental Systems Engineering                        B. Chen

Engi 9629        Environmental Policy & Regulations                       B. Chen

Engi 980A        Computer Engineering Project I                           C. Li

Engi 980B        Computer Engineering Project II                          C. Li

Engi 9859        Computer Engineering Fundamentals                        Alawneh/Li/Venkatesan

Engi 9861        Advanced Computer Architecture                           R. Venkatesan

Engi 9872        Digital Communications                                   M. Marey

Engi 9874        Software Design & Specification                          T. Norvell

Engi 9876        Advanced Data Networks                                   C. Li

Engi 98XX        Special Topics in Aerial Robotics                        S. O’Young

Engi 9902        Advanced Transport Phenomena                             Y. Muzychka

Engi 9940        Advanced Robotics                                        G. Mann

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