Notes for Applicants by AAjwoYgM


									                            Notes for Offline Applicants

1. Applications must be made on the application form, which can be downloaded from
   this website or it can also be obtained from the Assessor.

2. Applicants must be charities registered either with the Charity Commissioners in
   England and Wales or with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. Applications
   from individuals cannot be considered.

3. Applications are considered by the trustees in January, April, July and October with
   donations being sent out in the following month. Applications will not be
   acknowledged on receipt, but in due course you will be told the result of your

4. In describing the history and aims of your charity you should make clear such matters
   as when your organisation was set up, in what way its aims may have changed and
   whom it is trying to benefit.

5. If you are applying for support for a specific project you should make clear the
   amount required, an outline budget and any other possible sources of funding. A
   “shopping list” of items required can also be helpful to the trustees.

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